Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 7

After about an hour enjoying the good food prepared by the Stern family, everybody decided now was the time to enjoy a great back to back run of flicks as a group. Both Mr. and Mrs. Stern also thought they would join them as well, mainly to keep things in check with some of the couples there and make sure the movies were age appropriate.

But before the movies began to play, a knock came from the door, and Kevin got up to answer it, revealing a familiar looking Asian girl that he remembered sitting with Oliver earlier that day.

“Um, hi,” she said rather quietly. “Um, is this the Stern home?”

Realizing who she was, Kevin confirmed her assumption and let her in to welcome her to the festivities.

“Hey Katie!” said Oliver from across the room. “Glad you could make it. Did you have trouble finding the home?”

“No not at all,” she replied giving Odd a friendly hug. “It definitely helped that their last name was printed on the mailbox.”

Ready with his hand on the DVD player, Tristan said, “Well, you’re just in time Katie, we were just about to get started enjoying a couple of movies.”

“Oh, how fun,” said Katie. “What were you planning to watch tonight?”

Choosing the answer her question, Jace replied saying, “Well, I decided to choose a double-header of action and romantic-comedy with Rush Hour 3 and Along Came Polly.

“Ooh, those sound like fun,” she said finally becoming more comfortable with everyone around her.

“You bet!” said Oliver sitting a little closer to her. “Oh, and even better, you’ll like Rush Hour 3 because there’s some good kung-fu fighting in it too. I mainly say that because I remember you mentioning liking kung-fu.”

Flattered he remembered her studying kung-fu, Katie smiled and said, “Now I think I might like it even more.”

Exhibiting some phony impatience, Tristan hollered, “Um, if you two don’t mind, can we get the movies started now?” Everyone quickly shut up at that moment, as Tristan started up the first of the two movies.

As the opening sequence began, Jace looked moved a little closer to Adele and whispered to her, “Funny enough, I had thought the movie was supposed to be another one of those dumb sequels to a good original movie, but I definitely got proven wrong after watching it. I think you’ll enjoy it too.”

“That’s good,” she replied back, unaware of the fact she began to move a little closer to Jace. “I always hate when movies have sequels come out that only prove to make the original better by a lot.”

Agreeing with her, Jace allowed her and the others to enjoy the movie without giving away spoilers. However, as the movie got more intense and got to a scene that featured some scenes from a Burlesque dance club, Jace quickly requested they fast-forward through the risqué content to keep things in good taste.

Seeing this act by Jace, Mr. and Mrs. Stern saw this as a sincere concern for keeping things in order and appreciated his act of maturity on the kids’ behalf. While the others moaned at the idea of missing what they thought was “something hot and juicy,” Mr. and Mrs. Stern followed through with the act and let the movie finish after skipping past the questionable scenes.

It was at this moment that Adele’s heart began pounding a little harder as she suddenly became overcome with a feeling of admiration for Jace’s sense of wanting to keep the party fun and enjoyable, and without thinking she whispered to Jace as they restart the movie, “You know, that was pretty cool of you to do that.”

Hearing her words, the young ascot-cap wearing boy looked at her and said nervously, “Well, um... I figured that um... you know... while we’re here watching the movie with Tristan, Yumiko, and Kevin’s parents watching too, we might want to... um... keep things more respectful.”

Upon hearing his response, Adele could hear the nervousness in Jace’s voice, a sign that he was trying to keep his cool with her, and she let out a slight giggle.

“What’s so funny?” he asked perplexed by her laughter.

“Nothing,” she replied rather coy. “I just find it funny when you sound like you don’t know what to say.”

Suddenly, once she realized what she was saying to him, Adele retreated into her mind and thought, What? What am I saying? When did I start suddenly saying the first thing that comes to mind? He must think I sound like a nerd now.

But rather than be puzzled by her response, Jace showed a smile and said playfully, “Well, I find it kinda funny and cute, when you look like you’re daydreaming like you were just a minute ago.”

Feeling embarrassed that she her mind drifted like it did, the young girl lightened up and said, “You got me there. Looks like we both have our embarrassing moments huh?”

“Agreed,” he replied.

As the movie drew closer to it’s end and the final battle neared it’s conclusion, Jace began to notice his hand slowly moving closer towards Adele’s lonely hand, and without really realizing that it was happening, the boy allowed his hand to gently take a hold of hers, sending Adele’s heart off the deep end.

Oh my, it’s actually happening, she thought as she could now feel the texture of his hand touching against her own. His hand is so warm and soft. Should I pull away? No way, you know you don’t want to. But maybe things are going to fast. What do I do?

Finally putting thought aside, Adele allowed herself to let the feeling of Jace’s hand in hers be taken as a good thing, and locked her hand around his to let him know she was okay with it.

Suddenly newfound emotions began to stir inside the two teens as they now were experiencing a new way of getting to know each other. While both were not quite sure what was these new emotions were that they were feeling inside, all the two could think about was the warm comfort of feeling the other’s hand in their own, and were not prepared to let it end.

But before both could revel too much into this new rush they were feeling, the movie had come to an end, giving way to more laughing than before with the blooper reel.

As the film played it’s final scenes, Adele and Jace looked at each other with a darker blush showing on their faces, that only was heightened more when Yumiko turned the lights on. Everyone in the room, including Mr. and Mrs. Stern couldn’t help but snicker and laugh under their breath, seeing how cute both of them looked sharing such an intimate moment for kids so young.

“It’s just like I said,” said Mrs. Stern. “You’re never too young.”

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