Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 23

It was nearly 12AM when Mr. Belpois felt the need to answer nature’s call and use the restroom. But as he slowly got up from bed, not wanting to wake his slumbering bride, a rather loud alarm appeared to be going off from near his desk.

Feeling slightly disturbed by the loud noise, he jumped back and about fell on his back side, waking up his wife in the process.

“Jeremie!” she shouted startled to kingdom come. “What happened honey?”

Rubbing his head, Mr. Belpois answered, “I was trying to use the bathroom, but my darn computer suddenly started going off, and…”

Just before he could finish his sentence, the former Lyoko warrior suddenly had a cold chill run down his spine and continued saying, “Wait a minute, I remember that alarm.”

“Wait,” she said hearing the noise as well. “Is that alarm coming from your laptop?”

Hearing her acknowledgment of the noise, Jeremie rushed over to his notebook and opened it up to see a sight he had hoped never would appear again… the Super-Scan going off detecting a tower being activated.

“Dear Lord, it can’t be,” he uttered with a choked up voice.

Seeing the horrifying sight as well, his panicked bride added, “That’s impossible. How could this be? X.A.N.A.’s was destroyed by your program and the computer was shut down. How is it possible the Super-Scan is going off?”

Knowing only one possibility, Mr. Belpois said, “Only one thing I can think of… somebody found the supercomputer and turned it back on.”

“But why would that matter?” asked Mrs. Belpois still stunned and confused. “Even if they did, your program should have still gotten rid of X.A.N.A.”

“Well, there is one potential way he could return,” he uttered, slightly marveled at the possibility it could be true. “While every trace of X.A.N.A. may be gone from all the supercomputers affected by him, there are still trace remnants that can still exist within the memory of the supercomputers affected. If the supercomputer were to be restarted, and a program or file was opened that was linked to Lyoko, the RAM could be triggered to access those commands, which could link back to any fragments of X.A.N.A. that may remain.

“Even worse,” he continued. “If somehow the programs like those used for virtualization, returning to the past, or materialization were used in any way, those can use up a heavier amount of dormant memory where X.A.N.A. may have left his mark, causing those fragments of him to be reactivated.”

Holding her hands over her mouth in shock, his wife said with her own broken voice, “Oh my… you don’t think that one of those programs could’ve been used, do you?”

“That’s the same question I had in mind,” he said. “The only ones who have ever known about these programs, aside from your father, were me, you, and Ulrich and Yumi in a lighter form.”

Without wasting any time, the Belpois parents quickly alerted their friends and warned them of a potential X.A.N.A. attack after all these years. All the parents were shocked beyond measure and agreed to head towards the factory to check on what was happening.

But before they headed out the door, Mrs. Belpois noticed out her peripheral vision that Maya’s room appeared empty and ran in to find the window opened, indicating her daughter left out the window.

“Jeremie! Come quick,” she shouted as her husband ran in to see the same sight.

Trying to calm his wife down, Mr. Belpois tried to reassure her that she must have ran off to the Stern’s home and met up with Kevin on a late night teen love escapade. But to make matters worse, Adele was not in her room either and her window appeared open as well.

Knowing that both their daughters wouldn’t do something so rebellious, both called the Sterns and Mr. Della Robbia to check if either one of them was with them, but were shocked to hear that their children were missing too.

“This can’t be happening!” said Mrs. Belpois crying hysterically. “First the Super-Scan goes off, now our children are missing, what’s next?!”

Suddenly, before he began to fear the worst, Mr. Belpois pondered on a sentence uttered by Adele before the other morning when he attempted to wake her up at the breakfast table… “We’re sorry! We didn’t mean to!”

Interrupting his train of thought, Mrs. Belpois said, “Jeremie, why aren’t you saying anything?! Do you realize what’s happened?”

“Honey, of course I do,” he said reassuringly. “But something just came to my mind about Lyoko.”

“What’s that?” she asked trying to calm down.

Recalling their youngest daughter’s words, Jeremie said, “I can’t help but think about the other morning when Adele said, ‘We’re sorry! We didn’t mean to!’”

“What does that have to do with our children being missing, or Lyoko coming back online?” she asked trying to still keep her cool.

Going on a gut feeling, Jeremie said, “I’ll be right back honey, I gotta make a quick call,” and he quickly grabbed his phone and attempted to call Adele on her cellphone, hoping he would hear his daughter’s voice and find out where they had gone.

Feeling a heavy sense of danger about them, Adele shouted, “Sis, quick, enter in that program to bring us back!”

Wasting no time at all, Maya quickly typed in her father’s codes and materialized the three teens back to Earth.

Without any warning, everyone in the main computer room headed down to meet their friends in the scanner room, and quickly caught them with open arms.

“You feeling okay sis?” said Kevin as he and Tristan held Yumiko up.

“Don’t worry about me,” she replied still breathing a little heavily. “Just a quick sit-down, and I’ll be okay.”

Looking at her sister with a slight look of surprise, Maya said, “I gotta give you credit sis, you managed to stay in Lyoko longer than I expected. Good for you.”

Holding her head down, Adele uttered, “Well, if it keeps shaking that like that, I don’t think I ever wanna go back.”

“I’m serious though sis,” she said putting her hand to her shoulder as Jace held her close. “Even with that earthquake that happened, you were really brave over there. I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks sis,” said Adele as she began to regain her strength. “At least we all got a chance to see it in person.”

Agreeing with her statement, Maya couldn’t help but wonder what all that shaking could’ve been about while the three of them were on Lyoko. Could it have been possibly a program error within Lyoko, or maybe… just maybe, was there something else involved that they didn’t realize?

However, before she could ponder on the thought longer, everyone was rattled as Adele’s phone went off. Without hesitation, the girl dug her phone out of her pocket and saw that it was her parents calling.

Like dejâ-vü, the girl nervously answered, “Hey daddy, what’s up?”

Wasting no time, her father asked, “Adele, where are you and your sister? And I want the truth. Don’t lie and tell me you’re at the Stern or Della Robbia home, because they both said you're not with them.”

What could she do? She couldn’t lie to her parents, and her only credible excuse was already ruled out. And worst of all, she couldn’t tell them exactly where she was, or she, Maya, and the others could be in serious trouble.

But before she could say anything, Mr. Belpois then sounded even more shocked as he now realized where his daughters were located at after tracing their call. In his shock, the girls’ father said, “Please Dear God, it can’t be true…”

“Daddy, are you there? What’s wrong?” she asked sounding so afraid.

After a few silent seconds, Mr. Belpois came back on the line and said with a most somber tone… “Adele… Maya… what have you all done?”

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