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If I was your love (bts suga fanfiction)


I I know you hurten me, Pushed me behind everytime whenever i need you most. But I can even hate you. That's why I hate myself

Romance / Other
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~In to the new world~

~based on Moon Lovers~

U walked to ur school. U r a high school student. U r so intelligent. U always stand top in exam.

But the thing is u always get bullied by some girls. U hate this. They keep calling u nerd.

But u r not a nerd. U r a cheerful person. Also u went so talkative. But last year, ur best friend Jinia caught skin cancer. And last month she died.

U r totally a mess. U skipped meals. Went to the bars, clubbing. Drank.
U loved her so much. She was ur only one best friend and only one friend. U fucking miss her . Ur parents don’t care about you.

They always on various business trip. They don’t give a f**k to u.

U hate ur school.
U entered ur class room. That b*tch called Aria shouted See the nerd entered our class.
And then everyone started to make fun with u. U just sit ur bench. I stare at the empty place where Jinia used to sit. A tear ran down from ur cheek.

Then the teacher enter the class.


U r coming back from your school. Then a guy called ur name from behind. U look at the guy. He is park Chanyeol. U don’t know him very well. So u stop walking.

C: Hi yn! R u busy?
Y: No. Why?

C: Let’s hangout together .

Y: Now?

C: Why not?
Y: k.

C: I know ur mental conditions. Ur only one friend died. U can’t forget it. U also get bullied by those girls. So let’s accompany each other.


Then u guys go to a amusement park. It’s so beautiful. U r having fun. It’s awesome. U laughed widely after a month. U r happy now. That guy Chanyeol is awesome.

U guys r coming back. U guys walked to the bridge. There is also a group of seven boy. All of them are good looking. And also smart and tall.
While pass the bridge there was no relling. U were walking at the corner of the bridge.

And u step in a banana .

U slipped into the river.
U scream with full of ur lungs. And ur head injured with a hard stone.
How many times pass u don’t know.
U open ur eyes. Where is this place u don’t know .
It’s not a hospital for sure.
The ceiling is tin. Wave tin. And the walls are wooden. What the heck? Where am I now? Where is Park Chanyeol?
U blink a few moments. Now u started to get up from the bed.

An unknown voice

"Joo Jia, Are you okay?"
U look at the person who belong to this voice. It’s a girl. Maybe older than you or same age as u.

But she is wearing a gown. White gown with green top and a half court.

Wait isn’t it is a traditional cloth? She is also tied her hair two braid. Her hair is oily.

What’s happening here? Is there any one who is pulling a prank on you?

U rubbed ur eyes.
She is calling,
"Joo Jia gwenchana?" (Are you okay ?)

U looked everywhere in the room but there is no one without u and that girl.

Y: r u telling me?
U g(unknown girl):" Yeah, are you okay? ."

y:" Yes, I am okay. But why r u calling me Joo Jia?"

Ug: " r u sure that you are okay?"
Y:: Why? Of course yes."

Ug: "u might have a lot injury that’s why u r like this, Joo Jia ?"

Y: "Why r u calling me Joo Jia? I am y/n."

U g: (screaming)" Auntie ur daughter woke up . Where is the doctor? "
Then an old lady wearing traditional clothes ran towards there.

She looked at u with shocking face and quickly hug u and told

"My daughter r u ok? U know how tensed we were."

*looking at that girl* "Jin soo go and find the doctor."

*hugged me tightly and told me* "Joo Jia r u okay? Tell us something? "

Y: "Why r u calling me Joo Jia? How am I here? I suppose to be in the hospital or in the river. And also why r u guys wearing these dress? And I am not ur daughter. U might mistook me with some one else."

???: * scream* where is the doctor? Joo Jia di you loose ur memory?

Y: "Aish u guys are trouble some. Give me your phone I am gonna call my parents."

???: "what is phone? "

Your pov (point of view)
Y:" what ? u don’t what is phone? Phone, cell phone, mobile?"

???: "what are you talking about? And why are you telling me that you are not my daughter? What is happening with you? have you gone mad because of the injury?"

Y:" what r u guys talking about. ? R u guys mad?"

At this moment that girl called aah whatever appear with a man.

But the man is also wearing traditional clothes.

What is happening here?

He came and started to check u. Then he told the lady

"What happened?"

???:" she and Hoo Jung were at the hill on yesterday . and she fall from the hill."

**What hill? Wtf ? I was at the bridge with Park Chanyeol. Then I fell and injured in my head. What are they talking about??**

Y: "what r u guys talking about?"

???: "about u."

Yy: "what? About me?"

??: "Yeah"

Y: "But when I did I fell from the hill? I fell from the bridge to the river."

???: "Doctor that's the problem. She can’t remember anything. Not only remember but also she is telling us some fiction."

Doctor:" it’s because of the injury. She injured her head. A sensitive spot. That’s why she lost her memory. And during the time of yesterday and today she might be dreamed about some thing. That’s why she is talking like a psycho."

???: "But doctor how could be she ok.?
After the day of tomorrow is her wedding."

Y:" What.? Wedding? I am only a high school student . I didn’t even graduate. I don’t have any boyfriend. Who gonna marry me?"

Your pov
Y :" what r u guys talking about? Who gonna marry?"

??: u.

Y: "what the f*ck. Why I am gonna marry? Are you guys psych? I am sick rn. I don’t even found my parents. Where’s the police station? Can you drove me there?"

???: "what police station? What r u talking about? Wdym by u don’t find ur parents? Are you missing your father? Ok I am going to call him."
She looked at the doctor and told him to leave.
The doctor leaved

She go to outside. **what’s happening? R they psych? Or I am the one who is psych here? I can’t understand. Wait am I dead because of the injury and it’s only a dream because I dead. What? ** U asked the girl in front of u.

Y: "what’s ur name? "
UG: "u can’t remember me Joo Jia?"
Y :" Answer me straightly. What’s ur name?"
UG:" I am Jin soo. Lee jin soo."

Y: "am I dead? "
Jin soo: "noo why u gonna dead. U nearly came through the dead. We are lucky that you are alive now."
Y: "Then what’s happening? "
Jin soo:" idk. I am not a literate person. I am just ur personal maid. "
Y: "personal maid? Wdym by personal maid?"

J: "for your marriage, ur father bought me from my owner. I am going to be ur maid till death."
Y: "what till death? "
J: "Yeah , ur father bought me with so much money. You guys r super rich."
At this moment that old lady came with a man wearing clothes.
The man:" Joo Jia ur mother said me that you are missing me is that right?"
Y: "who are you?"
The man:" what? R u ok?"

Y: "who the fuck u r to be my father?"

Jin soo: **whispered**" stop Joo Jia Language."
The man: "Kang Joo Jia how can you talk with your father like this? "
Y: "But u r not my father. I am not Kang Joo Jia. U are mistaking me with some one else. "
The man: **looking at the lady**" what happened to her? Why she can’t remember anything? "
The lady: "Yeah the doctor told that for the injury she lost her memory. We have to recall it to her."
The man: **looking at Jin soo** "ur job is now taking good care of her and of course recall her every thing. Don’t forget to inform her about her marriage. "
Your pov

Y: "what? What marriage? I am not going to marry someone. What r u guys psych? Or am I dead? I want to go to my house. Which place is this?"

The man:" Kang Joo Jia r u psych?"

Y: "I guess."

jin soo:" uncle, she is not psych. For her injury she lost her memory and she dreamed about some thing. That’s why she is talking like this."

The man: "I don’t know anything about it. I only know u have to marry. And jin soo look after her. Try to recall her every thing. Or else u will die."

Y:" k. Uncle."

The man: "Kang Joo Jia try to remember everything. Don’t speak like stupid. If you ruined the marriage my reputation will mix with sand."

Y: * mumbled* "I don’t want to marry. I love someone else."

Jin soo scratch ur hand to stop u.

The man left the room.
The lady also left.

U r so shocked. Where is this place? Where everyone like this. They don’t even know mobile phone or police. So am I dead? And because of dead I am time travelling rn? Wtf? If I am dead then why can’t I meet Jinia?

SO if I am dead then I can’t meet with Baekhyun any more. I loved him. He was my first love. I can’t confessed my love to him.

Now in this world I have to marry someone else who I don’t even know.
A tear ran down from your cheek.


Author Note: I know i am trash in grammar, so, sorry for the mistakes.

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