Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 30

Hard winds pounded against the surrounding buildings and homes within the Kadic area, as the torrential storm created by X.A.N.A. continued to blow without remorse. Creaking and smacking could be heard by the Lyoko warriors and their children from within the factory as the winds hit against the walls of the decaying building.

“And as you can see behind me John,” said the news reporter daring to get a shot of the hectic storm raging outside, “this weather only continues to become worse and worse. Radar shows that with how much rain is pouring down, the entire city may become flooded within the hour.”

“This is getting bad,” said Mr. Stern watching the news report of the damage unfolding in the city. “If we don’t hurry, the whole city will be blown away.”

Quickly grabbing the mic, Mr. Belpois urgently said, “Sweetheart, it’s not looking good over here. The storm has gotten stronger. Please hurry.”

Meanwhile, back on Lyoko, the blonde genius’s pink-haired angel continued to fight off a flurry of attacks from both the remaining hornets and lone krabe alongside Mrs. Stern and the kids.

“Easier said than done Jeremie,” she replied absorbing another shot from the two hornets firing on them. “These hornets aren’t making it simple.”

A sobering thought indeed, as even without strength in numbers, X.A.N.A.’s forces continued to hold their own against the Lyoko warriors both old and young.

Desperate to try and think of a tactic to stop X.A.N.A., Mr. Belpois rubbed his temples furiously, hoping an idea would just pop into his head. But before he could gather a thought together, distress showed on the man’s face as he heard his wife scream from an attack by the krabe on her right side.

“Aelita! Are you okay?!” he shouted over the mic.

“Don’t worry Jeremie, I’m okay,” she said sighing in recovery from the shot.

Looking back at her vitals, Mr. Belpois knew that she had very few life-points left before she would be sent back to Earth. But with the tower being blockaded with such a strong defense, the odds of his wife reaching the tower were becoming bleak.

Suddenly, as this thought came to mind, the father of two suddenly realized something important. Maybe his wife didn’t have to be the one to deactivate the tower…

“Sweetheart, I may have just figured out a plan!” he said over the mic.

“Really Jeremie?” she asked. “Quickly honey, what is it?”

Taking a deep breath, Mr. Belpois said, “Well, it just came to me, what is there was another way to deactivate the tower? What if you didn’t have to be the one to do it?”

Confused by his proposal, the elder pinkette asked, “What are you talking about Jeremie? What do you mean by ‘another way?’”

“I mean,” he continued. “What if someone else were to deactivate the tower instead of you?”

Now realizing what he meant, Mrs. Belpois asked, “Can you actually do that Jeremie?”

“Well,” he said pausing for a couple seconds. “It hasn’t been attempted before, but what I can do, is attempt to copy the specific deactivation protocol from your virtual coding to another person.

“It’ll take about a minute to create,” he continued. “But it will require one person to head straight for the tower, while the others protect them.”

Even though it sounded like a workable idea, Mrs. Belpois chimed in and asked, “But Jeremie, whose going to be the one to run to the tower?”

“At this rate,” he began again. “Because both you and Yumi are low on life-points, one of the kids may need to make the run to it.”

Shocked by his proposal, Mrs. Belpois said, “No Jeremie! It’s too dangerous. I won’t let our children do something so reckless.”

“I’m with Aelita on this one Jeremie,” said Mrs. Stern throwing her fan again. “Just let us try to take care of this.”

But before she could act on her words, Mrs. Stern felt a hard hit from her side and realized the hornet near her just took the remainder of her life-points.

“Yumi!” shouted Mrs. Belpois, as she charged up an energy field.

“Mom!” added Kevin as he saw his mother’s virtual form slowly fade away.

“No Yumi!” shouted Mr. Belpois from back in the factory. Looking Mr. Stern’s way, he opened his mouth to let him know that his wife was on her way back to Earth, only to discover that the Stern father was already in the elevator headed down to the scanner room.

After about a few seconds of descent, Mr. Stern ran out quickly to catch his Japanese bride as she fell out from the scanner.

“You okay honey?” he asked as her eyes stirred open.

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” she said putting her hands to her husband’s face. “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect our son.”

Smiling back at his wife, Mr. Stern kissed his wife and said, “It’s alright Yumi. Our son is a fighter. He’ll be okay. After all, he did learn from the best.”

Rising to her feet, Mrs. Stern smiled back and said to herself, “Kevin, please be careful.”

Back on Lyoko, the tension continued to mount as the number of Lyoko warriors remaining seemed easier for X.A.N.A.’s monsters to take on.

“Mr. Belpois,” said Kevin. “Is my mom okay?”

“Don’t worry Kevin,” he replied seeing both his mother and father appear from the elevator. “She’s just fine.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Kevin swung his sword with a flourish and sent an energy wave at the krabe attacking him, causing the creature to blow into a million pieces in front of him.

Knowing there was no time to waste, Mrs. Belpois said, “Okay Jeremie. Looks like we don’t have a choice anymore. Go ahead and enter the protocol for the kids.”

Hearing his wife’s consent, Mr. Belpois quickly went to work and prepared the tower deactivation protocol to enter for the kids’ virtual coding. It was in the moment as he typed in each respective code needed, that the father of Maya and Adele suddenly felt his hands move with even faster speed than he ever remembered typing as a teenager.

Unfortunately, Mr. Belpois was forced to pick up the pace as his pink-haired bride shouted over his headset, “Jeremie, please hurry! X.A.N.A.’s forces just got bigger…”

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