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Mr Levin

Time Paradox Assisted Living

Kevin was kept at the 'hospital' for two days for observe his recovery from the procedure.

Little did he know what they were doing to him in the dead of night where he was unguarded.
As he slept in a deep peaceful sleep, Farlo was carefully implanting CNA knowledge into his mind.
That way he'd get the job with no complications and pass any tests he would take with flying colors
The green eye on the dragon head cane remote made it easy to implant memories or information.
Nicholas sighed as watched Farlo press the green button, again showing no hesitation at all.

" Are you sure this is safe? How come you don't use the red button?"

Nicholas asked in which Farlo didn't turn around as the implant was complete
Farlo spoke in a cold, dark tone to end all questions until the right time.

" The red button isn't needed right now. When the time comes you'll see it's purpose."

Farlo answered as he walked to his office for the night leaving his assistant alone with his guilty conscience.
The morning came with birds singing outside and Kevin was free to go home finally to a normal living area.
Selene escorted him to the parking lot where his car was parked during his time recovery time here.
It was a green camaro with a black stripe going down the middle of the whole thing make it sleek and sexy.
She handed him a piece of paper with the address to the ALF which was only two blocks away from here.
Then she placed the keys in his hand and gave him a warm smile even though it freaked him out.

" Since your apartment is being renovated, you'll have to live here until it is done. Here are your keys and don't forget to come back after."

Selene explained as Kevin was scratching his head after she finished explaining where he would be staying.

" Don't get your panties in a bunch I'll come back to sleep here basically. Besides hospitals freak me out anyway.

Kevin unlocked the car and made sure no one messed with how he had everything set and not a speck of dust anywhere.
The camaro roared to life as drove to his next destination with ease seeing it wasn't sitting too long to cause any problems.
As he entered the parking lot seeing the different cars, he noticed the building was designed like nothing he's seen before.
Red brick walls surronded the facility with an iron gate seemed odd for an Assisted living facility and this was the outside.

On the left side of the gate was an intercom and an old tarnished bell with a string hanging from inside it.
A little sign hung above the bell made of tarnished brass engraved with 'Non-employees ring bell for service!'
He rang the bell which was loud like a church bell, scaring birds away and signalling someone was at the gate.
The intercom crackled to life surprising Kevin as a high feminine voice echoed out it cracking the speaker a bit.

" Hello to the Time Paradox Assisted Living Facility! Someone will be right with you!"

Soon the iron gate creaked open like in the horror movies letting Kevin inside on a cobblestone path.
Past the dark glass doors was a front office and the nurses' station with white walls and marble flooring.
There was a living room with a huge tv, a red oddly shaped and designed couch near an open window.
A view of the trees and flower gardens were filled with birds and squirrels running around without a care.
A receptionist's desk was to his right so why not ask for Human Resources to ease his confusion of this place.
He approached the desk to find the receptionist was too busy admiring her metallic yellow painted nails.

She was a young teenage girl about 15 years old with bright blonde hair that looked too good to be natural.
She had a light complexion with freckles on her nose with blue eyes that focused on something else.
He coughed loudly to get her attention in which she straightened up and fixed her hair thinking it was her boss.
Kevin saw her name-tag which read 'Gwenevere' getting a very creepy vibe from like a stalker or a lunatic.

"OMG Sorry about that I thought you were Lancelot?"

Kevin winced recognizing from her high tone as he realized she was the one who spoke to him from the intercom.
She sure talked loud for a girl, maybe she's tone deaf from listening to music at high volumes and who was Lancelot?

" I'm Kevin Levin. Where do you go to talk about getting hired here?"

Kevin asked wincing as he rubbed his ears hoping they weren't damaged from Gwenevere's voice.

" Oh you want to go to Human Resources and talk to Lancelot-I mean Lance! Sorry it's just you look just like him, just down the hallway to the right. I hope you get the job cutie."

She finished winking as she giggled while he walked toward the hallway rolling his eyes.
As he came toward the room he saw someone was talking to the manager of this place already.
It was a boy shorter than him with snow white hair shaped to a point on the back of his neck.
He turned around heading toward the door agitated about something frowning and muttering.

He had a tan complexion that stood out against his uniform with red eyes which was wasn't normal.
Kevin saw the name-tag read 'Albedo' as the young man walk past him not even bothering to look up.
Kevin shrugged as he went toward the desk seeing someone typing away on their laptop like a typewriter.
He saw a mop of gray hair flowing down his shoulders so Kevin assumed it was an older man in charge.
So he tapped the desk to get the person's attention seeing they didn't look up right away from his cough.
The person rose slowly from his seat only to shock Kevin wondering if he was teleported into the Twilight Zone
He looked exactly like Kevin except he had gray hair, dark gray eyes and 5 inches taller than Kevin Levin.

" Hello can I help you with something?"

His voice sound just like Kevin's except for the accent making Kevin shake his head as he raised his hand out.

" I'm Kevin Levin and I was told to talk to Lancelot about applying for a job?"

Kevin chuckled as 'Lancelot' growled like a wild animal from hearing this and snarled.

" My name is Lance not Lancelot! I swear that girl needs to stop calling me that. Sorry anyway you'll need to go through Core Training to understand our company's rules and how we want things done around here. Follow me please."

Lance lead Kevin out into the hallway to another room further down the hall away from the patients

" What's with Albedo he looked pissed about something?"

Kevin asked which made Lance turn into a room and stopping when Kevin entered, he noticed a tv and dvd player with some desks in it.
Lance sighed as he grabbed a dvd and opened the case before he faced Kevin to answer his question at the machines were turned on.

" Oh he's mad because he keeps asking for a raise and I tell him we can't afford it. Also he think I'm cheating on him with Gwenevere."

Kevin eyes widened at the response before speaking, he understood what made Albedo irritated more than usual.

" Oh you're gay? No judgement here."

Kevin said glad that Lance smiled before he setup the dvd player and the dvds to play.

" Okay you need to watch these to understand how we run things around here so enjoy!"

As the movies played Lance left the room leaving Kevin to watch them.

Kevin tried to stay awake, but they were long and boring, he also noticed this machine was setup to play multiple.
Soon Lance came to see Kevin was still awake even though some drool was slowly dripping down his chin.

" Okay now after watching these ones, there will be a test after each video about this stuff so don't fall asleep!"

Once it was setup, Lance stood in the corner holding the tests as the first video started in which Kevin silently groaned.
Night finally came as Kevin was finally leaving after that information marathon he swore his brain was dead after those tests.

He answered them no problem in which Lance told him to return tomorrow to begin job training.
Soon Kevin came to the hospital and went inside to see his 'room' for the time being already set.
He changed into a white t-shirt and black shorts and fell asleep on his back on the soft cushy bed.
As he slept deeply Farlo arrived with the dragon head and once again implanted the CNA knowledge.

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