Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 34

As the factory continued to fill up with more water by the second, Mr. Stern and Mr. Della Robbia knew their hold on the metal plates covering the openings in the ceiling would likely give way any second.

“Hey Einstein!” shouted Mr. Stern. “Hate to make the situation more stressful, but I don’t know how much longer Odd and I can hold on.”

“Just hang in there guys,” replied Mr. Belpois. “The kids are nearly there. There’s just a few monsters left to finish off.”

“Jeremie, this is getting serious,” Mrs. Stern said with her head dripping water. “There’s no way we can keep the water from getting in any more. What’s worse, if it gets down to the super calculator, then we’re in trouble.

Realizing what she meant, Mrs. Belpois replied, “She’s right Jeremie. If we lose the super calculator, we’ll lose our kids and Lyoko forever.”

Stressed to the point of exhaustion, Mr. Belpois only had one idea left in mind to buy the kids some time which was to have his friends and his wife head down to the super calculator room to keep the room dry, but to leave him to manage things in the lab.

While most everyone had agreed with his idea, Mrs. Belpois knew she couldn’t leave her love on his own and risk him being electrocuted if the water flooded into the lab.

“Odd, Yumi, Ulrich…” said the pinkette. “You three go and keep the super calculator dry as best you can. Jeremie and I will try to manage things here.”

“Do the best you can guys,” said Mr. Della Robbia, and the three quickly made their way down the elevator to the super calculator room.

While it may have been a touch cliché, Mrs. Belpois placed her hand on her husband’s shoulder and uttered some words that brought the man some comfort in their bleak situation, “Till death do us part, right?”

“Forevermore my Angel,” he replied as he continued to work furiously.

Back on Lyoko, the situation reached a fever-pitch as Maya, Kevin, and Carine faced the final two monsters remaining. Things were more intensified by the fact that all three of them began feeling slightly fatigued after dodging and deflecting laser fire constantly.

Just as Maya cartwheeled to the side of the krabe in front of her, the girl’s father came back on the mic and laid out the situation unfolding in the factory.

“We’re doing the best we can dad,” said Maya as she charged up her energy blades. “But these things just won’t let up!”

“I know you’re doing all you can sweetheart,” her mother replied over the mic. “Please though, you’ve got to find a way to stop them before the factory becomes flooded.”

Knowing there was no time to waste, Maya sprinted at the krabe with all the speed she could muster, and began to spin furiously like a hurricane taking out the creature’s legs from underneath it with her blades. Crippled where it stood, Carine jumped out and destroyed the krabe with a quick laser arrow shot.

On the other side, Kevin tried to deflect the tarantula’s repeated fire on him, but knew it was only a matter of time before he would take a hit from the creature. After dodging another shot, Carine yelled to the boy telling him to start running and get ready to take the tarantula.

“Wait, why?” he asked confused.

“Just do it!” she replied. “I’ve got your covered.”

While he was still confused, Kevin hustled towards the tarantula as he began to charge his blade, noticing that the monster was also ready to fire. But before he could take a hit, Carine dropped down in front of the boy dawning her shield to keep him protected as he moved forward.

“Now Kevin!” she yelled.

With no hesitation, the boy swiped his blade at the monster destroying it with his energy wave, but not before one final laser shot got through Carine’s shield and hit her, sending her back to Earth.

“No, Carine!” shouted Maya. “Dad, please tell us Carine is okay…”

“She’s fine honey,” he replied. “She’ll be appearing in the lab in a second. Right now, you all need to concentrate on getting the tower deactivated no -- th -- Xa -- mon…”

The connection suddenly went dead leaving the kids more nervous wondering what was happening in the factory.

It only took a split-second for the metal panels patching up the ceiling to give way, and at that moment, water began to flow into the lab without warrant.

“Jeremie!” yelled a scared Mrs. Belpois. “What do we do now? It’s only a matter of time.”

Taking his wife’s hand in his, Jeremie began to pray like never before, and asked the Lord to provide both them, the kids, and their parents protection in the midst of the chaos unfolding. At this point, it was all in God’s hands now…

“Dad! Are you there?” asked Maya.

Hearing no response, she tried calling out again, but to no avail, leaving her nerves in a bad way.

In the heat of the confusion, the others reunited with them, and Maya filled them in on the fact that Carine got devirtualized during their battle, and that they couldn’t reach her father after repeated tries calling out to him.

However, before things could become more chaotic, the kids noticed the tower dead ahead and prepared to make their way to it as a group.

Unfortunately, their joy was short lived, as a couple more tarantulas and a megatank appeared behind them and prepared to attack.

At that moment, Kevin had an idea and suggested that Jace and Adele escort Maya to the tower to deactivate it, seeing as Adele could fly for air support, and her boyfriend could provide protection on the ground for Maya, while the rest of them battled the monsters to cover them.

All risks known, the gang quickly agreed and Jace and Adele bid the others farewell, as Kevin gave his girlfriend a quick kiss wishing her luck.

Taking to the skies, Adele flew overhead of Jace and her sister, while he served as Maya’s ground protection; all three of them now only feet away from the tower.

But before they could reach it, a krabe dropped down from overhead, and pinned down Jace’s sword, leaving him without his weapon.

“Crud!” he shouted. “You girls go on ahead, I’ll deal with this thing.”

“No Jace, I’m not leaving you alone,” replied Adele, as she dropped an energy dagger down on the krabe, forcing it to move to it’s side freeing her boyfriend’s sword. “Go for it Maya! You’re almost there.”

“Are you sure you’ll both be okay?” she asked.

Both reassured her and the two teamed up to fight down the krabe while Maya continued for the tower.

With no way to reach the kids, and the water now rising to the height of the middle of the elevator door, Mr. and Mrs. Belpois feared the worst as it seemed that X.A.N.A. may have actually found a way to beat them.

Meanwhile, in the scanner room, Carine reappeared out of the scanner door holding her arm.

“Man,” she said slightly frustrated. “I’ll be feeling that one in the morning. I hope the others will be okay though.”

Suddenly, over the intercom, Mr. Belpois called down to Carine in the scanner room and asked if she was okay. Carine acknowledged that she was fine, but was slightly sore from the laser shot.

“Listen Carine,” he said. “Head down the ladder at the end of the room. That will lead you to the super calculator room where the super computer is located. Stay there with your father and the Sterns. You’ll be safe there for now.”

“On my way,” she replied, and the girl quickly made her way down and ran into the arms of her father who breathed a sigh of relief that she was okay.

“I want to hear all about what happened when this is over,” he said to her as he embraced her.

Once again though, Mr. Belpois’s voice reached the super calculator room informing the others that the water was rising to a great extent and that the only way they could escape the threat of being electrocuted themselves, would be to get back to the elevator and stay inside to avoid coming in contact with the electrically-charged water.

Following his instructions, the three headed for the elevator and quickly shut the door to prevent any water from creeping in.

Huddling with each other, Mrs. Stern had only one thing to say, “It’ll be alright guys. Our kids can do it.”

As Jace redirected Adele’s energy dagger back at the krabe in front of them, both looked behind them to see that Maya had reached the tower safely, seeing that she had stepped through the tower.

“Awesome! She made it!” said Jace.

“Hallelujah,” replied Adele breathing a sigh of relief as her boyfriend held her in his arms.

Looking back into her fearing blue eyes, Jace said, “I’m so proud of you. You fought so well.”

As they shared a deeper kiss than they did earlier, she looked up at her guardian Prince and said, “You were amazing too.”

But as they reunited with the others, both couldn’t help but have the same exact thought about all that had happened, “I just hope we’re not too late…”

As she walked into the center of the tower, Maya felt herself starting to rise into the air and allowed herself to float towards the top of the tower. She then realized this is how her mother had deactivated the towers when she was her age.

Finally, as she stepped onto the top platform, the older Belpois daughter walked to the center and noticed a digital display appear in front of her. Remembering her father’s explanation of how her mother did it, Maya raised her hand to the display and touched the surface, which verified her name and digital code.

Accepting the code, only two words appeared on the screen at that moment… “Code Lyoko.”

Sighing heavily, Maya said, “Tower deactivated… Mom, Dad, I hope you both are okay.”

Bracing themselves for the water to rise above the bowl displaying the hologram map of Lyoko, the water flowing in suddenly stopped, and the storm began to fade away quickly around the factory and the city.

Wasting no time at all, Mr. Belpois typed in one last program into the supercomputer and with one push of the Enter key, the father of two shouted, “Return to the past now!”

At that moment, the hologram map shot out a brilliant flash of white light that engulfed the both him, his wife, and the rest of the kids’ parents in the elevator, which then spread throughout the factory and the rest of the city, taking them all back in time…

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