Slender Blind

Getting Trevor Out

The nurse walks out of the cafeteria with a cup of coffee and heads back to the front desk. Setting the cup down, she plops into her seat and begins clacking away at the computer. It is so quiet and boring. "Why'd I have to be stuck with the night shift?" she mumbles to herself.

"Excuse me?"

The nurse starts, not expecting anyone this late. "Can I help you?" she asks.

Kevin steps forward. "I'm here to see my friend," he says.

"I'm sorry, but visiting hours are over. You can come back tomorrow at eight."

Shadows shift behind Kevin. The nurse blinks, but before she can think twice about it, her computer gets static-y. "What the heck?" She taps a couple keys on the keyboard, but the screen remains a black and white humming blizzard.

"Can you at least tell me what his room number is," Kevin continues, "so I can go straight there tomorrow? His name's Trevor King."

She looks up from her computer screen at him. "I remember you. You came in earlier today with that group to see him. Let's see..." She taps a couple of keys, but the screen does not change. She growls and squeezes her eyes shut as she tries to remember. "I believe his room's, uh...third 314."

"Thanks." Kevin turns and walks away. The shadows shift again - at the same time her computer goes back to normal.

"That's odd," she mutters. She takes a look at her coffee, then dumps the cup in the trash can.

Victor lets go of James when they appear in front of Trevor's room, and the shadows surrounding them vanish. "My head," Victor moans, bracing himself against the wall and rubbing his temples until his headache is gone.

"Trevor?" James softly calls out, ignoring the pounding pressure in his head from the computer downstairs.

"James?" he answers. "Are you here?"

The said Slender pokes his head through the open door to room 314. "Trevor!" He strides into the room and next to the young man. "How are you feeling?"


"Really?" James asks.

"Well, yeah. There's nothing to do around here except sleep or stare at the wall, and one of those things I can't even do." He makes a face.

If James had a face, he would be holding back a grin. "Trevor, we have to get you out of here."

"And miss the delicious food they have here?" He waves a hand to the table next to him, which has some sort of pale sorbet-substitute, prune juice, and mystery meat.

Victor heads to the window and looks down. "James," he says, "if we're gonna do this, we gotta do it quick." He turns away from the window. "They're here."

"Who's here?" Trevor asks.

James tells his friend, "The Black Circle. They're coming to kill you."


They hear footsteps hurrying down the hall. Victor stretches a hand out to James, and they both vanish into the shadows. A doctor sticks his head in, looking around curiously. "Is everything alright in here?" he asks.

"Uh, yeah," Trevor says.

"I thought I heard voices."

"Uh, there anyone else in this room?" Normally, he would tell himself that was a stupid question - this time, he wonders if the doctor is stupid or if the Slenders are in fact gone.

The doctor sputters, "W-Well, no, b-but I was sure I heard something coming from here." He gasps. "What was that?"

"What was what?" Trevor wishes he could see what is going on. What happened to James and Victor? Did they leave without him? What the heck is the doctor talking about?

"There it is again," the doctor whines. "The cold hand."

"Er...'kay?" Cuckoo.

"Don't you feel those icy fingers curling around you?"

"No. Wait," Trevor says. A smirk grows on his face as he realizes, "Is this supposed to be like one of those visits from death things, where there's cold air or something and everyone thinks it's a ghost or some sort of thing foreshadowing something ominous?"

"I hope not. No! Not my neck!" The doctor runs out of the room.

Victor and James snicker as they fade back into view (not that Trevor knows). "That was fun," James says.

"Was that you two?" Trevor says.

Victor says, "James is the one who did the cold hand. I just hid us in the shadows."

"Cool." The blind boy smiles.

"I do that kind of thing a lot whenever people come into my forest at night," James explains. "But enough about that. We need to go now."

Before one of James' elongated limbs can reach him, Trevor says, "Can I change first? As much as I look good in this hospital gown, I prefer my own clothes."

James drops the bag of clothes in Trevor's lap. "Hurry. Victor and I will be outside in the hallway if you need us."

When Trevor hears the last of their footsteps exit the room, he tears open the bag and dresses himself in record time for a blind boy. "I'm ready," he calls out. "But I need to find my stick first."

"Here," James says, thrusting the stick into Trevor's groping hand. James wraps an arm around Trevor and reaches another limb out to Victor, and upon contact, the three of them teleport to where the others are hiding behind the hospital.

"The Black Circle's here!" Kevin blurts out as soon as he sees the three of them.

"Yeah, we know," Victor says. "We saw them pull up in front."

"Guys," Jenna interrupts, "we need to figure out a place to hide. If those guys come around, they'll spot us."

"I know a place," Lily offers.

"Where is it?" James asks, wrapping more arms around the humans.

"It's on Elm Street."

"That's where you and your sister lived, isn't it?" Victor says.

She nods.

In a blink, they all arrive on Elm Street. Other than the streetlights, it is completely dark. All the houses have cars in the driveway or parked in the garage. But one house has a black car in front of it.

"Huh?" Lily walks up to that house. "My parents never had a black car."

"Uh oh," Jenna says. She points to something on the front of the car. "Look at that." Everyone gathers around.

In place of a license plate, someone scratched in a circle with an X.

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