Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 25

Walking down the stairs of their family home, Maya and Adele could only imagine what their parents would likely have to say, fearing the worst in that their parents still remembered their reactivating Lyoko.

Unfortunately, the two young girls’ fears only intensified as they now saw their friends, gathered around the living room, along with their parents present with them, with the exclusion of Jace and Katie’s parents due to the fact they had no knowledge of Lyoko.

Catching sight of their daughters’ sluggishly moving down the stairs, Mr. Belpois said in a stern tone, “Girls, please come here.”

Both girls came down and joined their boyfriends already sitting on the couch, and without hesitation clinched their hands for comfort, praying that their parents weren’t about to throw the book at them.

After about a couple minutes of awkward silence, Mr. Belpois finally leaned forward in his chair towards the party and said, “Now, you kids obviously know why you’re here. So, let’s start from the beginning… how did you kids find out about the factory? More importantly, why would you do something so irresponsible as to sneak out in the middle of the night and put yourselves in danger?”

“Jeremie please,” said Mrs. Belpois. “Stay calm sweetheart. Let’s let them explain.”

But before either of the Belpois children could say anything, Jace cleared his throat and said, “We… um… we heard about it from a friend at church. He had, said something about it being haunted, and that a whole group of students were planning to go check it out.”

Getting up from the chair, Mr. Belpois began pacing with both stress and confusion appearing on his face.

Bur rather than cause more awkward silence, Kevin picked up where Jace left off and said, “Mr. Belpois, please hear us out, we didn’t know anything about the factory until we got there. Our friend didn’t even know about the supercomputer or Lyoko either. It was all just an accident.”

At that moment, Mr. Stern interrupted saying, “That’s still no excuse for you running off in the middle of the night and doing something so reckless.”

“And what’s worse,” continued Mrs. Stern. “You put your sister and brother in danger as well. Do you realize the seriousness of that?”

Burying his face in his hands in shame, Kevin began beating mentally beating himself up, but was then stopped by some unexpected words from Yumiko, “Mom, it’s not all Kevin’s fault. We got curious too and decided to come along with him.”

Shocked by their children’s words, Mr. and Mrs. Stern sat back in their chairs dumbfounded. Mr. Della Robbia also became awestruck as his children affirmed their own curiosity to see the factory.

“Daddy,” said Adele with a tone she hoped would quell her father’s anger. “Please say something.”

Turning back around to look at the kids, Mr. Belpois finally uttered, “Curiosity or not, you children should have known better than to do something so dangerous. And not even just because of Lyoko or the supercomputer, but for so many other dangers which I don’t want to explain.”

As he sat back down in his chair, Mrs. Belpois then asked her daughters in a serious tone, “Now kids, we know how you found out about the factory. But now comes a more important question… how exactly did you kids discover the supercomputer in the first place?”

Feeling this was partially her fault, Adele answered her mother saying, “Well, I had told dad that we had heard a noise coming from the elevator near the middle of the factory and saw the door opening.

“But…” she said as she reached into her pocket to pull out something. “We had also noticed some strange marking on the elevator’s back wall that looked like a weird-shaped eye of some kind. The same weird-shaped eye like in this picture of you both when you went to our school.”

Looking at the picture in shock, Mr. Belpois remembered that day when their friends Milly and Tamiya took a group photo of them, but the young Mr. Belpois was not aware that the very symbol of X.A.N.A. was noticeable from his computer bag.

“I don’t believe this,” said Mr. Belpois as a tear left his eye. “I had thought that after all these years I removed every trace of X.A.N.A. How could I forget something so small as this?” Without any other words said, Maya and Adele’s father buried his face in his hand in complete disbelief, as his wife tried to reassure him.

Continuing from where her sister left off, Maya jumped in and said, “A minute after we put the clues together, the elevator door shut on us, and the elevator began going down. After it stopped we had thought we’d be stuck. That is, until Jace noticed the keypad in the elevator, and typed in the code to open the door.”

Each of the kids continued the story from where the other left off, all up until when they returned home after the initial discovery of Lyoko. Hearing the story told by their children left each of the original Lyoko warriors both shocked and frightened by their reckless actions.

And yet, even with their emotions in a negative state, each former Lyoko warrior felt a slight feeling of relief that they no longer had to keep a secret like this from their children. Sadly for their children, this would not be enough to bring them out of their negative mindset.

After about another few fearful minutes of awkward silence, Jace got up and said, “Mr. Belpois, if I may say, I feel like this is my fault. If I hadn’t told our friend we would join him, we wouldn’t have gone to the factory at all.”

“Jace, what are you doing?” said Adele holding onto his arm.

Looking at his girlfriend with genuine concern, Jace assured her, “Don’t worry Adele, I know what I’m doing.” Focusing back on the disgruntled Mr. Belpois leaning against the wall, he continued saying, “Please sir, if you should be mad at anyone, it’s me. Don’t blame Adele or the others.”

Hearing such profound words from someone so young, the father of Adele and Maya turned around from the wall he was leaning on and walked towards Jace. It was at this moment the young blonde could only imagine the harsh words that could come from her father.

But rather than hearing harsh words, Mr. Belpois simply put his hand on Jace’s shoulder and said, “Blaming each other and getting mad isn’t going to solve anything son.” Adding to the heat of the moment, he then raised his head and looked at Jace with sincerity on his face saying, “Though I appreciate you trying to defend my daughter and the others, we’re all to blame here.”

Watching him walk back to his chair, Adele said in a small voice, “Daddy…”

Mrs. Belpois then added saying, “Jeremie…”

“That having been said,” he continued. “That still does not excuse the fact you kids did go behind our backs and once more, reactivated the supercomputer, thus bringing back X.A.N.A.” Upon hearing their actions mentioned again, the kids began to fear the worst of what punishment they would have to face.

But before Mr. Belpois could utter their punishment, a familiar buzzer could be heard from his computer. That could only mean one thing to the original Lyoko warriors… X.A.N.A. activated a tower.

“What’s the damage Einstein?” asked Mr. Della Robbia leaning over to view the super-scan program. “Wow, there’s a name I haven’t called you in a while.”

“Looks like it’s in the mountain sector,” he replied. “We have no choice, we gotta go and deactivate before X.A.N.A. can affect the city.”

Like a flash of lightning, the original Lyoko warriors quickly gathered their things and prepared to head to the factory.

Feeling that they now played a part in this fight, the kids prepared to follow after their parents, but were quickly stopped by Mr. and Mrs. Stern with Mrs. Stern saying, “No kids, you stay here.”

“What?!” said Kevin. “But mom… dad…”

“Listen to her kids,” affirmed Mr. Stern. “It’s too dangerous for you kids to follow us. X.A.N.A. can attack at anytime here, which means you need to stay protected. Please stay here. We’ll take care of this.”

With those words, the Stern parents closed the door and left to meet up with their friends who were already en route to the factory.

Standing in the entryway of the Belpois home, the kids all remained silent, but soon had the silence broken by Oliver saying, “Well, what are we waiting for?”

“What? What do you mean Oliver?” asked Katie.

“Come on guys, I know we’re all thinking the same thing,” he replied. “Let’s go and give them a hand.”

Shocked by his words, Yumiko said, “Are you crazy Oliver? They said to stay here.”

“She’s right Oliver,” affirmed Carine. “And besides, we’re already in enough trouble with our folks now. Let’s not make it worse.”

At that point, everyone couldn’t help but contemplate what would happen if they went against their parents again. But it was after only a few seconds, Jace stepped over to where Oliver was standing and said, “I’m with Oliver guys, we gotta help them.”

“What?!” said Adele shocked. “Jace, you can’t be serious.”

Holding his girlfriend close, Jace looked into his girlfriend’s eyes and said, “Adele, you remember when I said I would protect you no matter what?”

The young girl then nodded her head, prompting to Jace to say, “I meant it when I said I would protect you no matter what. And that means I’m gonna protect you from this X.A.N.A. thing no matter what it takes.”

“Jace…” she said with tears forming in her eyes. At that moment, the girl couldn’t help but hold her guardian prince close, coupled with a tender kiss to let him know that she understood what he meant.

As they separated from their kiss, Adele then said something that shocked Jace, “Well, don’t think you’re the only one who has someone they need to protect.”

Hearing those words, Jace then understood what she meant and knew that she and Maya would be joining them in the journey after their parents.

“Well you guys, you coming too?” asked Oliver.

With only a few seconds passing, Katie walked over to her love and kissed him saying, “Count me in. I’ll give you back up.”

“Thanks Katie,” he replied.

Without any doubt, the other eventually followed suit and prepared to head to the factory to join their parents. But before leaving, they all came together and prayed that God would provide them the strength to endure the fight with X.A.N.A. and would keep the city safe from any attack made by X.A.N.A. as they headed to Lyoko.

With a confident “Amen” spoken by each of the kids, the new Lyoko warriors quickly left the Belpois family home, making their way for the factory and about to take part in a fight that, for the first time years, put the fate of their world in the balance.

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