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Mr Levin


Kevin woke up to a bright new day still tired from yesterdays mind numbing marathon of training videos.
Watching boring, long videos and tests can drain people, maybe this is how they brainwash people into cults.
No complaints because today he would start job training so he had to be there before 8 a.m.
So got dressed in some clean clothes, ate some breakfast and drove of to the Time paradox ALF.

As he walked toward the gate it opened with a loud rusty creak of it's hinges as if waiting for him.
Very weird, but he walked in as if it didn't bother him as they closed with the same loud creak.
As he passed the receptionists desk he saw Gwenevere and Albedo arguing about something.
He wanted to know what they were talking about, but it was in low tones so not to disturb the patients.
So he made his way to Human Resources to see Lance sorting and filing paperwork that was piling up.
He manages to complete half of it, as if sensing his presence Lance stopped his work to see Kevin.

" I was afraid that videos made you reconsider this job."

Lance said as he placed the papers in the right folder and bin to prevent them from scattering.

" It'll take more than that to make Kevin Levin quit a job."

Kevin stretched making his biceps twitch and some loud cracks come from his back and shoulders.

" Oh a live one. I hope you get the job here. You're better help than the other creeps currently employed here."

Lance finished with a scowl on his face making Kevin wonder about the other employees working here.

" I'm guessing they make things worse around here. Speaking of which Gwenevere and Albedo are arguing outside."

Kevin regretted saying this because Lance's face went blank and he shot past him as a gray blur growling.
Kevin followed him to see once he arrived, Albedo back away eyes wide with shock while Gwenevere's were full of fear.
She went back to work shaking a bit while Albedo and Lance exchanged some heated words before coming back.
Kevin was bothered with the way Lance flew past him, he could have sworn his gray eyes had slits in them like an animal.
Maybe it was his brain playing tricks on him he was tired after all from the videos and he was low on water today.

" Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know. Otherwise it could like the Christmas party again."

Lance smirked as Albedo's flustered face and muttering inaudible things as Kevin chuckled before Lance started speaking again.

" Anyway your training starts today. You'll be shadowing the other employees that way you can get a feel for the residents and how we run things. Today you'll be shadowing Albedo and Mike so Albedo get Mike and start the training."

Albedo was about to protest when Lance patted his head, but he rubbed his head as Lance returned to his office.

" Hi sorry about earlier, I don't want to give a bad impression when I first meet new people I'm Albedo."

" Hello I'm Kevin Levin nice to meet you."

He gave a small smile and put out his hand in which Albedo shook before heading toward the nurse's station.
Kevin noticed Albedo's expression went from annoyed to anger when Lance mentioned the Christmas party.
Albedo went to the station where a large tray was set and looked at the clipboard for who has which rounds.
He motioned for Kevin to help him with the tray full of little paper cups and the cart had clean linen and pans.

" First day of job training you get to shadow me passing out the medication and changing ivs and such if necessary."

Albedo placed a different combination of pills in each cup without taking his eyes off the list in his hand.
Kevin heard loud giggling as he turned to see what was causing the loud noise from the female staff.
A tall teenage boy walked in, who was taller than him with sparkly blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes.
Kevin and Albedo snorted knowing right away this was an arrogant pretty boy and a jerk to mention.

The name tag read 'Mike' in which this would be a long day judging by the way he walked.

" Great timing douche. Haven't you heard of a watch?"

Albedo stated finishing filling the medication cups and made sure they had the cart stocked up for today.

" Says the guy who's doing Lancelot on his lunch breaks."

Mike smirked evilly as Albedo got red and went to move the kart as Kevin made sure Mike would be on his list on people to watch out for while working here.

" Anyway we have a new guy shadowing us today. Kevin Levin meet Mike Morningstar, the one person who can give you VD just by looking at you."

Albedo stated to Kevin who put his hand out nothing Mike was inspecting his hand before shaking it as if he was of low class of human.

" So you're Lance's twin Gwenevere keeps talking about? Well let's get this over with shall we?"

Mike started to push the kart with a small frown as Kevin followed him and Albedo down the white hallway.
So far the patients were friendly for the most part, some were asleep, some were watching tv.
Most of them were either getting washed up, eating their meals or doing arts and crafts to pass the time.
Kevin saw how each medication cup filled with such care and how the patients were monitored taking the medicine.
Albedo explained that certain medicines have different effects on people, one wrong pill and it could kill them or set them off!

Mike was too busy flirting with the female nurses who gave the sponge baths and changed the patients into clean clothes.
Albedo rolled his eyes in which Kevin and him howled in laughter as Mike soaked for grabbing one of the nurse's bottoms.
Setting and changing ivs wasn't really a problem since most of them were asleep as the needle was inserted into the veins.
Except most of the patients were freaked out, but Kevin was calm which was surprising since first day trainees always freak out.
Once lunch time came around Kevin sat next to Albedo in the lunch area for the staff noticing Albedo was sitting alone.

" You didn't have to eat lunch here with me."

Albedo asked as he bit into his tuna and egg salad sandwich.

" I'd rather sit with you than pretty jerk there."

He finished pointing to Mike loving the attention of the female staff at one table.

" I hate the fact that he works here. I'll be happy when you work here. At least I'll have someone to talk to."

Albedo sipped his Arizona Watermelon tea as he tried to calm down.

" Wait you don't talk to anyone here? What about Lance?"

Kevin saw Albedo shake his head sadly as he began to explain why he sits alone at lunch.

" Can't talk to him except after work, Gwenevere picks fights with me on purpose to get me fired. Mike is worse though when Cash and J.T. come to work. You'll shadow them Wednesday and Thursday for this week. Friday you shadow me and Mike again."

Albedo finished his sandwich and placed the wrapper in a bag before drinking his tea.

" So Mike is a two face basically? That must suck big time."

Kevin bit into his roast beef sandwich and sipped from his Mango Lemonade.

" You wouldn't believe how many queer jokes they say to me. Just because me and Lance are dating doesn't mean we do that here. It's against the rules and it'll scare the patients."

Kevin nodded showing he understood, but there was one thing that bothered him ever since he came here.

" There's something I've been meaning to ask you about, how come you have red eyes? I've never met anyone with that eye color."

Kevin asked seeing Albedo sigh before fiddling with the tab on his drink before speaking.

" I had hazel brown eyes before the accident. I was 14 when I was walking down the street and this chemical truck had crashed. I saw this woman carrying her baby near it when it was about to explode so I got them out of harm's way, but the chemical sprayed into my eyes and I blacked out. The next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital and the doctor was telling me my vision was gone. When I asked how I got here he said this young man found me and carried me here and his name was Lance. I never knew why such a studly guy would help me out, but I'm very grateful since he got me into this cross species organ transplant program and they found me a donor. Lance visited everyday and even stayed during the operation. When the bandages came off I could see everything better than before, but the weird thing is they never told me what creature the eyes came from only that it was a reptilian creature. When I was discharged Lance asked me to be his boyfriend and move in with him and we've been together for two years."

Albedo finished smiling at the memories before he blushed realizing where he was and cleared his throat.
Kevin smiled seeing how one accident improved and changed someone's life for the better rather than bad.
Once finished Kevin and Albedo placed the empty cans in the recycling bin and went to work again.
Soon it was time to go and Kevin bid farewell to his new friend Albedo as they walked to their cars.

Kevin smiled knowing he made a friend and good impression to increase his chance of working here.
He got into his car and drove to the hospital unaware that he was being followed by a mysterious force.
The creature unfurled it's wings and flew in the sky to keep the green camaro in it's sights as it flew.
It's glowing gray eyes watched Kevin enter the building he was currently staying after working.

'So Farlo has another victim huh? I hope I can stop him this time.'

The creature thought before it flew back home and start planning.

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