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The Stranger Next Door

By Genie Bowdoin

Drama / Action

Falling for Strangers

She was curled up on her sofa with the TV playing an old episode of Castle she's seen a million times. Tonight her focus was on the chapters she was supposed to have read weeks ago.  Usually it was hard to concentrate at home because her neighbors were so loud.  Someone was smiling down on her tonight so she took the opportunity to study.

Everything was going great until there was a knock at her door.  She looked at the clock 11:15 p.m.  Then she looked her phone thinking she'd missed a message from one of her friends saying they were coming over.  As she stood up there was another knock.

When she looked through the peep hole she gasped a little.  It was her next door neighbor and constant pain in her ass.  She took a deep breath and armed herself with attitude as she opened her door.  "What do you want?"

His dark eyes burned into her as he smiled.  "Hi neighbor."

She huffed and tried to close her door.  "Go away.  I'm very busy right now."

He chuckled as he wedged his foot between the door and the frame, he also placed his palm on it to hold it open.  "Are you alone?"

Andy couldn't believe this guy, she looked back into her apartment then at him.  "Nope."  There was something very dangerous and very sexy about him.  "No I'm not."

He licked his lips as he watched her.  "You're lying."  Andy's mouth dropped open and he tapped on the wall.  "Are you forgetting how thin the walls are?"

She scoffed and pulled the door closed, blocking his view.  "How can I when you are constantly reminding me with every tramp you bring home?"

His face turned dark and serious.  "It's not what you think."

She could feel her cheeks flush as she tried to lie.  "What makes you think I would even care?"

All she could think now was HAVE HIS EYES ALWAYS BEEN THAT DARK? He pushed the door open a little and she didn't fight him.  His eyes roamed over her barely dressed body.  She’d forgotten she was in boy shorts and a skimpy tank top.

She was embarrassed at the desire he so blatantly showed for her.  "Stop looking at me like that."

He smiled a little and took a step closer.  "If I thought it really bothered you I would."

She tried to close the door and again he stopped her.  "Go away Sam."

His voice dropped to a tone she'd never heard before.  "Invite me in Andy."

"No." She said but he could see her resolve breaking.

"Let me in and I will give you what I know you want."  He said huskily as he leaned in close.

A shiver ran through her and her nipples hardened at the mere suggestion.  "What makes you think I want you?"  A little more breathlessly than she meant to.

He pushed her door open more and growled as she stepped back.  "I told you, the walls are thin."  She looked confused as he kicked the door closed and walked towards her.  "I've heard you."  She tried to play innocent.  "In the shower, in your bed, calling my name."

Andy's heart nearly stopped and she whispered.  "You…you’re lying."

She stopped when the back of her legs hit her coffee table.  She wavered and he took her by her arms.  "Am I?"  His voice was low and dangerous.  "Do you want me to tell you how sexy I think you sound when you whimper my name?"

She shivered under his touch.  "I...I don't..."

He cupped her face and leaned in to whisper in her ear.  "I see you in my dreams too." He could feel her hard nipples against his chest.  "I want you too."  He nibbled on her earlobe.  "Just give in."

She let out a breathy laugh as she pushed on his chest.  "You are so cocky."

That's when she saw him, what might be the real him.  "I've been watching you for months.  I know you've been watching me."  He took her hand and slowly moved it down to cup himself.  She gasped at his arousal.  "This is what you do to me."  He growled quietly.  "I know you want me too."

It was true, she had never wanted a man as much as she wanted this dark stranger.  She squeezed him a little more as she pulled him into a kiss.

He groaned as her perfect body collided hard against him.  They stayed locked in a passionate kiss until the need for air was great.  He tore his lips away and kissed her neck.  "Oh god!"  She moaned as he gently sucked on her pulse point.

"So beautiful."  He mumbled against her skin.

Andy shoved his jacket off and her hands wandered over the magnificent shoulders and chest she'd been staring at for the last 8 months.

The fog of lust lifted for a second and she gently pushed on him.  "Sam.  Sam."

He looked up and saw the nervousness.  "What's wrong?"  She turned even shyer than he had ever seen her.  "Talk to me."  He said as he softly caressed her cheek.

"I umm...I've..."  She closed her eyes and her cheeks turned red.  "I don't have a lot of experience."  She rushed out in one breath.

"Open your eyes Andy."  He smiled as she shook her head.  "Please?"  He brushed his lips softly across hers.  "Look at me."

She opened them slowly and found him smiling.  "Do you want me to leave?"  She looked so innocent as she shook her head.  "Are you sure?  I know I pushed my way in here but I would never..."

"Don't go."  She said quietly.  "I don't...want..."  She fisted his shirt.  “Stay."

He could tell she was flustered.  "Shh."  He kissed her slowly until he felt her calm.  "I won't go anywhere and I won’t hurt you."

She smiled sweetly before she pressed her lips to his.  "God Sam."  She kissed and sucked on his neck.  "I've been dreaming about this for months."

He held her body against his as she continued to kiss him.  He'd never felt anything like this with anyone else and he wasn't exactly being smart right now.  He was supposed to be focused on his mission but he was human for god’s sake.  Seven months living next door to her and seven months without any real one on one human contact. 

"Me too."  He couldn't let her think she was alone.

He'd finally mustered the courage after a few drinks.  He was by no means drunk or even buzzed.  He'd had just enough to calm his nerves and he decided to pay his beautiful neighbor a visit.

Andy roughly tugged his shirt off.  "Too many clothes."

He chuckled as he raised his arms, missing the contact until he pulled her tank off and their bare skin touched he growled.  "Jesus Andy."

He had never seen or felt a more perfect pair of breasts.  Andy pressed herself more against him. "Your hands feel amazing Sam."  He gently kneaded her breasts as she pushed into him more.

His hands slid into the back of her underwear and she mewled when he squeezed gently.  Every inch of her skin felt like silk.  She was softer and warmer than anyone he had ever touched.

Her hands slid down his chest and into his jeans.  The first thing she ever noticed about him was how perfectly his ass filled them out, filled out everything he wore.  The first time she ever touched herself thinking about him was when he was out washing his truck, shirtless and in a pair of shorts.

She pushed his jeans down and gasped when she saw his significant size.  "Oh god."

He slid her shorts off and marveled at how beautiful she was.  "Tell me what you want Andy."

He'd give her anything, all or nothing, whatever she wanted.  Andy looked into his eyes and saw the same need that she felt.

They kissed deeply as their hands wandered slowly over each other's bodies.  "I want all of you."

He cupped her ass and lifted her up.  Andy wrapped her legs around his hips and arms around his neck.  He knew where her bedroom was because his shared a wall with hers.

They kissed as he carried her back to her bed.  He lay her gently down and smiled at her giggle.  He took a step towards the door because he’d forgotten something very important in his jeans.

Andy whimpered when he didn't join her.  "Shh."  He knelt beside her and kissed her.  "I need to get something."  Andy pointed to her bedside table and he nodded.  “Ok.”  He was surprised to find the box had never been opened, surprised and happy.

He could tell she wanted to explain but he didn't give her a chance, plunging his tongue into her mouth as he lay on top of her.

Andy melted under him.  Sure she was inexperienced but a man had never made her feel the way he did.  Her body responded to him like they'd been lovers for years.

He kissed his way down her neck to her breasts.  "So perfect."  He murmured as he took her right nipple in his mouth.  She tasted so sweet, like nothing he'd ever experienced before.

"Shit Sam."  Her body arched into him as she pushed his head against her.  He lips and tongue felt amazing.  She was sure if he kept it up she could cum just from that.

His free hand slowly moved down her body as his lips switched to her left nipple.  He parted her gently and she cried out as his calloused fingers gently manipulated her swollen nerve bundle.  "Oh god!  Sam!"  She cried and he groaned as he became harder, if that was even possible.

Her lips hovered over his ear as she whimpered and moaned.  His talented fingers slowly slid inside her and she bit down on his shoulder.  "Fuck Andy."  She was driving him crazy between her cries of pleasure and the feeling of her against him.

She fisted his hair.  "I...I'm going"

It was as if she was embarrassed to say it so he whispered.  "What sweetheart?  What are you going to do?"

He pushed his finger in a little deeper and applied a little more pressure as she squealed.  "Cum.  I'm going to cum Sam."

He had a feeling she'd never talked like this before and he found it incredibly sexy.  "Do it."  He said huskily.  His fingers moved faster and deeper, pressure on her throbbing bundle.  "You're so wet and tight and Jesus you're so beautiful."  He felt her clenching hard and then she bucked.  "That's it beautiful."

He kissed her hard as her body shuddered through her orgasm, watching her as sheer ecstasy took over.  He'd definitely never seen a more beautiful sight.  She fell back into the bed and he held her, peppering her face with soft kisses.

When she could breathe again she smiled shyly at him.  "Wow."  His dimples flashed back as she covered herself.  "Oh my god."

He wondered briefly if she was going to kick him out because she was just realizing what had happened.  "Are you ok?"  He asked quietly.

She finally had her breathing under control when she nodded.  "Yeah. I'm great."  She was blushing again.  She could feel him twitch against her leg and she gasped a little.

"Sorry."  He tried to move but she wrapped her legs around him, holding him in place.

She bit her lip shyly.  "You feel amazing."  She moved so he slid across her wetness.

Sam hissed and groaned.  "Damn sweetheart."

Andy pulled him down so she could kiss him.  "I want you Sam.  Inside me."

He plunged his tongue into her mouth, swallowing up her moans.  He pressed himself against her and they both moaned.

He pulled away and she whimpered.  "Shh.  I'm just getting..."  She held up the condom wrapper and he nodded.  She chewed on her lip as he watched her tear it open.  He smiled as she gently pushed on his chest and he moved back.  "Oh god!"  He groaned as she slowly stroked him before rolling it down his shaft.

He repositioned himself over her and kissed her softly as he entered her.  Her squeal escaped and she clawed at his back.  "Sam!"

He thought maybe he should stop until her heels dug into his ass and pulled him in even closer.  There was no going back.  Andy had very little experience with men but she knew from this moment on that no one would ever satisfy her like Sam.  She barely knew him but the way their bodies fit together it felt like she belonged with him, to him.

"My god Sam!"  She said through panted breathing.  " feel so good."

He groaned and bottomed out harder making her dig her nails into his back.  He would gladly take those scars.  "You're so tight Andy.  Jesus."  He thrust slow and deep.  "So fucking good."

She knew the walls were thin but she couldn't hold back her cries of pleasure.  She didn't care if the whole world heard her.  Sam didn't care either as he let out strings of curse words and compliments as their bodies moved together.  He'd been with a few women but none responded to him the way she did.

He held on as long as he could dragging one more orgasm out of her before he lost control.  Andy could feel him shaking.  "Let go for me Sam."

Her voice ripped him apart, her pleading and he grunted hard as he shoved himself deep inside her.  "Fuck Andy!"

She held him tightly and kissed him as she felt every bit of his release.  He kissed her passionately as he collapsed on her.  He'd never felt more satisfied in his life.

Andy's sigh was almost sing song.  "You're so amazing."

He chuckled as he raised his head.  "You're pretty amazing too."  She blushed furiously and he kissed her.  "I mean it."

He reluctantly pulled out of her and kissed her before sliding out of her bed and going to her bathroom. He flushed the condom down the toilet and went back to join her on the bed.

Andy shamelessly admired his perfect body as he walked back in.  He smiled and winked as he crawled back in beside her.  "See something you like?"

She giggled and turned red but nodded.  "Yeah."

He kissed the top of her head as she cuddled up to him.  "Me too."

He wrapped an arm tightly around her as she rested her head on his chest.  "Sam?"

"Hmm?"  He rumbled as he played with her hair.

She smiled into his chest.  "I'm glad you knocked on my door tonight."

He sighed happily as he kissed her temple.  "Me too."

After sleeping for a bit she woke him up for another round.  She may have been inexperienced but being with her was more fantastic than he imagined.

When she woke the next morning she thought it had all been a dream.  She made her way into her kitchen and smiled when she saw the purple tulip in a glass.  She bounced over to it and there was a note too, one word scrawled across the paper.  AMAZING

Sam's plans for another night with Andy were derailed when he went to work.  He was informed that they had to take a trip out of town.  He didn't even have time to go home and get anything.  He also didn't have her number.  What he thought was a day trip turned into four days and he could only imagine what she must be thinking.

Andy came home from school and listened for his arrival.  When midnight came and she hadn't heard anything she was disappointed.  One day of no Sam turned into four and she was feeling foolish.

Four days later he trudged up the stairs to his apartment and stopped at her door.  It was too early for her to be home so he went into his place and took a much needed shower.  He knew he had a few hours before she would be home so he decided to take a nap with hopes she'd give him a chance to explain.

Andy came home at her usual time and found her apartment door open.  The building was old and the locks were crappy so she hoped that was all it was.  She stepped into her apartment slowly and there was a man shoving her laptop and iPod in to a bag.

She knew it was stupid but couldn't stop herself.  "Hey!  Put that back!"

The guy rushed passed her and when she tried to grab his bag he back handed her.  She screamed as she crashed into her table and fell to the floor.

Sam bolted off his sofa and out his door.  He saw a guy running down the hall then the stairs.  "Hey!"  That's when he saw her door open and ran in.  She was sitting on the floor holding her face when he dropped down beside her.  "Andy are you ok?"

She flinched before she realized it was him.  "Sam?"

She looked up into his deep brown eyes.  "It's me.  You're ok."  He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed 911.  "Yes.  I want to report a home invasion at 874 Apartment 2B Lakeshore."  He checked her face out.  "You probably should send an ambulance just in case."  He made an ice pack for her and helped her onto the sofa.  "Are you sure you're ok?"

She nodded as he held the ice pack to her cheek.  "I'm ok."

There was a knock at her door followed by.  "Police."

"Come in."  Andy said.

Part of Sam hoped it wasn't anyone he knew while the other part hoped it was, the part that knew one of his friends would find the guy.  He smiled a little when Oliver Shaw walked through the door, a very obvious rookie in tow.  "Are you the one who called about a home invasion?"  Andy nodded so he sat beside her.  "What's your name ma'am?"

"Andy.  Andy Price."  She replied.

Oliver looked to Sam, trying to hide a smile.  "And you are?"

He glared as he said.  "Sam."

"Sam...?"  He raised an eyebrow.

He was going to kick Oliver's ass when he got back.  "Sam her neighbor.  I heard her scream and came over to see if she was ok."

He nodded like he didn't believe him.  "Ok.  Andy, can you tell me what happened?"

She held on tightly to Sam as she nodded.  "I just came home from work and found my door open.  The locks are kind of crappy so sometimes that happens."  Sam nodded in agreement.  "I walked in carefully just in case."  She pointed to her desk.  "He was over there putting my laptop and my iPod in a black bag."

Oliver made notes as they talked.  "Did you see his face?"

Andy shook her head.  "He had on a mask but I could see his hands.  He was white, maybe 6' 2", medium build."

Oliver smiled and patted her shoulder.  "Ok.  That's good."  He looked to Sam.  "You said you ran out to see if she was ok?"  Sam nodded.  "Did you see anything that might help?"

He couldn't help but go into cop mode.  "He was definitely around 6' 2".  He'd pulled his mask off by the time I saw him.  He had brown shaggy hair, a beard and a tattoo on his neck."  He pointed to the spot. "It was a crow, just the head."

Oliver smirked and shook his head and Andy groaned.  "Do you guys think you'll be able to find him?  I really need my laptop back.  I have a big project for University on there.  It's due next week and...and it's a big part of my grade."

Oliver felt for the girl.  "Most likely he will pawn it in the next 24 hours or so.  Of course unless you're involved in some top secret ring and it holds the keys to it all."

Andy giggled and Sam knew that's what Oliver was trying to accomplish.  "No sir.  Just an innocent college girl trying to pass Criminology."

That surprised both men.  “Ok.”  Oliver nodded.  "Good luck with that."  He looked around.  "Maybe you could get someone to put better locks on your door.  I know if it were my girls I'd want to know they were safe."  He gave her a card with the report number and his cell.  "Call if you remember anything else or have any questions."

"Thank you Officer Shaw.  I will."  She smiled.

Oliver headed for the door and Sam stood up to follow.  "I'll be right back."  She nodded and sat back on her sofa.  He stepped out the door and was greeted with Oliver's shit eating smile.  "Shut up."

He chuckled as he shrugged.  "Don't know what you're talking about brother."

Sam rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.  "Do you think you'll be able to find the guy?"

Oliver thought for a moment then nodded.  "More than likely.  The rookie and I will hit all the closest pawn shops and get the word out."  He looked back at Andy's door.  "You really should get her some better locks."

He didn't try to argue with his best friend.  "It'll be taken care of."

Oliver clapped him on the back.  "Good to see you brother.  Stay safe."

He left Sam standing in the hall.  Sam could hear her moving around so he went back in to see what she was doing.  He found her trying to stand her table back up.  "Hey!"  He rushed over.  "Let me get that."

"Thank you."  She said quietly as she walked back over to her sofa.  "I'm ok.  You don't have to stay.  I'm sure you've got...things to do."

He sat beside her and pulled the ice pack away.  "You're going to have a shiner."  He tried to brush her hair back and she pulled away.  "Andy..."

She smiled sadly at him.  "It's ok Sam.  I get it.  It was what it was."

He smiled at her trying to be nonchalant.  "I had to go out of town for work at the last minute."  He kissed her cheek softly.  "Somehow I didn't get your number and I didn't have time to come home and leave you a note."  She smiled a little and he caressed her cheek.  "That's what I like to see."

"Thank you for coming over here."  She leaned into him.

He wrapped his arms around her.  "Had to make sure you were ok."  He kissed her temple.  "Are you sure it's just your eye?"

Andy looked up at him with her big brown eyes and nodded.  "I'm ok."

He cupped her face and kissed her deeply.  "Good."

They spent a while on her sofa then he went to the hardware store to get a few things for her door.  She surprised him with dinner to say thank you.  Her laptop was returned a few days later and her project was on time.  They began spending more and more time together and when he would disappear for work she wouldn't ask anything.  He really wanted to tell her everything but she was safer if he waited until it was over.

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