Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 32

As they stared at X.A.N.A.’s incoming forces, Mrs. Belpois said to the young group of warriors, “Brace yourselves kids, it’s time to fight.”

However, before the kids and Mrs. Belpois could prepare to attack, Jace noticed a Tarantula looking upward behind the group, and turned around himself to see a familiar bunch of wireframe bodies appearing in the sky above them.

After a few seconds, the rest of the children descended upon the desert terrain, falling victim to the same hard drop the others experienced on their first trips to Lyoko.

Rubbing his backside, Oliver winced saying, “I gotta get used to that drop.”

“Well next time, try looking down squirt,” Carine commented sarcastically.

It was at that moment the kids heard the voice of Mrs. Belpois and their friends coming from the distance and quickly made their way over to them.

But before they could reach each other, a tarantula from X.A.N.A’s fleet fired off two laser shots at the kids incoming. Unaware of the shots coming at them, Jace yelled, “Look out you guys!”

Seeing the laser fire out of their peripheral vision, everyone quickly dodged the fire from the tarantula, but were slow to get up out of fear of more shots coming.

“Are you all alright?” asked Mrs. Belpois.

Not hearing her question, Katie asked, “What is that thing?”

“They’re called Tarantulas,” answered Kevin. “Looks like one of many things X.A.N.A. doesn’t put a leash on.”

Wasting no time, Mrs. Belpois quickly explained the threat that X.A.N.A.’s monsters’ posed to each of them, and informed them of the mission at hand. At the same time, the elder pinkette’s husband informed her that the tower deactivation protocol was completed and ready for use by each of the kids.

“No time to waste!” said Kevin. “Let’s send these things packing.”

As Kevin, Maya, Jace, and Adele ran at the group of monsters oncoming, Mrs. Belpois stood alongside the other kids and called out to her husband, “Sweetheart, do the other kids also have abilities similar to their parents?”

Looking back at the screen, her husband said, “From what I can see, they do. Carine and Oliver both possess the ability to shoot laser arrows like Odd can.”

“Oh yeah,” said Oliver. “I remember that we can shoot them out from our hands.”

“That’s right Oliver,” he replied. “However, it looks as though your arrows can also be changed into arrows capable of freezing anything that comes in contact with them. And Carine, it looks like you can also call upon a shield like your father can, by holding out your arm in a blocking-motion.

“Yumiko, you can call on a double-bladed bow-staff to fight with. All you have to do is hold out your hand and imagine the bow-staff itself, and it will drop into your hand. You appear to also have your mother’s ability of telekinesis to move objects around you.

“And from what I can see, Tristan’s two swords on his back are electrically charged, so not only can you cut through X.A.N.A.’s monsters, but you can even use lightning from your swords to destroy larger numbers of monsters.

“And lastly, Katie appears to have energized shuirkens that she can throw at monsters that not only destroy them, but also send shockwaves to knock other monsters to the ground. She also appears to be able to teleport in a flash of light at close distances by saying the word, ‘Teleport.’”

Upon hearing his instruction, each of the new Lyoko Warriors gave their new abilities a quick test run, as they quickly prepared themselves to fight.

Floating from high in the air, Mrs. Belpois said to the kids, “Brace yourselves kids, this is it. Remember, use all your tools and abilities to your advantage to handle X.A.N.A.’s monsters. But above all, be careful to avoid…” The elder pinkette was suddenly cut off as a tarantula caught her off guard and with two laser shots, sent her directly back to Earth.

“No Aelita!” shouted her betrothed over the mic. “This can’t be happening…”

Reappearing in the scanner, Mrs. Belpois finished her sentence solemnly saying, “Getting hit by the lasers,” before headed back up the elevator to the main computer room.

Back on Lyoko, Adele quickly shouted to her father, “Dad, is mom okay?!”

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” he replied. “Your mother is alright.”

After being reassured, the kids quickly fled to the temporary safety of a nearby rock formation to dodge X.A.N.A.’s laser fire.

“Dad! What do we do now?” asked Maya more worried than ever.

Rubbing his temples vigorously, Mr. Belpois knew there was only one choice, the kids would have to simply face X.A.N.A. on their own.

Taking a deep breath, the blonde genius said, “Kids, there’s no choice at this point. “You’ll have to confront X.A.N.A. on your own.”

“What?” said Kevin. “Mr. Belpois, you can’t be serious.”

“I’m with Kevin on this one,” added Carine. “No offense sir, but how are we supposed to fight those things if we can barely even fight as it is?”

While most of the original Lyoko Warriors couldn’t get a word of reassurance out, Mr. Della Robbia had a flashback to how they began as Lyoko Warriors and didn’t even know how to fight for themselves or defend Mrs. Belpois against X.A.N.A.’s attacks. From that the father of two had an idea and asked Mr. Belpois for the mic.

With confidence, Mr. Della Robbia said to the children, “Kids, since you know about Lyoko now, there’s something else you should know.”

“What’s that dad?” asked Oliver.

“Well, the truth is,” he began again. “When we all first came to Lyoko, we didn’t know the first thing about fighting X.A.N.A. either.”

Puzzled by their father’s words, Carine asked, “What? What are you saying dad?”

“Well,” he said continuing his words of wisdom. “A lot of our fighting came from learning as we went. We didn’t have strategies, and we didn’t know much about our weapons either.”

Pulling the mic into his hand, Mrs. Stern interjected and said, “But if there was one thing we did know, it’s that we had to work together. We knew if we at least had our weapons, used the environment around us to it’s fullest, we’d be able to hold our own.”

“And most importantly,” added Mrs. Belpois. “We looked out for each other. Just like you kids do every day when you’re together.”

Although they took their words to heart, the kids couldn’t help but still feel fear setting in as they continued to hear the onslaught of lasers firing at the rock protecting them, which was now getting smaller by the second.

Realizing their protection was almost gone, Jace quickly spoke up among his friends and offered some encouraging words that only God Above could bestow in that moment, “‘7You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance,’ - Psalms 32:7.”

“What did he just say?” asked Yumiko slightly confused.

“It’s a verse from the Bible,” replied Maya. “The Psalmist wrote it saying that when we trust in God, He will guide us in those moments we’re in trouble and need His help.”

Feeling slightly doubtful given the situation, Carine asked, “But how exactly can He help us when we’re not in the real world?”

Sensing her fears still lingering, Kevin walked over and placed his hand on the blonde girl’s shoulder saying, “If there’s one thing I know about God and what He can do, it’s that it doesn’t matter where you are. He’ll always be there in those moments when we need Him most, even when we can’t see Him.”

After a few second pondering Kevin’s words, the rock protecting the gang gave way and exposed them all to the continued fire of the tarantulas. Protection now gone, the new Lyoko Warriors knew it was all or nothing at this point, and quickly charged into the crossfire of X.A.N.A.’s army.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, the original Lyoko Warriors couldn’t help but hear a loud bang come from the ceiling that reverberated throughout the room. Suddenly, falling from the ceiling, were drops of water that appeared to start piling up near the back of the room.

Looking at the drops falling, Mr. Belpois quickly called up the camera outside the elevator shaft. But upon gazing at the display, all the father of two could say was, “Dear Lord, please help us all…”

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