Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 29

Laser fire continued to rain down on both Mrs. Belpois and Mrs. Stern, as both continued to weather the situation as best they could.

Trying her best to duck out of the line of fire, Mrs. Belpois waved her hand across her bracelet to call on her wings to fly. But before she could even get into the air, one lone manta swooped in and took down the pink-haired warrior, causing her wings to vanish.

Seeing her fall to the ground hard, Mrs. Stern jumped in and waved one of her fans with all her strength, but to no avail as the manta moved out the path of her fan and hit her arm with one of it’s laser flashes.

As they huddled close together like before, the mantas hovered over both the female warriors and charged up their lasers for one final hit.

But just before both mantas could fire their lasers, a voice came from behind them shouting, “Hey fish-bait!”

Catching their attention, the mantas turned around to see that it was none other than Maya who yelled out the insult to the flying monsters; a sight that relieved the fears of both Mrs. Belpois and Mrs. Stern.

It was at that moment that Maya added to her attention-grabbing words saying, “Leave our moms alone…”

Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Maya’s mother quickly fired her energy field at one of the mantas and watched as the flying fish exploded in front of them.

Amazed by the sight of X.A.N.A.’s monster destroyed, the four teens couldn’t help but let out a collective, “Cool!”

Suddenly, reality set back in quickly as Mrs. Belpois shouted to the four, “Kids, duck!”

Doing just as they were told, the four covered their heads as Mrs. Stern leaped into the air and hurled one of her fans, destroying the last manta before it could strike.

As the kids got up, Maya, Adele, and Kevin ran over to embrace their mothers. At the same time, each marveled at how one another looked in their virtual forms on Lyoko.

But they couldn’t marvel for long, as another fleet of X.A.N.A.’s monsters arrived on the scene, consisting of four hornets, three kankrelats, and two krabes.

“Now kids, listen to me…” said Mrs. Belpois as they prepared themselves. “X.A.N.A.’s monsters are dangerous. While they can’t actually hurt you here, if you’re hit by them enough times, you’ll be sent back to Earth. So it’s important you make sure to avoid being hit by them at all costs. Understand?”

“Okay,” they said together. But as the monsters got closer, Adele had one question looming in her mind, “Um, any idea how we can attack them like you both did?”

Before either could mention it, Maya looked to her sister and said, “Wait a sec, Adele. Remember when I first created our profiles?”

“Yeah, why?” she asked puzzled.

“Well, I also remember creating our profiles using a few things from our parents’ profiles that we could probably use to fight.”

Speaking from back on Earth, their father joined in the conversation and said, “You’re absolutely right Maya. I just looked at your profiles, and it looks like you all have similar abilities like we do, but they’re slightly different in how they are used.

“From what I gather,” he continued. “Maya, you have the ability to create energy fields much like your mother can. Yours however take on a sword form as you create them in your hands. Adele honey, it looks as though you can create energy daggers that can split into three individual daggers when fired. Kevin, you wield a digital saber much like your father does, but yours is slightly larger in size and can launch energy waves when you swing it. And Jace, your own saber has the ability to create fire and can send a wall of fire at monsters when you swing it to the ground.”

Each was surprised and excited to hear about their abilities, but they quickly realized that they would need to be careful and use them correctly to wipe out X.A.N.A.’s creatures.

Now that they knew what they were capable of, the four young warriors prepared themselves, as X.A.N.A.’s fleet arrived.

“You guys ready?” said Jace feeling more confident.

With an affirming nod, Jace shouted, “Let’s do it!”

And with that, the Lyoko warriors charged at X.A.N.A.’s monsters and began an onslaught of attacks, as the hornets, krabes, and kankrelats fired their lasers rapidly.

Leaping into the air, Jace pulled out his saber from it’s holster and quickly drew the attention of one of the krabes in front of him. At that moment, Jace found himself uttering the words, “Fire,” which lit up his sword with a strong burning ember.

With a flourish, the boy began swinging his sword at the krabe, trying to cut off it’s legs to render it immobile. However, unlike the krabes the original Lyoko warriors fought years ago, these krabes were able to counter these attacks by using their legs to deflect sword strikes.

Pushing him backward, the krabe lifted it’s front leg and created a spear from the end of it’s leg to send at Jace directly. Ducking out of the path of it’s leg, he quickly jumped to his feet and leaped back holding his sword in the air.

Before the krabe could charge up it’s laser to attack him, Jace swung his saber in a circular motion with all the force he could muster, creating a literal ring of fire that struck the krabe quickly and caused the robotic piece of seafood to explode and disappear.

“Wow,” said Jace admiring his saber. “Now I’m really all fired up.”

Meanwhile, about a few yards away from him, both Maya and Kevin had their hands full deflecting attacks between two pairs of the hornets and kankrelats. Both were still trying to figure out how they could divide each up to where they could hold their own and take them out.

“These guys are tough,” said Kevin as he continued swinging his sword to block their lasers. “

Finally, an idea came to Maya, as she slashed her energy-field blade through the kankrelats in front of her. Diving out of the way of the explosion, she quickly ran over to Kevin and proposed an idea, while crazy and risky in nature, could be a great way to wipe out the other two roach-like monsters in front of them.

“What? You’re crazy Maya!” he replied. “I can’t do that.”

Recognizing how much he didn’t want to go through with her idea, the pink-haired teen kissed her sword-wielding prince and said, “If I could jump that rope in the factory through heavy winds, I know you can do this.”

Taking a deep breath, completely aware of the risk he was about to take, Kevin gave his consent reluctantly to her idea, and continued dodging the kankrelats’ attacks until he was forced against a rock behind him.

Waiting just a few more seconds, the eldest of the young Lyoko warriors shouted, “Now Maya!”

Springing from the top of the rock formation behind him, the young girl leaped into the air, and landed on Kevin’s sword. Before one of the X.A.N.A.’s roaches could fire it’s laser, the boy swung his weapon upward, launching Maya into the air, and giving her enough height to dive-bomb at the creature in front of her with both energy-field blades hot.

With a powerful swing of both blades, Maya destroyed the nearest kankrelat, landing in front of the second one that prepared to attack. But before X.A.N.A.’s monster could attack, the teen pinkette ducked as her boyfriend quickly swiped his sword horizontally, creating a fast energy wave that eliminated the second one without recourse.

As she tried to catch her breath from the daring attack she made, Kevin took the hand of his girlfriend, and held her hands saying, “You realize how crazy that was, right?”

Smiling rather coyly, Maya replied saying, “So you’re saying I’m crazy then?”

Not responding to her assumed accusation, Kevin simply placed a gentle kiss on her lips before ultimately replying by saying, “That’s what I love about you.”

Unaware to their surroundings in that moment, one of the nearby hornets attacking Mrs. Stern charged it’s laser to fire at Maya. But before the creature could hit her, the pinkette’s mother jumped into the line of fire and deflected the attack with her energy fields.

Now catching her breath, Mrs. Belpois looked to the two lovebirds and said, “Perhaps you should save that for when we return home. There’s work to be done.”

Sighing, both went back into action and joined Mrs. Stern fighting off two of the four hornets, while Mrs. Belpois went to aid Adele and Jace dealing with the other two.

Diving to her side, Adele quickly tried to form an energy dagger to destroy one of the two hornets, but was instead struck with an oncoming laser from the hornet behind her.

“Adele, sweetheart,” said her father from the microphone. “You’ve got to take your time and concentrate when you fire your daggers. You’ve only got two more hits from them before you’re sent back to Earth, so be absolutely careful.”

Hearing her father’s cautionary words, Adele quickly regained her composure, only to see that both hornets were now in her direct sight.

Without any hesitation, the girl prepared another energy dagger and hurled it with more focus at the hornet on her left, leaving nothing but digital remnants of the monster on the ground.

At that moment, the second hornet prepared to fly towards the youngest of the gang, but was thrown off as Mrs. Belpois flew in herself and took her daughter’s hand as she prepared another energy dagger.

“Mom, what are you doing?” she asked as she looked up at her mother flying above her.

“No time for questions sweetie,” she replied holding her daughter’s hand. “Get another dagger ready.”

Taken aback by the fact she was floating pretty high, Adele quickly formed another dagger in her free hand and saw the hornet being distracted by Jace, as he continued to deflect each attack.

Looking on at her boyfriend, Mrs. Belpois said to her daughter, “Get ready Adele, I’m gonna drop you in from above.”

“What?!” she replied scared as could be. “No way! Mom, that’s too scary.”

But before she could object to the idea, the young girl saw that they were in range of her energy dagger, and she prepared herself to be let go of by her mother.

Seeing her coming in fast, Jace shouted, “Now Adele! Do it!”

Without hesitation, Mrs. Belpois let go of her daughter’s hand, and the youngest of the Belpois family descended rapidly and shouted, “Energy dagger!” as she launched her attack at the second hornet, blowing it into tiny pieces just as she landed on her feet.

Running over to her, Jace held his girlfriend in his arms and kissed her saying, “That was awesome Adele!”

Looking at him, she asked, “So, does that count as me saving you?”

Laughing slightly, the boy said, “For now…” And the two ran off to join their friends and Mrs. Stern to defeat the remaining the last remaining monsters.

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