Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 31

Time was running out, as Mr. Belpois continued to furiously type in code needed for the children to deactivate the towers on Lyoko.

However, before the father of two could begin duplicating the code for Jace and Kevin, he then noticed something on the screen that caused him to lose his breath for a brief second. From the point of view of his wife, he noticed an fleet of two tarantulas and three mantas oncoming, now realizing her earlier comment was soberingly accurate.

“Aelita,” he said over his microphone. “I’m almost done inputting the code for the kids, but it’s going to take at least a couple minutes for the program to be ready to use by them. Please try to hold out as long as you can with the monsters incoming.”

“We’ll give it our all Jeremie,” she said hurling an energy field at one of the two hornets remaining, causing the creature to explode in mid-air. “But at this rate, I’m not sure we can hold out much longer.”

Reacting in the proverbial heat of the moment, Jace fired up his sword and took to the air preparing to dive-bomb with an oncoming blade of flames. Unaware of his attack, the final hornet did not see the young Lyoko warrior flying at it, and was too late to react as the boy slashed straight threw the insect and landed on his feet.

Running over to meet him, Adele asked her boyfriend, “You okay Jace?”

“Don’t worry, I’m okay,” he said gasping for breath. “I’m more worried about you though. You think you can keep going?”

Adele nodded her head, but began having immediate second thoughts viewing the fire-power charging in courtesy of X.A.N.A.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Jace said, “Man, these things just keep coming,”

“Tell me about it,” said Maya equally frustrated. “If only we had a little more help…”

Hearing their friends’ dialogue back in the factory over the speaker, doubts began to seep into the minds of the other young Lyoko warriors about whether or not they would be able to stop X.A.N.A.

Looking back at his sister, Oliver asked, “You think they can still do it sis?”

“I don’t know Oliver,” said Carine with a sad expression. But just as she had this thought, the eldest Della Robbia child pondered on the last few words said by Maya, “If only we had a little more help…”

At that moment, Carine got up and said, “You know, I think I have an idea.”

“What do you mean sis?” asked Oliver. Without any hesitation, Carine got up from where Oliver and Katie were sitting and walked over towards the Belpois father proposing a daring idea, “Mr. Belpois, send me to Lyoko.”

Completely got off guard by her request, Mr. Belpois said rather swiftly, “What?! No, absolutely not.”

“Come on Mr. Belpois,” she said trying to coax him. “Things are getting bad right now. There’s no way they can do this on their own anymore. They need help…”

While he knew that Carine spoke words of truth, the Belpois father was not as about to let the other children get involved in the mess taking place on Lyoko.

But before he could shoot down her persuasive comment, Mr. Stern walked over to Mr. Belpois and said, “Jeremie, we’ve got to face it. Our kids are already involved now. There’s no use trying to keep them out of Lyoko now. And besides, we’re not going to be able to keep fighting on our own forever. Eventually Aelita’s going to be sent back, and then what?”

“We’re can’t shield them forever Jeremie,” added Mrs. Stern. And after a long ominous pause, the mother of three said something that made Mr. Belpois finally realize that there was no choice anymore, “We’ve got to let them go.”

It was at this moment the father of two realized he was backed into a corner, and after about 20 seconds of thought, Mr. Belpois finally succumbed to the harsh reality he now faced, and said, “Head for the scanner room kids, I’m sending you all to help.”

Shocked by his statement, the kids prepared themselves to be sent to join their friends in the virtual battle already in progress.

“Sweetheart,” said Mr. Belpois over the microphone. “Hang in there, help is on the way.”

Mrs. Belpois breathed a sigh of relief as she prepared her energy fields for the oncoming fleet of monsters.

As each of the kids’ virtual profiles were prepared for the transfer, each parent warned their children to stay close to each other, and make sure to have each others’ backs if things got bad.

“And above all else,” added Mr. Belpois, “don’t try to fight X.A.N.A. all on your own. Remember to work as a team. Do that, and you’ll be able to reach the tower safely.”

With those final words, the kids made their way down to the scanner room, and awaited the go-ahead from the Belpois father to be transferred to Lyoko.

Finally, after some last second preparations, Mr. Belpois’s voice came over the intercom saying, “Okay kids. Your profiles are all set now. Step into the scanners, and I’ll send you all over right away.”

Wasting no time at all, Carine, Tristan, and Yumiko stepped forward to make the jump, with Oliver and Katie to follow them right afterwards.

Taking a deep breath, the father of raised his head to Heaven and said, “Please Lord, let this work,” and began the transfer process one by one for each of the kids.

As the doors closed to the scanners, Katie began having slight doubts about headed to Lyoko. She had already seen what the world was like, but didn’t ever expect having to fight an artificial intelligence.

“Oliver,” she said holding him close by his shoulder. “I’m scared. What if we can’t fight? What if… we never come back?”

Seeing how frightened his girlfriend was, Oliver took Katie in his arms and looked at her saying, “It’s gonna be okay Katie. We’re gonna come back. I promise.” As added assurance, the youngest of the Della Robbia children promised that he would protect her with his life if matters got worse.

Feeling a bit more brave, Katie and Oliver finally stepped into their individual scanners, and with a flourish of speed, Mr. Belpois completed the transfer for all the kids, as the new generation of Lyoko Warriors prepared to take on the menace their parents had fought for so many years.

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