Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 8

“Alright everybody, intermission time!” proclaimed Kevin. “Anybody wants to use the restroom or get something to eat, better do so now so we can get the second movie started.”

With those relieving words everybody slowly got up to take a needed break, with Oliver and Katie choosing to go and get something to eat, Yumiko and Tristan visiting the restroom, and the others remaining in the family room stretching and getting set to enjoy the second movie of the double feature.

After a quick stretch, Jace got up and said to Adele, “Um... I’m gonna... go get something to drink. You want me to get you anything?”

“Oh, um... nothing for me,” she replied now appearing a little more flustered than before. “Um... mind if I join you in the kitchen?”

Caught a little off guard by her request, Jace said in an equally flustered manner, “Sure! I mean... um... if you want.”

As he reached for the sink handle to fill his glass of water, the young teen said, “Wasn’t that a good movie? I definitely loved the action and drama of the sword battle.”

“It was actually pretty good,” said Adele with sincerity. “I wish I could remember more of the ending though.”

“Oh really?” he asked. “Was it more of a boring ending?”

Twirling her fingers round and round, Adele said, “No it wasn’t that. I guess kinda had other things on my mind at the time.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jace asked slightly confused. Just then, the boy suddenly had an insight and said in a slightly broken fashion, “Oh... y-you mean... when we were...”

Adele simply nodded her head acknowledging his thought as correct. Then in one foul swoop, they both began to understand more about that feeling they were having both during dinner and during the end of the movie. Was it in fact a true connection developing between both of them?

Before anything more could be said to revel in the moment longer, Yumiko ran in the room and said, “Time for the second movie you two! Come on out before Oliver and Katie steal your guys’ spot.” Noticing what appeared to be a potentially romantic moment taking place, the youngest of the Stern children said, “Oops, um... I hope I didn’t interrupt something.”

“Oh, uh... no, it’s okay,” said Adele trying to regain her composure. “We’ll be there in a minute.”

Preparing to leave the room, Adele turned around and headed for the family room, when Jace opened his mouth and said almost instinctively, “Um... Adele...”

“Yeah?” she replied turning to him. “What’s up?”

“Um...” he stammered. “It’s nothing, I’ll tell you later.”

Feeling slightly confused, Adele wondered what could Jace was planning to say to her that couldn’t be said then and there. But the girl quickly got over it as both returned back to their spot to prepare for the second movie.

Knowing what type of content Along Came Polly would have featured in it, Jace warned everyone including Mr. and Mrs. Stern once again, and asked if they would keep charge of the remote during the movie. Both agreed to do so, having already seen the movie before, thereby knowing what to expect.

Finally, without any further waiting, Mr. Stern started up the movie and everyone became caught up with immediate laughter watching Ben Stiller’s comedic friend fall on the dance floor. The scene even proved too much for Tristan to resist rolling around on the floor hearing the “thud” of the fall.

“Sounds like somebody here likes to laugh at falls a little too much,” said Mrs. Stern amazed at the spectacle of her son laughing uncontrollably.

After Tristan finally calmed down, everyone became more enthralled at the movie’s story of Ben Stiller’s journey to find love and build a new relationship.

It was at that moment dejâ-vü took place once more, and Jace decided to try and initiate a romantic moment with Adele once again. Only this time, instead of simply taking hold of her hand, he slowly began to lift his arm to place around her. While he knew what he was doing was 100% cliché, the boy didn’t appear as if he cared, and upon feeling the softness of her red sweater covering her shoulder, Jace’s nerves began to hit an all-time high.

On the other side, feeling the gentle touch of Jace’s hand grazing her shoulder, Adele also felt a weird combination of both ecstasy and nervousness, knowing that for the first time, a boy had begun to show genuine interest in her. And while she still felt slightly uncertain about these feelings developing inside of her, the blonde girl allowed herself to give in once again and rested her head of Jace’s shoulder for comfort, remaining that way for the rest of the movie.

Looking on at the moment unfolding across the room, as well as the sight of Kevin holding Maya in his arms and placing a kiss on her forehead, Oliver felt the time was now to try and make a move with Katie. But before he could even attempt to do so, the new girl reached for his hand and looked in his eyes with a smile on her face that seemed more for sure rather than nervous. Smiling back at her, the youngest Della Robbia child gently wrapped his hand over hers and the two continued to watch the romance unfold between Jennifer Anniston and Ben Stiller.

Amazed at the sight of two potential new couples taking shape, and watching their son enjoy the movie with Maya, Mr. and Mrs. Stern couldn’t help but feel a shot of nostalgia hit them reflecting back to when they first professed their love for each other a few days after the evil virus known as XANA was destroyed.

From the corner of his eye, Jace glanced over at the Stern parents and noticed an odd looking charm hanging from Mrs. Stern’s neck, that appeared to bear an eye-shaped symbol. Not wanting to make anymore movement to stir Adele from the state of peace she was in, he didn’t think any further on the charm, and continued to watch the movie with the blonde girl resting on his arm, hand cupped with his.

And almost like it was clockwork, the movie had come to an end, which stirred everyone who may have been sleeping awake.

As the lights came back on again, Jace looked down at Adele sleeping peacefully and said in a whisper, “Hey Adele, time to wake up. The movie’s over.”

“Mm-mm, just five more minutes,” she said wanting to continue resting on his shoulder. But alas, sleep would elude her temporarily as Jace gently lifted her head to wake her up to get ready to head home.

After collecting all their things, and cleaning up the family room the best they could, everyone prepared to bid the Stern family farewell, but not before providing a big thank you for allowing them to have their party night at their home.

“You’re more than welcome,” said Mr. Stern holding Mrs. Stern close. “You kids remind us so much of when we were your age and enjoyed hanging out together a lot.”

“We’re just glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves,” added Mrs. Stern.

And so, with one final note of gratitude, everyone but their own children headed on their way to their respective homes.

Noticing that she was not walking with them, Adele turned around to ask her sister if she was coming with them, only to see her sharing a small makeout session with Kevin, and quickly disregarded her question.

“It’s probably best we just leave them alone,” said Jace trying to exercise discretion. “Come on Adele, I’ll walk you home.”

Suddenly, it began to happen again, Adele’s and Jace’s hearts both began fluttering uncontrollably, which would only increase as he took hold of her hand once more to keep her close from the dangers of the night.

Finally, after about nearly nine blocks of walking, the two teens arrived at the Belpois home, which appeared to still have the lights on in anticipation of Maya and Adele’s return.

As they walked up the steps to her door, Jace felt as if there was a voice inside of him telling him to take a chance and perhaps ask Adele out for lunch together, just her and him. Unbeknownst to her, this was the exact thought Jace had in mind when they were back at the Stern home and were in the kitchen alone. If ever there were a time to try and ask her, now was as perfect a time as any.

Trying not to simply say good night right off the bat, the boy said, “Sure was a fun night, huh?”

“It was,” she replied smiling. “Definitely a great way to start the weekend, especially after all the work we had to do in classes.”

“You said it,” he added reflecting on the homework he had yet to start on.

It was at that moment after a three second pause that Adele recalled Jace’s cut-off statement in the Stern’s kitchen and asked, “By the way, you mentioned telling me something later when we were at Yumiko’s place; what was it you wanted to say?”

Now was the moment of truth. Would he do it? Would he have the courage to ask her out, even though he feared she would maybe say no?

“Oh yeah, that’s right,” he said hesitantly. “Well... I was wondering... if... if maybe you would... like to um... perhaps... go out for a bite to eat sometime? Maybe, sometime in the next week?”

Adele was almost tempted to pinch herself to see if she was in fact dreaming. For the very first time, a boy had asked her out on a date, a sign that she was in fact being seen as someone special in the eyes of a boy she might like.

Trying to not become overwhelmed with emotion, Adele answered saying, “Um... well I... I’d uh... yeah, sure... I’d love to.”

With a smile appearing on his face in a bigger fashion, Jace said, “Great! Sounds like a plan. How about sometime next weekend, say around 3PM at Le Pizza Magnifique?”

“That sounds great,” she said still trying to accept the fact that what was happening was real. “That’s one of my favorite places.”

“Awesome!” he replied. Then came a set of words Adele, and even Jace never would have expected they’d hear said, “It’s a date.”

With plans set in place, both the kids’ nerves finally began to disappear and reveled in the fact that they would soon experience a new moment together that would eclipse what had happened earlier that night, the first date.

Finally, after getting her phone number and exchanging his number with her, Jace prepared to bid Adele good night, but not before placing a gentle kiss on her soft cheek.

“See you Monday,” he said as he began to walk backwards down the steps of her home.

“See you then, and get home safely,” replied Adele as she slowly closed her front door. It wasn’t until the door clicked shut, that the young blonde teen leaned against her front door and slowly moved downward to sit on the floor, letting out a sigh of sweet bliss, knowing that she not only just got asked out on a date, but even received a kiss from Jace at the same time.

Feeling her phone vibrate, Adele noticed a text come in that she would leave on her phone screen for the remainder of the night as she slept, “Had a great time with you tonight Adele. Am excited to get to know you better. See you on Monday, will save you a seat... :)”

As she lay in bed, the girl looked up to Heaven above and simply said, “Thank you Father. Thank you,” and she finally let the even sweeter bliss of sleep claim her in it’s warm embrace, knowing that this was only just the beginning of something special.

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