Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 26

It was an ironic feeling to come back to a place that had caused so much distress for almost two years of their lives. Yet even as they crossed the bridge over to the factory, the original Lyoko warriors couldn’t help but feel nostalgic at the fact that were about to return to the world they had thought was saved.

As Mr. Belpois punched in the door code to lower the elevator to the main display room, Mr. Stern asked, “Jeremie, I was wondering… if we head to Lyoko now, do you think our virtual forms would be affected in any way?”

Not having even thought about that possibility, Mr. Belpois replied solemnly, “To be honest Ulrich, I really don’t know. I may need to re-configure a few algorithms in your virtual profiles before I send you there, or else you guys might not come back the same.”

It was at that moment everyone couldn’t help but wonder if it was a good idea for them to return back to Lyoko, at the risk of their physical bodies being affected upon the return trip home.

But before could dwell on the thought for too long, the father of Maya and Adele came up with a plan to alter one algorithm in the virtualization process for each profile.

“With this change,” he said to his friends, “I can change each so that your digital forms on Lyoko, will adapt to our older and more mature bodies. You’ll still have your original abilities and weapons, but your physical bodies won’t be affected when you’re de-virtualized.”

While the process sounded risky to perform, especially for the sake of their children, the gang remembered what was at stake, and after a few minutes of deliberation, consented to Mr. Belpois’s proposal.

“How long do you think the process will take Jeremie,” asked his pinkette bride.

“Not too long,” he replied. “But we’ll still want to act fast, as X.A.N.A. could act at any moment.”

Unfortunately, that moment had arrived too fast, as dark clouds began to form in the sky, which began to create rushing wind and sideways rain that began rapidly increasing each minute.

“Okay, we’ve got no time to waste,” said Mr. Belpois with authority. “Get to the scanners now, I’ll get started on the process and when it’s ready, I’ll send you to Lyoko.”

“We’re on our way Einstein,” said Mr. Della Robbia as they ran for the elevator door. Before the door closed, the still svelte member of the gang said to Mr. Belpois, “And Jeremie… hurry…”

The genius nodded his head and began to get to work on making the needed changes for their journey.

Winds began to rise to heavy speeds as the kids approached the manhole that would lead to the factory.

“Is it just me, or have you guys noticed that the weather just suddenly started changing?” asked Tristan headed down the sewer entry.

“Yeah, it’s really weird,” replied Yumiko. “I’ve got a bad feeling you guys. Do you think this could be that X.A.N.A. thing our parents mentioned?”

Appearing to be the only logical answer, Maya replied saying, “I wouldn’t doubt it now. Dad said X.A.N.A. could change the weather, electricity, almost anything on Earth.”

“We’d better be careful guys,” said Jace as they reached the end of the sewer tunnel. “Everybody remember to stick together. At this rate, anything could happen now.”

Working as quickly as he could, Mr. Belpois began to put the finishing touches on the profiles of his friends, praying that their bodies would be able to make the trip safely to and from Lyoko.

Typing in the final algorithm for his wife’s profile, the blonde father of two was now ready to prepare the scanners to send his friends to the very world they had thought was saved.

“Hey Einstein,” yelled Odd from within the scanner room. “We’re ready to go when you are.”

Just as he was prepared to inform them that their revamped profiles were ready to go, Mr. Belpois said something that caught the others completely off guard, “You know it’s funny. It’s been over ten years since we had to deal with X.A.N.A. Now that we’re back doing it all over again, you can’t help feel nostalgic.”

“Sweetheart,” said a familiar soothing voice, surely coming from his betrothed. “Let’s just wait until we’ve stopped X.A.N.A. to start reminiscing.”

Snapping back into the present, Mr. Belpois informed the others that they were all set, and that he would begin virtualizing them into Lyoko quickly. Without any hesitation, each of the Lyoko warriors stepped into the scanners and began to feel the familiar rush of wind, as they levitated and began to make the jump from Earth into Lyoko.

With the last algorithm in place, Mr. Belpois prayed to God, “Please Lord, let this work,” as he hit the Enter key to send his friends into battle.

Emerging from the sewer, the new generation of Lyoko warriors high-tailed their way across the bridge, as the sideways rain began to pick up in intensity. Coupled with the high rise in wind speeds, the gang clung to the railing of the bridge to keep themselves moving forward.

Finally, after about ten minutes of battling the weather, the teens reached the entry to the factory and quickly slid down the ropes to make their way to the elevator, preparing to join their parents on Lyoko. But as they reached for the ropes to slide their way down to the ground, the wind suddenly rushed in sweeping the kids off their feet, and about causing them to lose their grip.

“We have no choice you guys,” shouted Kevin against the hard winds. “We gotta try and jump to the bottom.”

“What?! Are you crazy bro?” replied Tristan shocked at his brother’s proposal. “There’s no way we could land safely that way.”

Gauging the distance of the leap down from the ropes, Kevin looked back at everyone and said, “We can do it you guys! Carine and I can jump down first, and after that, we’ll catch you all as you come down.”

Reluctant to make such a daring move, Jace spoke up and said, “He’s right guys, we really don’t have a choice now. We gotta do this.”

Without any hesitation, Carine and Kevin let go of their ropes and made it to the ground, but barely landed on their feet. Appearing slow to get up, Kevin looked back up to everyone and quickly said, “Hurry up guys, you gotta jump!”

Almost as if on command, the others quickly leapt from the ledge and grabbed the ropes, preparing to jump into the receiving arms of their friends. First to jump were both Oliver and Tristan, and as the wind began to pick up again, both the boys let go and fell into their siblings arms.

“You do know that was crazy, right sis?” asked Oliver catching his breath.

“Yep, but no time to think about it now bro,” she replied as she and Kevin prepared to receive both Maya and Jace who were now hanging on for dear life to the ropes.

Using the ledge as a form of leverage, both Lyoko warriors lunged from the ropes and dropped into their friends’ arms. Opening her eyes, Maya saw that she now was in the arms of her strong boyfriend, and held him close for a few seconds giving him a quick, yet tender kiss before standing on the ground.

Finally, it all came down to Adele, Yumiko, and Katie making their own leaps of faith. But as the girls grabbed onto each rope, the grounds of the factor began to shake, causing each of them to slightly lose their grip more than the wind was forcing.

“Girls, you gotta jump now!” shouted Jace as he prepared to receive Adele in his arms. “Use the ledge and jump! We’ve got you!”

“I can’t do it Jace! I’m too scared,” said Adele as she clung onto her rope with all her strength.

Seeing the fear on her face, Jace shouted, “You can do it Adele! I know you can. Just jump into my arms, and I’ll catch you! I promise”

And with only courage and faith that could be bestowed by a loving God, Adele let go of the swaying rope and held her arms out, hoping that her guardian prince would catch her.

With a flourish of adrenaline, Jace received his princess in his arms and both fell with a slight thud to the factory floor. Opening her eyes slowly, the young blonde teen saw the face of her boyfriend and quickly wrapped her arms around his neck to give him a quick, yet passionate kiss.

“Um…” interrupted Yumiko. “I hate to interrupt your little make out session you two, but in case you forgot, things are getting a bit crazy here.”

Quickly getting up from the ground, the gang composed themselves and made their way for the elevator, praying that their parents were still in one piece on Lyoko.

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