Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 24

Feeling nervous to let anything come out of her mouth, Adele finally said slightly stammering, “D-Daddy, are you still there?”

“Kids,” replied Mr. Belpois trying to keep calm amidst the horrible situation that had risen. “Please answer me one question right now… how did you all find out about the supercomputer?”

More nerve-wrecked than ever before at their dad’s serious and somber tone, Maya grabbed the phone and said, “Daddy please, we didn’t mean to. All we heard about this factory was that it was haunted, and we just wanted to see if the rumors were true. We had no idea there was anything like this here. Please daddy, you have to believe us.”

“They’re not lying Mr. Belpois,” said Jace affirming Maya and Adele’s words. “We only found out because the elevator started rumbling and the door opened up when we saw it.”

Feeling a double impact of fear for his children's safety and the fate of the world, Mr. Belpois remained silent for about a minute, but finally began speaking in a bit more calm tone, “Okay. You kids stay where you are. We’re on our way to the factory right now. Once we get there, we’re going to have a serious talk about what you’ve all done.”

At that moment, Maya and Adele couldn’t help but feel their hearts in their throats as their father said that sentence, which only intensified as the line cut off. Both girls couldn’t help but cling to their boyfriends in sheer fear of what their mother or father may do or say knowing they went behind their back and turned back on a threat to the safety of the world.

“Jace,” said Adele looking up at him with tears in her eyes. “I’m scared. What do you think dad’s gonna do when he gets here?”

“I don’t know,” said Jace holding her tightly. “But whatever happens, I’m here for you. We’ll get through this together.”

Kevin nodded his head affirming the same promise and was rewarded with a gentle kiss from his love, followed by Adele giving one to Jace.

As time had elapsed since Mr. Belpois contacted his children, each of the kids remained stone silent at the fear of what they had done. Sitting around in a circle near the main supercomputer console, each feared the fact that not only would their lives would never be the same, but the sad truth that their parents would likely come down hard on them to the point they may never be trusted again.

But the room didn’t remain silent for long, as Oliver attempted to lighten the mood saying, “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I think Lyoko was pretty cool.”

Ears perked at his words, everyone but Katie looked over at the youngest Della Robbia with a stern glare.

Feeling a slight shiver run down his spine, Oliver continued saying, “What? I thought it was. In fact, I kinda wanna go back.”

“Not now Oliver,” said Carine with a rather low voice, causing the boy to quickly retract his statement and hold Katie close to him.

Suddenly, a thought had crossed Adele’s mind and the girl said, “Wait, Oliver, what did you just say?”

Confused by her words, Oliver repeated himself saying, “You mean, ‘I kinda wanna go back?’”

“Go back…” uttered Adele to herself. “That’s it!”

“What’s it sis?” asked Maya in Kevin’s arms.

Fear now replaced by hope, the youngest Belpois daughter said, “Going back. That’s what we can do.”

Now even more confused, her sister said, “What are you talking about? You mean go back to Lyoko?”

“No no, not that,” she replied. “I mean, go back to the past.”

Now realizing what Adele meant, Jace said, “Wait, are you talking about that ‘Return to the past’ program your dad mentioned?”

“Exactly!” she said.

Getting up from Jace’s embrace, the girl stood near the console and said, “Here me out, if we go back to the past, it will be like we never even went to Lyoko. This way, this X.A.N.A. thing will never have started back up, and we can claim we didn’t even go to the factory.”

Everyone appeared to see the logic behind Adele’s idea, but it was at that moment Maya brought up a sobering thought, “But sis, what about mom, dad, and everyone else’s parents? Wouldn’t they still know we went even then?”

“Not if the return to the past erases their memories of what happened tonight,” she answered.

“I don’t about that sis,” replied Maya. “They went to Lyoko just like we did. I don’t think it would work that way.”

While she knew the risk that existed that they still would remember them going, Adele reiterated that they should at least try, and at the very least, taking their parents’ wrath would be easier than taking their wrath and X.A.N.A. coming back as well.

After everyone contemplated Adele’s proposal to remedy the situation, Kevin stood up and said, “Sounds good. What have we got to lose?”

“What? Are you serious?” asked Tristan.

“Yeah,” said Yumiko agreeing with her brother’s idea. “I mean, we’ve been through worse with mom and dad before. I’d rather take a smaller punishment from them than what might happen when they get here.”

Reluctant to his brother’s thought, at the risk of what their parents would do if they still knew about their escapade, Tristan ultimately agreed with them, followed by everyone else. At this point, punishment was inevitable either way, so why not see if they could lower the damage.

With everyone consenting to the idea, Maya made her way back towards the console and prepared to enter in the “return to the past” program to send them back to the day before they returned to the factory.

Driving as fast as they could legally go, Mr. and Mrs. Belpois drove quickly through the streets near the Kadic campus. After quickly coming to a stop in the parking lot, they met up with the rest of the former Lyoko warriors and made their way down the sewer passage to head for the factory to rendezvous with their children.

“I can’t believe we even have to go through this tunnel again,” said Mr. Belpois.

Mrs. Belpois felt the exact same way, but attempted to comfort her husband saying, “Jereme please, just relax. We’l figure something out when we get there.”

However, the one fear that remained on the former warriors’ minds alongside the return of X.A.N.A., was the fear that their children now knew their secret, and life as they knew it, would never be the same for their families. But little did they know, that an even greater problem had already come to pass, as they prepared to emerge from the sewer to reach the factory.

As she typed in the final code to send them back to the day before, Maya looked back at everyone and asked, “You guys ready?”

Everyone nodded in affirmation, and Maya hit the ENTER key saying the words, “Return to the past now.”

Suddenly, a huge beam of white light emerged from the hologram display, which spread out to cover the space around the kids and then encircle the factory itself, and ultimately the entire world, which then reached their parents as they crossed the bridge.

Sunrise shone in through the window of Adele’s room, as her alarm clock rang loudly to wake the young girl up to get up for school.

Moaning at the thought of having to get through the school day to make it to the weekend, Adele stretched her arm out to hit the snooze button. But before she could drift back off to sleep, Maya opened her bedroom door and excitedly walked in to wake up Adele.

“Sis, wake up!” she said shaking her sister awake.

“Ugh, what is it Maya? I’m trying to sleep,” answered Adele swinging her arm at Maya.

Appearing to be holding a notebook in her hand, Maya lowered the book to Adele’s eyesight and said, “Look, look what day it is.”

Noticing that the date on her calendar and her alarm clock matched, the youngest Belpois daughter finally realized what this meant.

“It worked!” she said springing out of bed. “The return to the past program actually worked! That means what we did last night never happened.”

“Exactly,” replied Maya. “But now the question is, do mom and dad remember what happened?”

Before their feeling of joy could continue, both of the young girls heard a sentence that made their joy turn to a combination of fear and despair all in one… “Girls! Come down here right now! We need to talk.”

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