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The Mistress of Snakes 1


Meet Maddaline Gaunt. A girl who fights for herself and her pride; her hot-headed and fiesty personality allowing her to do so. Being a pureblooded orphan growing up away from magic means she has a lot to learn including the importance of blood and personality. Friends with the famous Harry Potter, she meets a group of people she is not particularly keen on. When promises break she is comforted by some Slytherins you would never expect. Surrounding herself with these people can have it's effects. This causes her inner snake to pounce.

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:

New friends

Maddaline Gaunt watched the other orphans play around the park whistling A Thousand Years when a dark haired boy fell to the ground with three older boys towering over him. The older boys shouted down at the boy in disgust causing the orphans to back away and running to the other side of the park. Not liking the treatment and fear of the others Maddaline strode over to the four boys with a frown upon her lips. The brown haired boy on the floor whimpered and noticing Maddaline, quickly shook his head at her not wanting her to cause more trouble. "Leave him alone," she demanded completely ignoring him and causing the older boys to tear there glare from the crumpled boy on the floor to her. "What did you just say?" The gang member asked. "You must be deaf," she said coolly "And I said leave him alone!" Maddaline offered the boy her hand before helping him up from the floor. Not liking the tone in her voice another boy stepped forward and snarled "Don't talk to him like that!"

"I say and do what I want thank you very much and I say leave unless you don't like your noses in the middle of your faces," she snapped not showing any sign of intimidation in which the three boys were hoping to happen. Looking at their leader for support and receiving an indication to leave, the three boys stalked off with their heads held high.

"Are you all right?" She asked softly, loosing any anger that may have been left in her voice. "I'm fine," he replied "Why did you help me?"

"You didn't deserve to be treated like that. I'm Maddaline Gaunt and you are?" She asked. "Harry James Potter" he said allowing their eyes to meet for the first time. Under a closer inspection Maddaline noticed that he had bright green eyes concealed by a pair of broken spectacles, messy brown hair and wore a red checkered shirt that seemed to be at least two sizes too big. Before she could continue Harry said "You must be new. I haven't seen you around at school are you visiting?" Sighing Maddaline replied "No I come from the orphanage around the corner." Knowing the feeling of not having any parents and not wanting her to feel uncomfortable, Harry said "I'm sorry for intruding when you obviously don't want to talk about it." Maddaline smiled mesmerized by the sorrow and understanding tone in his voice. "It's alrighy Harry" she answered. Harry paused before saying "Your friends are staring at us." Maddaline looked around to see many orphans had stopped playing and were looking at them in curiosity. After noticing what he meant she said " The're not my friends," and faced Harry once again, looking in his eyes. "Why ever not?" Harry asked politely. "It's complicated..." She started before getting interrupted by a middle-aged woman with blonde hair. "We need to go Maddaline." She said quickly not even glancing at Harry. "Oh see you soon Harry," she said before hurrying after the blonde women. " Bye!" Harry called after her.

Smiling to herself, she walked back to the orphanage not speaking to anyone. As Maddaline and the other orphans arrived at the house she kicked off her shoes, ran up the stairs and looked out over the park watched Harry as he walked out of the park and disappeared down the street. Not knowing what else to do, Maddaline started to reread her favourite book Little Women. She was found there by the head of the orphanage hours later as the sun went down and darkness over came the town. Jumping into bed, Maddaline turned off the light and closed her eyes; thoughts of her new friend swimming through her mind as she fell into a deep sleep.

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