Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 27

As the former Lyoko warriors descended upon the barren territory that was the desert sector, each couldn’t help but become slightly stunned at how everything in the vast sector still remained exactly the same as it did when they were younger.

“Man, I can’t believe we’re actually back here,” said Mr. Della Robbia as he examined the landscape around him.

“Truth be told,” said Mr. Stern. “The desert sector was always my favorite sector.”

Looking at her husband in his older Lyoko form, Mrs. Stern asked, “Really? Why’s that sweetheart?”

Hearing her question, the father of three found himself flashing back to the day he saved his then friend from falling into the digital sea, and upon saving her, both shared their first “kiss” before returning to the past.

After his flashback ended, Mr. Stern looked back at his bride and said, “Because that was the moment I knew I loved you and couldn’t live without you.”

Tearing up at his words, Mrs. Stern tried to be humorous and said, “And what about all the time before that?”

“Guys,” interjected Mr. Belpois back in the factory. “No mean to interrupt a touching moment, but we’ve got work to do.”

“Sorry about that,” said Mr. Stern.

Looking up at the sky, Mrs. Belpois asked, “Where do we go from here Jeremie?”

Recognizing the area they were in, he replied, “The tower isn’t too far from where you all are. Head about two miles south from where you’re standing, and you’ll find it behind a set of tall rocks.

“Be careful though gang,” he cautioned. “Knowing X.A.N.A., he’s got an unfriendly party that won’t be happy to see you.”

“We’re on it Einstein,” said Mr. Della Robbia. “Let’s go guys!”

And so the original Lyoko warriors made their way across the arid desert sector with Mr. Stern and Mrs. Belpois leading the way, taking advantage of both their favorite abilities of Super-Sprint and flight. Flying above them Mrs. Belpois shouted, Ulrich and I will go ahead and see what’s waiting for us. Once we get there, we’ll let you know.

“Lead the way Princess,” said Mr. Della Robbia as he continued to hot-foot across the rocky terrain.

But before they could even go further ahead, both the quick-moving warriors were hit from both sides by some familiar spider-like creatures hiding behind the rocks.

“You gotta be kidding me,” said Mrs. Stern. “X.A.N.A. already had the tarantulas waiting! It was just a trap.”

“Guys, be very careful,” said Mr. Belpois’s voice coming from the factory. “You can risk getting de-virtualized. That especially goes for you sweetheart.”

Diving to the side to dodge the tarantula’s cannon, the elder pinkette fired her energy field and blew up the tarantula.

“Don’t worry Jeremie,” she said catching her breath. “We’ll be okay.”

About ten minutes passed before the gang had eliminated all but one last tarantula, and each Lyoko warrior jumped at the chance to finish it off. However, as Mr. Stern super-sprinted to attack it head on, the samurai found himself being shot from behind by an oncoming swarm of mantas. With no way of seeing them, the Stern father was de-virtualized and returned to Earth.

As the door re-opened, Mr. Stern stumbled out saying, “Dang it! Forgot how much I hated those things.”

“Crud! Ulrich’s gone!” said Mr. Della Robbia growing worried. “Looks like I’ll have to gut this fish myself.”

“Odd, wait!” shouted Mrs. Belpois, as she watched her friend fire off a laser arrow, only to see the manta dodge it and fire it’s own laser back at him and send him back to Earth.

Emerging from the scanner himself, Mr. Della Robbia pounded his fist against the side of the scanner and said, “How did that happen? I had it!”

Placing his hand on his shoulder, the best friend of Mr. Della Robbia said, “Let me guess, you tried to take the manta out on your own?”

Looking back at his friend, the father of two couldn’t help but let out a slight chuckle and say, “Reminds me of how I tried to impress Sam when we we’re kids. Different times, same outcome.”

“Come on,” said his best friend. “We’d better get back up to Jeremie and help him.”

As the two headed for the elevator shaft, Mr. Stern hit the switch to call down the elevator, but the elevator was nowhere to be seen.

“Okay, now that’s just weird,” he said scratching his head. “How come it won’t show up?”

Back on Lyoko, the two original female warriors positioned themselves side by side, preparing for the onslaught of the three mantas incoming.

“Jeremie, what do we do?” asked Mrs. Belpois. “There’s no way Yumi and I can take all three down ourselves.”

“Hang tight ladies,” he replied. “I’ll figure something out.” But in truth, the father of Maya and Adele couldn’t bring one idea to mind, and in that moment, the man couldn’t help but rub his temples furiously in deep thought.

But before he could get an idea, Mr. Belpois heard the elevator door open.

“Oh good,” he said figuring that both Mr. Stern and Mr. Della Robbia were about to step out from the elevator. “Maybe you both can help…” It was at that moment that the genius couldn’t finish his sentence, and instead uttered, “You’re not Ulrich and Odd…”

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