Slender Blind

The Slender Four

Peter and his family wait outside in their backyard for someone to pick them up, as Peter and Lily arranged via text. He can hardly believe it. The Slender Man! The very same person he met as a little boy! Part of him is eager to see the tall guy again, part of him is scared - after all, he knows all too well about the myth and stories.

"Peter?" calls out a voice from behind. He jumps and turns around. He does not recognize this Slender, with his long, black jacket and red shirt.

Oh, wait. Lily said another Slender was coming. "Are you Victor?" Peter asks.

He nods. "I am. Are you all ready to go?"

"Uh..." Peter glances back: his parents look pale and stiff, and his little brother is staring with his mouth wide open and bug-eyes. "I guess so."

"Very well." Victor wraps his arms around the family and draws them closer before he teleports back to the others.

"Peter!" the rest of the Slender Four cry, rushing forward to hug their friend.

Victor lets the family go, and the parents (spotting Lily's and Tommy's parents) shuffle over to talk about how on earth the Slenders are real and what this means for the humans. He looks down and sees Peter's little brother still gawking at him. "Um, hi?" Victor says, giving a small wave.

The kid says nothing, just waves back slowly.

Peter, breaking apart from the group hug, spots his little awe-struck brother, and crouches down by his brother. "Ricky," he says, "this is Victor Slayerman. Victor, this is my brother, Ricky."

"He doesn't have a face," Ricky states, pointing at Victor's head.

"No, no he doesn't."

Sensing the awkwardness the poor Slender must be feeling, Lily comes forward. "Now, the whole gang's back together," she says, chipper.

"And we're all safe and sound," Tommy adds with a grin.

"So what now?" Charlie asks.

"We're still waiting for James to get back," Trevor nearly shouts from his seat next to Kevin. To beat the boredom, they play thumb war, and Trevor won nearly every game so far.

"What's taking him so long?" Jenna whines, her chin in her hands, elbows on her knees, eyes staring off into the distance.

Trevor shrugs. "Maybe it's taking him a bit longer to find his friends."

A sharp ringing fills the air, and Victor cries out and clutches his head. Shyly, Lily slinks away from the group and answers her phone. "Hello?"

"I will find you," hisses an all-too-familiar voice.

She feels her stomach do a flip as she recalls those blood-red eyes she saw back at the mine. Her voice squeaks, "What-"

"You and your friends might think you're safe," the cult leader cuts her off, "but I will hunt you down - all of you - and finish what I started."

She hears Victor moan behind her. She needs to hang up soon. A question pops into her mind, and she blurts, "How did you get my number?"

"Just like I told your parents: a serial killer does his research well." Click.

It takes a moment before Lily pulls the phone away from her ear and closes it. She turns to Victor, who's surrounded by all the non-parents. "Are you okay?" she asks.

"That was a rather bizarre feeling," he says, rubbing his head. "Normally, a phone call just produces static that causes a mild headache. This time, I also felt booms going off in my head."

"Like in the Slender game?" Kevin says. The others (except Trevor) give him a now's-not-the-time look. "Sorry."

"What do booms usually mean?" Jenna asks.

"They mean danger's nearby," he explains. "But I've never felt booms and static at the same time."

Lily guiltily holds up her phone and says, "Erm, the Black Circle leader just called me and said he was gonna hunt us all down."

"Oh, that's bad!" Kevin says.

"What are we gonna do?" Peter says.

"You guys weren't planning to do anything without me, were you?" James says from behind the whole group.

"James!" Trevor says with a huge grin, stumbling forward a bit until he feels the tall lug and gives him a tight hug.

"You're back!" Charlie says and also comes forward, though not giving him a hug.

"Did you find help?" Victor asks.

If James could smile, he would. "Better. I found my clan."

"Really?" Trevor, Kevin, Jenna, Lily, and Charlie say at the same time.

"Where are they?" Peter asks, scanning the area.

"Near Chestnut Park."

The Slender Four immediately remember the day they all met Mr. Slenderman. They all smile at the memory - even Charlie, who has come to trust James more. "Are we going there now?" Tommy asks.

"I wanna come," Ricky pipes up. "I like playing there."

"Honey," says his mother, coming up to him, "I think it's best if we let them all go by themselves for now."

Ricky pouts.

"Hey, buddy," Peter says, turning to his little brother, "if anyone starts playing, or we need help, I'll let you know."

"Okay," Ricky says.

"We'll stay here," Mr. Fitzgerald says, "to keep everyone company." Tommy's and Peter's parents all nod their agreement.

James nods at him before he and Victor teleport everyone to the park. "Whoa," Kevin and Charlie breathe.

"What's it like?" Trevor asks, really bummed that he is missing out on one of the coolest sights ever.

"So many Slenders, buddy," Kevin tells his friend. "It's actually kinda creepy, all those blank faces."

"Aw, man," Trevor grumbles, crossing his arms as best he can while still holding his walking stick.

James steps around the group and meets up with another Slender in a blazer, shirt, and slacks walking up to him. "So these are the humans you told us about," Kendrick says.

"Yep." James points to each human in turn and introduces them. "And these four-" he wraps a tentacle arm around Charlie, Lily, Peter, and Tommy, "-are the famous Slender Four."

All the Slenders are excited. They had heard about the four humans from that fateful day, but none had met them.

"And this," James says, extending an arm to the German clan leader, "is Alder Grobman."

"The guy you met in the Black Forest?" Trevor says, his face lighting up. "So cool!"

"Guten abend," the said Slender says.

James turns to Victor. "Think you can get your clan? I think the powers of three clans should be enough."

"Sure. I'll be right back." Victor disappears in a blink.

"What are your powers?" Jenna asks the German Slender.

"Hypnosis," he replies.

Kevin leans into Charlie and whispers, "Maybe that's where the proxy thing comes from."

"Vat did you say?"

"Nothing," Kevin says hurriedly.

Kendrick peeks around James. "And who is that young man?" he asks, motioning to Trevor, who is looking off in the wrong direction.

James snakes an arm over and gently turns Trevor to face Kendrick. "This is Trevor, my first human friend."

Trevor smiles. He likes the sound of that.


Several Slenders around Peter groan and clutch their heads, backing away from the boy. "Sorry," he says sheepishly before moving away from the group. The signal returns to his phone and the static goes away when he's a few yards away from them, allowing him to check his text.

"What's that?" Tommy asks, coming over.

"It's from my cousin. I should've told you guys, but I contacted my cousin and told her about our situation with James and that cult guy. She just said she can help us."

"Who is she?"

"She's a huge Slender fan. I know she calls herself BirdieCurls online, and that's what she prefers to be called in general, too."


Peter nods, sending a reply text. "I told her about the mining facility, but I don't know what she's gonna do."

"Hope she doesn't show up. No offense," Tommy quickly adds after seeing the look on his friend's face, "but we don't want anyone else getting hurt."


They hear people gasp behind them and they turn around - Victor is back, along with his clan.

But they look worn out and beat up. Some of their clothes are ripped.

"What happened?" James asks, pushing his way to the front and helping Victor up from the ground.

Victor gratefully takes James' hand and slowly stands up, leaning onto James for added support. "It was," he pants, "the Black Circle."

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