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thin mints | taekook


In which Taehyung asks Jungkook, a total stranger, if he'd buy Girl Scout Cookies from his sister. ONESHOT

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Chapter 1

Hey guys! This is my first one-shot, let alone work in general! It’s really short, but I hope you enjoy!

Taehyung eyed the Girl Scout Cookie order form which he had currently folded up in his hands. His sister had given it to him to sell cookies to his friends for her, and sure enough, they did. Props to her for targeting the broke college kids with no self control.

Currently, the 23-year-old was seated at a two person table in some random cafe near his campus. It was packed with people on laptops and the order line was long, kids waiting out the door for a spot to clear up.

“Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?” asked a young looking boy to Taehyung, gesturing towards the empty chair across from him. Confused, Taehyung took a look around the cafe. Almost every seat was taken, so this boy had a reason for wanting to sit with him.

“No, go ahead.” he replied. His voice wavered at the end of his sentence when he actually looked up and locked eyes with the stranger across from him.


He was... beautiful.

The stranger looked about 20, quite young. He had brown hair and wore ripped skinny jeans and off-brand Doc Martens, along with a simple black t-shirt and a long, black coat over it all. His eyes were big and round and his cheeks were flushed from being outside in the cold. His lips were thin and his nose was sloped and looked like a bunny’s. Pretty.

However, since Taehyung had the social skills of partially spoiled milk, he didn’t dare make a move or flirt with the beautiful stranger. But god, did he want to say something.

So once the boy sat down in the chair across from him and opened up his laptop, Taehyung cleared his throat, gaining the attention from the younger-looking one.

“Would you like to buy Girl Scout Cookies?” Way to go, Taehyung, he thought. Smooth.

“I’m sorry, what?” questioned the other, taking out an airpod that Taehyung had only just noticed he had in.

Too late to back down, now.

“My little sister’s selling Girl Scout Cookies. Would you like to buy some?” he repeated, know all too well that this cute boy would probably get up and move to someone else’s table.

“How much?” the boy asked instead. Taehyung was taken aback that he seemed interested. He doubted the boy would be interested if he learned that the box prices had risen.

“...Five dollars?” he mumbled.

“FUCK yeah I want some!” cheered the boy. Okay, this is not working out like how I expected it would, thought Taehyung. But nevertheless, he was happy to get another order for his sister, and happy to be talking to a cute boy. So he slid the cookie order form across the table to the boy.

He scribbled his order information down onto it, then slid it right back to Taehyung and got logged into his laptop. Neither of them said a word as Taehyung shoved it into his pocket.

Twenty minutes passed, and soon Taehyung had to leave the cramped cafe to get to his next class on photography, one he had just signed up for.

“Thanks for buying cookies!” he exclaimed happily to the stranger who was still on his laptop across the table. The boy looked up and smiled, “Seriously, do you know how hard it is to find those these days? Thank you for having that with you!” They both laughed at that as Taehyung zipped up his backpack and out one strap on his shoulder. “But yeah, any time. See you around, hopefully!” the boy continued, waving bye to Taehyung, who waved back and made his way out the door of the cafe, the stranger’s gorgeous features implanted into his memory.

A curious thought struck him; the boy must’ve put his name and phone number on the order form, right? Then he could have his number!

So Taehyung pulled the Girl Scout Cookie order form out of his pocket and glanced at the last name listed:

Name: Jeon Jeongguk

Phone Number: (xxx)-xxx-xxxx

Address: XXXXXX (idk how apartment addresses are formatted)

10 boxes of Thin Mints™

Total: $50.00

Taehyung’s eyes widened when he looked at the boy-Jeon Jeongguk’s - order information. $50? Who would spend $50 on Girl Scout Cookies? But at least it added to his sister’s sales, and to Taehyung’s empty contact pulled up on his phone.

He dialed the number now typed into his new contact to make sure it was right.





“Hey! This is Taehyung, the guy you met in that cafe literally a few minutes ago. Wanna meet up sometime?” he asked, heart racing. Would it be weird if he asked Jeongguk out on a date? He practically stole his contact information... did that mean Jeongguk had no interest in him? Then again, it’d be a little strange giving a stranger your number-

“Really? That’d be great!” the voice on the other end squeaked.

Taehyung’s intantly felt relieved and smiled to himself, then folded the cookie order form back into his pocket as he walked off happily, talking to the pretty boy he had just met, Jeon Jeongguk.

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