Slender Blind


Slender Man wanders among the trees. Life is lonely when there is no one to share it with. Whenever someone comes into the woods, he tries to approach them slowly, but once they get a look at him, they run away in fear. Sometimes it makes him sad, sometimes he likes chasing off miscreants and troublemakers. But it is hard being someone like him: a Slender.

The only person who never seemed afraid of him was that blind kid. He actually talked to him. No one has ever done that before. The kid seemed nice, but Slender Man has not seen him in a while. He thought of leaving notes on the trees for the kid to find – only to remember the kid was blind, so he would not be able to see the notes. Sigh. Another potential friend come and gone.

Trevor leans his forehead against the cool glass of the bus window. A couple weeks have passed since he met Mr. James. What has he been up to? Trevor wishes he knew how to contact him, but he forgot to ask for a number or address. Just instructions that whenever he needed help to call for Mr. James. Well, Trevor usually likes to do things on his own, but he wonders if he could give that call a try.

The bus comes to a stop. He grabs a nearby pole to help him up, then uses his stick to find the exit. He remembers the step this time. Last time, he forgot about it and ended up falling to the ground. Trevor walks down the street, keeping to the fences so he can feel for his family's mailbox. It is the only one with a huge dent in the right side. He finally finds it when he hears, "Hey, you!"

Trevor freezes. He recognizes that voice as one of the punks who tried to hurt his friend's sister's cat, Mittens.

Footsteps are approaching him fast. Trevor fumbles with the gate lock and slips through, doing his best to hurry to the front door without tripping. The footsteps are louder, closer. He makes it to the front door, but before he can pull his keys out of his pocket, something grab him and throws him back. He loses his stick in the process.

"We thought you'd be dead," says the first voice.

"Yeah," a second one agrees. "Especially after Slender Man showed up."

Slender Man? Well, that explains the strange fog, I guess, Trevor thinks. But why did he call himself James? And…if he's so evil, why did he save me and Mittens? He feels around for his stick, but yelps when a shoe steps down on his hand.

"We'll just pick on you, since we don't have that cat," the first voice sneers. The others laugh along.

Trevor wishes someone would see them and come to his help. It might be just early evening, but still people should be able to see them. Wait a minute. "Mister James!" Trevor shouts. He groans in pain when someone shoves his head face-down.

"Quiet you!" the voice hisses.

A chill fills the air as some sort of fog descends.

"What the-"

"Not again!"

"There he is!"

And on and on the voices go. Trevor would roll his eyes, but it is hard getting control of his eyeballs, so he just stares off into space. He feels the weight lift off of him.

"No!" says the first voice, probably the leader. "You're not gonna stop us this-" The voice is cut off.

The others scream. Trevor hears them run away. Even though he is sure they are gone, he remains where he is lying on the ground in front of his house. Someone grabs his arms and gently helps him up, while his cane is thrust into his hand. "Mister James?" Trevor asks.

"It's a good thing you called for me when you did," Mr. James says.

"Are you the Slender Man?"

A silence hangs in the air. "…Yes, I am."

Trevor smiles. "Cool."

"You don't mind?" Mr. James sounds surprised.

"Nah, unless you were gonna take me away. You're not gonna do that are you?"

"No. I only do that with really annoying people, like that leader of those thugs."

"What did happen to him? One minute he's here talking, and the next his voice got cut off."

Mr. James hesitates. "I teleported him to a...jail of sorts."

"How did you do that?"


"If you don't want to tell me," Trevor says quickly, "that's fine, too….Hey, wanna come inside for something? Water or coffee or cookies?"

"...I've never been invited anywhere before."

"Really? That's sad." Trevor fishes in his pocket for his house keys. He finds them and feels for the longest one. He unlocks the door and pushes it open, standing aside for his guest. "Come on in."

He feels a chill pass him. "Thank you," Mr. James calls from inside.

Trevor steps inside and shuts the door. "So, what would you like?"

"Some water would be fine."

"Okay." Trevor makes his way to the kitchen, where he feels around for the refrigerator door and opens it. The cool air flows from inside, and it feels good on his cheeks. He reaches inside and pulls out a water bottle, carries it into the other room. Holding it out, he says, "Here you go."

He feels Slender Man take the bottle from his outstretched hand. "Thank you."

"Hey, it just occurred to me," Trevor says as he makes his way to a chair. "You're supposed to be faceless, right? So, how do you eat or drink?"

An eerie silence fills the air.


"I'm here. I just have no easy answer for now."

"I see." He chuckles at his own joke. Awkward silence. "So, where do you live?"

"I prefer living in forests. I travel around a lot." He sighs. "It's hard being a Slender."

"What do you mean?"

"We're just so different from you humans, and-"

"Wait, 'we?' There are more like you?"

"Of course there are."

"Sorry, it's just that, I've only ever heard about you."

Slender Man hangs his head. "That was an accident. I didn't mean to get involved."

"Get involved? What do you mean?"

James looks at his friend. He really wants to keep a friend (he has not had one in years), but he is afraid if he tells Trevor, he would not want to be his friend anymore. But, it is better Trevor finds out the truth from him first. "I'll tell you," he finally says, "but you may not like it."

"Maybe," Trevor says. "Maybe not."

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