Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 35 (Epilogue)

As the light vanished, both the kids and their parents’ found themselves returned back to the moment when they were in the Belpois’ home before the parents’ departed to the factory.

In the moment, Adele asked, “What happened?”

“Looks like were back home,” said Oliver as he looked around.

“Did - Did all that really happen?” asked Maya slightly puzzled.

“Yes it did sweetie,” replied her mother. “Looks like everything was restored fully.”

“Looks like it,” added Mr. Belpois. “But unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that X.A.N.A.’s back again. And now that he’s back, he’ll be more determined than ever to take over Earth.”

Standing up among the group, Mr. Della Robbia asked, “ So, what do we do now Einstein?”

“Yeah,” Mr. Stern added. “After all, we do have careers and families now. It’s not gonna be easy to try and manage both and save the world again too.”

“You may be right Ulrich,” replied Mr. Belpois.

As he continued to ponder the harsh reality of their situation, the father of two continued saying, “But then again, our lives were changed forever years ago when X.A.N.A. showed up. And honestly… I don’t think they’ll ever be normal until we can get rid of him for good.”

Walking over to the window, he then looked down at the picture taken of them as a group years ago and said, “But one thing’s for sure… We can’t give up now.”

“Daddy…” said Adele with concern in her voice.

“I don’t care if he is back,” he continued. “I still believe he’s not invincible. We defeated him once before, and we’ll all find a way to do it again.”

Looking at his daughters and the rest of the kids. Mr. Belpois then said something that instilled in the hearts of the kids that they he had forgiven them of their actions, “And I mean, all of us…”

Smiling at their father’s sincerity, Maya and Adele, as well as the rest of the kids breathed a sigh of relief knowing they now could help their parents to fight once more against the rabid virus when they were needed most.

At that moment, Mr. Della Robbia held out his hand in the middle of the group and said, “The Lyoko Warriors are back guys.”

And in a truly cheesy fashion, the kids and their parents all put their hands in and affirmed the return of the Lyoko Warriors and the debut of the new Lyoko Warriors, vowing to fight against X.A.N.A.’s forces until they could destroy him once and for all.

After that show of unity among the kids and their parents, each of the Lyoko families headed home for the evening. But rather than head for their respective homes, Jace and Kevin stuck around a bit longer to be with their significant others, knowing that they were in need of some comfort after all that had happened.

As both couples lay back on the couch watching a movie together, Adele looked up into the brown eyes of her guardian prince and asked, “Hey, you know something?”

“What’s that?” he asked looking back into her deep cerulean eyes.

“I know that thing is dangerous…” she continued. “… and wants to destroy us all. But if there’s one thing I know that going to Lyoko showed me… it’s that I feel stronger and know I can fight when you’re there with me.”

Seeing her beautiful smile, Jace gently met her lips with his and held her tight in his arms saying, “Never fear Princess. By the grace of God Above, I’ll always be there for you.”

Overhearing his promise to Adele, Kevin said to Maya, “That goes for me too.”

“You mean it Kevin?” she replied holding his hand in hers.

“Forevermore my Angel,” he said, sharing a gentle kiss with his pinkette girlfriend.

As they looked down at their daughters from the stairs, Mr. and Mrs. Belpois looked at each other and realized something that affirmed their faith in the future ahead, “They really are like us.”

Indeed, it would be an uphill battle ahead, but with a new team of fighters and the protection of the Father Above there for them when needed, it would only be a matter of time when they could finally live in a world without danger.

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