Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 33

Tension filled the barren air of the desert sector as the new Lyoko Warriors dawned their weapons to to fight off X.A.N.A.’s fleet of monsters. The drama of the situation became even more palpable as the X.A.N.A.’s offense included four more krabes to join the fleet of mantas and tarantulas already charging.

“Listen carefully kids,” said Mr. Belpois with a rather urgent tone. “You need to hurry and get to the tower as quickly as possible. The storm you were facing earlier has just gotten worse and is starting to flood the city. Even worse, it’s gotten bad to the point it’s starting to come into the factory now.”

“Daddy…” said Adele, her voice shaking.

“It’s alright sweetheart,” her father replied assuring her. “We’ll be okay over here. You kids focus though and get rid of X.A.N.A.’s monsters.”

And with a nod of her head, the gang finally reached the fleet of monsters, deciding to divide them up to better manage them.

Catching the attention of two krabes and mantas on their left, Oliver, Katie, and Tristan triangulated around the monsters to gain better ground over the two.

Without any hesitation, Oliver quickly charged in at the krabe and leaped into the air firing a barrage of laser arrows, similar to his father’s way of fighting. However, the krabe side-stepped two of his arrows to avoid being destroyed, and quickly trapped the Della Robbia boy underneath it to fire it’s energy beam.

“Oliver, no!” shouted Katie, as she quickly threw one of her shurikens in desperation to hit the krabe. To the boy’s relief, the shuriken thrown by his girlfriend knocked the krabes on their sides from the shockwave caused, and gave him a clear shot to fry one of the krabes with another laser arrow.

Suddenly, as quickly as the first krabe vanished, one of the two mantas swooped in from overhead to fire on an unsuspecting Oliver. Seeing him completely off-guard, Tristan crossed his blades into an “X” formation to cast lightning down. While the second krabe dodged out of the path of a bolt, the two mantas were struck down, giving the two boys the opening they needed.

In a flash, the youngest Stern boy sprinted at the first manta nearest him and slashed through the paralyzed creature to with two swipes. Oliver then followed suit by leaping into the air and landing on the second one letting loose his last laser arrow.

Getting up from the ground, Oliver couldn’t help but laugh at the moment saying, “And I thought Mr. Sharpé’s math classes were rough.”

But the blonde teen’s cockiness lasted only for a second as he saw the second krabe appear behind Katie charging it’s laser.

“Watch out Katie!” shouted Oliver as the girl turned her head to see the mechanical monstrosity behind her. But before she could be hit by the laser, the young girl closed her eyes and imagined standing behind the krabe, activating her teleportation ability.

Within a split-second Katie stood behind the krabe, causing it to fire on nothing and leaving it wide open for her to destroy it with one last shuriken.

Rushing over to her, Oliver held his girlfriend in his arms and said, “You scared me there for a second.”

“Not as much as you did almost getting hit,” she replied giving him a quick peck on the lips before joining with Tristan to rendezvous with the others.

Back in the factory, Mr. and Mrs. Stern attempted to keep the water from hitting the electrical cords of the supercomputer but using pieces of the wall to patch the openings in the ceiling.

“I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to keep the water out sweetheart,” said a frantic Mrs. Belpois as she tried to clean the water off the floor.

“I’m with your wife on this one Einstein,” replied Mr. Della Robbia. “At this rate, we’re gonna all turn into fish if the tower doesn’t get deactivated soon.”

Realizing things were now getting worse, Mr. Belpois said to himself, “Please hurry kids, we’re counting on you…”

With one fleet of X.A.N.A.’s monsters taken out, Yumiko, Jace and Adele continued to dodge shots being fired by a tarantula, krabe, and manta from all sides.

Thinking of an idea on the fly, Yumiko called upon her bladed bow-staff and charged at the manta firing at her. As if it were second nature to her, the Stern daughter spun her staff furiously while running, deflecting the manta’s shots left and right, before plunging her staff into the ground like a pole-vault to lunge herself at the creature head on. With one quick thrust, the girl pierced the monster’s mark of X.A.N.A. and blew it into oblivion, landing on her feet a bit winded.

Meanwhile, Jace and Adele stood back to back with each other, trying to deflect each shot from the krabe and tarantula in front of them.

“Any ideas how we can take them both out?” asked Adele blocking another laser shot.

“I have one,” replied Jace. “But it’s a bit risky. You’ll have to fire at me in the process.”

Shocked by his thought, Adele disregarded the idea, but then realized the thought process stirring in Jace’s head.

“Wait,” she replied. “Are you thinking of deflecting my dagger at them?”

Deflecting another laser shot off his sword, Jace nodded and replied, “This way, when your dagger splits into smaller pieces, all the smaller daggers will deflect at both monsters.

“This will stun them for a second,” he continued. “And then we can take them out with clear shots.”

“It’s worth a try!” replied the youngest Belpois daughter. “I just hope I don’t send you back.”

Smiling at his blonde angel, he assured her that she wouldn’t miss her shot, and that they would come out alive.

After one more dodge of lasers, Jace signaled to Adele to spread her wings and fly to gain some altitude above the monsters. When she got to a safe distance, she saw her boyfriend stare down the creatures charging their lasers up, hoping her energy dagger wouldn’t miss.

“Now Adele!” he shouted, and with a swift hurl, Adele fired her dagger at Jace who quickly angled his sword to catch the dagger as it split into five smaller daggers. In that moment, three of the five smaller daggers caught the blade and fired on the monsters, while the remaining daggers nailed Jace’s arm, causing him to slightly falter.

Gaining his second wind quickly, Jace and Adele charged at two stunned monsters and took both out with a slash of the boy’s blade of fire and the girl’s energy dagger, leaving nothing but a pile of digital remnants of both monsters.

Running over to the two, Yumiko said to both, “You both okay?”

Both nodded happily, but the Stern daughter then rhetorically asked, “You both realize that was completely crazy, right?”

“Yeah it was,” said Adele. “But, at least it worked.”

Looking back at her boyfriend with concern, the girl asked, “You okay sweetie? I hope I didn’t hit you.”

“No worries Princess,” he replied. “Only a couple daggers hit me, but it’ll take more than that to take me out.”

Recognizing his attempt at acting cocky, Adele kissed him quickly, before the three were joined by Katie, Oliver, and Tristan.

“Hey guys,” said Tristan. “Everything go okay over here?”

“We’re fine bro,” replied Yumiko. “Looks like you guys are okay too.”

“Well, we’re alive at least,” said Katie as she turned her head to see Maya, Kevin, and Carine still fighting. “Looks like they need some help through.”

Nodding their heads, the kids quickly ran over to aid their friends in need.

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