Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 5

After nearly a few more hours of what seemed like endless classes and lecturing, Jace and his new friends finally finished the school day and walked into the beautiful sunset air ready to come down and chill.

“Finally!” shouted Oliver. “I thought it would never end!”

Getting use to Oliver’s melodrama, Jace jumped in and said, “Oh come on Oliver, it wasn’t that bad.”

“Jace’s right,” added Adele. “I found the poem read to be pretty enjoyable.”

“Well, all I know is, I’m glad the day is done,” said an equally exhausted Maya as she latched onto Kevin’s arm for support.

Looking into his girlfriend’s eyes, Kevin placed a gentle kiss on her lips and said, “And now there’s the weekend to look forward to.”

“Aww, ain’t that just cute?” budded in Yumiko being a buzzkill to the moment.

“Speaking of romance,” said Carine. “Oliver, who was that girl you were talking with today and that you walked with to class?”

Remembering right as she mentioned it, her brother said, “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys, she’s a transfer student too just like Jace. Her family comes from America, but she’s here on her own studying abroad.”

“Oh really?” asked Yumiko. “What’s her name? Maybe we could meet her.”

Appearing to daydream a little, Oliver finally came to and said, “Oh, sorry, her name is Katie, Katie Michaels. She can be kinda shy when you first meet her, but she’s a pretty energetic person once you get to know her.”

Wow, and here I thought I was the only one who was going through the new student jitters, thought Jace as he continued to hear more about Katie.

After Oliver finally ceased going on forever about Katie, Yumiko suggested for the entire group to get together for a dinner party over at her parents’ place, which seemed like a great idea to everybody including Jace.

With permission being the only obstacle remaining, everybody chose to volunteer to bring something for the party. Yumiko and Tristan would contribute food and snacks, while Kevin and Maya would be in charge of drinks, and Carine and Oliver would choose the music for the party.

“Looks like it will be up to Jace and Adele to choose a good movie for us to watch,” said Yumiko, somewhat intent on making them end up doing something together.

After hearing their task, the two young teens couldn’t help but show a slight blush at the thought of looking for a movie together, just the two of them.

“Hey, are you two listening to me?” yelled Yumiko trying to snap them out of their trance.

Shaking his head, Jace quickly replied, “Oh, um yeah, we got it covered.”

And with that, the group quickly dispersed and went off to fulfill their assigned tasks. But before Jace and Adele could take off for the nearby video store, a text came in on Adele’s phone sent from her sister reading, “Make sure to find something everyone will enjoy. Maybe a good action flick or a romantic comedy. Nothing scary or gory. See you both later. - Maya.”

“Who was that?” asked Jace.

“Oh, it was just my sister,” said Adele. “She wanted us to get either an action movie or a romantic comedy. I don’t know what to get though.”

At the mention of two of his favorite genres of movies, Jace had an idea of a couple movies they could watch and said, “Hmm, I think I may have an idea.”

In a flash, the two then disappeared from the Kadic campus and walked together headed for the nearby movie store over by the Stern family home. As they walked together along the cracked pavement that was the sidewalk, Jace asked Adele, “So, if it’s okay to ask, what are your parents like?”

“Oh, no problem,” replied Adele. “I love them both a lot. My mom’s name is Aelita and she works in the same computer maintenance company my father Jeremie works in. They definitely love each other a lot like they love me and my sister. But it’s kinda strange, whenever me or my sister ask them about how they first met or their days in school, they seem like they don’t want to talk about it as much. It’s almost as if they’re afraid to tell me and my sister about their past.”

“Really?” asked Jace puzzled at her explanation. “How odd. I always figured most parents would always be open to telling their kids about how they got to know each other or even grew up. Or at least, that’s what I thought based on the fact my parents almost always keep offering words of wisdom every time I turn around.”

It was at that moment that Jace noticed Adele let out a small sigh with her head hanging down slightly. Trying to be reassuring, Jace said, “But you know, I’m sure they have a good reason for not saying much. Maybe they’re doing it to protect you both from something that may have happened a long time ago.”

“Maybe,” replied Adele still feeling confused and concerned. “I guess maybe I just want to know, because I want to see what’s kept them together for so long, and maybe even experience that kind of moment myself someday.”

“You’re not alone there,” said Jace feeling her same degree of curiosity. “After hearing how long my parents have been together, I think it would be cool to experience something like that too. Not right now of course, but definitely someday.”

Realizing what they both just said to each other, the two teens suddenly began to blush a crimson shade. After about a few seconds, Jace tried to snap them both back to sense saying, “Well... uh... we should probably get going to get the movie for tonight.”

“Uh... yeah, we don’t wanna be late.” replied Adele trying her best to snap out of her own state of embarrassment.

After about a few more blocks of walking, the two finally arrived at the video store and began to peruse the wide selection of action and romantic comedy films, trying to find the perfect fit for the party.

As he browsed through the vast library, Jace suggested the movies Rush Hour for some action, and Along Came Polly for a romantic comedy. Adele had never heard of either film, but was cool with Jace selecting the films after he read the film descriptions.

With the movies paid for, Jace and Adele departed from the video store and made their way for the Stern family home a couple blocks down, both anticipating the fun awaiting them and the potential new memories that would be created from a weekend together with friends.

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