Neapolitan City

Chapter 35: The Plight of a Broken Heart

Ishaani lay half-asleep on Claudine's lap when Martin swung the door open, his face a light green.

"Claudine, Madame, please put on your coats. We need to go to the hospital right now." Ishaani got up swiftly from Claudine's lap and helped Claudine up slowly. Claudine stared at Martin's panic-stricken look and asked him worriedly.

"Martin, what's wrong?"

"It's Monsieur. I got a call from the hospital right now stating that he has been in an accident. They've asked us to come over instantly." Ishaani stared at Martin dreadfully as she now walked towards him in a dream-like state.

"Please tell me this is some kind of joke... some kind of trick that you are playing on me so that I can get back on talking terms with Ranveer." Martin looked at her helplessly and shook her slowly.

"Madame, please, this is no joke. Besides, why would I come at one in the morning to joke about this, that too such poor humor about Monsieur!" Ishaani stared at him stunned, before she muttered slowly.

"Get the car ready. We'll be down in five minutes." Ishaani and Claudine took their overcoats from the cupboard and headed down quickly, while Martin stood waiting for them by the door. Ishaani looked at Claudine and stopped her.

"Claud, I think you should stay back."

"Ishaani, don't be stupid. My friend is in there and that too in God knows in what condition! How on Earth do you expect me to remain at home?!"

"But I-"

"Ishaani, we don't time to argue over this." Ishaani nodded her head and quickly took their place on the backseat, as Martin took over the driver's place and drove them to the hospital. They reached within 10 minutes, and immediately headed towards the reception.

Having reeled out from her initial shock, Ishaani now overtook Martin's duty as leader and asked the receptionist quickly.

"Mr. Ranveer Vaghela."

"He's in the ER right now. Please go straight and proceed left."

"Thank you."

Ishaani, Martin and Claudine rushed over to the ER and saw the doctor leaving the room, a worried expression on his face. The doctor saw the three of them rush towards him and looked at them curiously.

"Are you Mr. Vaghela's family?"


"Then you must be Ishaani." Ishaani nodded at him and looked at the doctor puzzled. "Please come with me inside right now. I'll explain it out to you." The doctor entered the ER once again, and Ishaani followed him slowly, confused.

The doctor led her sideways and gave her a gown to wear, as he explained it out to her.

"Mr. Vaghela doesn't look very good at the moment. Needless to say, it has been a very bad accident and he's contracted a fever right now because of which he is hallucinating. We cannot afford to strap him or do anything else because his wounds are deep and any form of more physical damage could do harm."

Ishaani felt her heart shatter at the mention of Ranveer's condition and she barely managed to put out the next words.

"What do you want me to do?"

"I need you to calm him down. He's only been taking your name, so we figured that you'll be able to do it." Ishaani gave him a lost nod and he looked at her keenly. "You are not haemophobic now, are you?"

"No... No."

"Then it's alright." Ishaani looked at him and he gave her an assuring nod. "Whenever you're ready." Ishaani nodded and the doctor led her slowly towards the main room. What she saw next made her die a hundred deaths at once and she felt herself nearly collapse.

Ranveer lay on the stretcher in the shirt and trousers that they'd worn to work the same morning, bruised badly from every part that Ishaani could see. He was connected to several instruments, while he seemed to be heavily reliant on the oxygen from the oxygen mask over his face. Another doctor was trying to calm him slowly as Ranveer kept restlessly moaning Ishaani's name, not allowing any of the nurses to give him morphine.

Ishaani felt the doctor hold her arm to steady herself and Ishaani felt tortured seeing Ranveer in pain. She walked up towards Ranveer's side, her lips constantly quivering as she felt tears escape her eyes openly. She stood by him and gently clasped his hand in her own as whispered softly, trying to keep her voice steady.


Ranveer didn't respond to her and continued to toss a bit on the stretcher before Ishaani spoke a little louder this time.


Ranveer turned his head in her direction and their eyes met. Ishaani could see tears escape his eyes as well, while he weakly moaned her name again.

The doctor urged her to keep talking and she nodded her head, his mind afire with what was happening to her in that moment. She looked at Ranveer's bruised and bleeding knuckles and shut her eyes, the feeling of nausea overcoming her. She looked into Ranveer's eyes, trying to avert her gaze from the amount of blood that she could see all over him and spoke once again, this time her voice cracking.

"I'm here... I'll never let go of you... ever... I... I..." Ishaani felt her restraint break as she saw Ranveer's eyelids drooping. He stopped moaning her name and Ishaani felt his hand slip from underneath her own and fall limply to his side. The doctors both looked at the instruments and gasped and Ishaani unconsciously backed away from the table, as the two doctors spoke hurriedly.

"Can you hear me? If you can, blink once." Ishaani saw Ranveer blinking his eyes once. A bright light was shone into his eyes, and suddenly he was brought to his senses.

"His pupils are blown. Heart rate is 157 bpm." Ishaani could see a contorted expression of pain re-appear on his face. She could see that he was now absolutely spent and his hallucination had only worsened his condition. She saw that he could no longer keep his eyes open, and dragging in a breath was getting harder and harder for him.

"He's hypotensive. Son, stay with us," Ishaani could hear the other doctor's detached voice. She noticed that Ranveer was barely conscious anymore. She tore her face away from his own and turned her attention towards the heart monitor.

"He's entering hypovolemic shock. We need a blood transfusion, stat! Come on, son..." Ishaani noticed that Ranveer was no longer responding to anything the doctors were doing and felt her own heart beat irregularly.

Fifteen minutes later, Ishaani left the room, her mind blank and her heart numb. Martin and Claudine both gasped as they saw the blood on her hands and clothes. Martin walked up to Ishaani and asked her worriedly.

"Madame, what happened?" When Ishaani remained silent for several minutes, Claudine walked up to her and shook her shoulders roughly.

"Ishaani don't just stand there like that! Say something!" Ishaani was barely aware of what was happening to her anymore before she felt the words slip away from her lips.

"He... he flat-lined."

Martin and Claudine gave out cries of disbelief. Ishaani stared at Martin blankly for a few moments before she felt herself collapse into his arms, her mind fading away into an abyss.

Ishaani felt a blinding white light hit her face as she opened her eyes, his mind confused. She shut her eyes against the offensive light and braced herself this time, before she pushed them open again.

She could feel the sanitized essence of her surroundings and realized that she was in one of the rooms. She couldn't recollect what had happened that could have brought her here, but she felt tired and in shock, both of which she could not place anywhere.

She turned her head to see Claudine sitting by her side and the latter smiled.

"He's alive." Ishaani stared at Claudine confused before her memory started unclogging itself, the incidents of the past few hours returning back to her. She stared at Claudine in shock.

Before she could say anything, Martin entered the room with the doctor who had taken Ishaani to the ER earlier. The doctor walked up to her and raised her bed, so that she was in a half-seated position.

"You and your husband gave us all a real fright over here. How do you feel?"

"How do you think I must feel?" The doctor gave her an apologetic look and sighed.

"I've been pretty rude so let me introduce myself." Claudine rolled her eyes at him and spoke quickly.

"Phillipe, just get to the point. She isn't going to worry about introductions right now."

"You've got a point there. Alright, I'll get straight down to business." Ishaani raised an eyebrow in his direction and he spoke once again, this time his tone strictly professional.

"When Mr. Vaghela was brought in, he'd lost so much blood that his heart could no longer pump enough to his body. He'd also evidently been in the rains for some time once he met with an accident that sped up the infection rate, which affected how his system responded to the traumatic bleeding. Instead of stopping it, it was trying to bleed it out. He's gone into hypovolemic shock, and it's very serious. He's undergone cardiac arrest, so he's been moved to the ICU. We've managed to ease him out of the shock, but he's still on life support. We've done as much as we can."

Martin and Claudine looked at him solemnly and Ishaani gave the doctor a blank look.

"Will he... live through this?"


"Uh? That's it? That's all that you can tell me?!" Ishaani took to the offensive and was about to continue when Claudine caught hold of her hand. Ishaani looked at her angrily and Claudine spoke authoritatively.

"Let him finish." Ishaani looked back to the doctor, who looked unperturbed by her behavior and continued.

"Let me be honest with you. He doesn't look good and his chances are pretty slim. We are doing the best we can." Ishaani shook her head vehemently and glared at him.

"That's not good enough. Not nearly good enough." The doctor gave her a sympathetic look and sighed.

"Mrs. Vaghela, I can understand that you are in shock right now. But please, don't lose hope so soon. We are trying our best." Ishaani nodded her head slowly and Ishaani asked him slowly.

"Can we see him?" The doctor gave her question a good thought before he replied.

"No... Not right now." Claudine perked her head up surprised and asked.

"Why not, Phillipe?"

"Claudine, you and Martin can go see him. Mrs. Vaghela has just recovered from a shock, so I'd suggest she take some rest before she goes to see him. Ishaani was halfway through an argument before both Martin and Claudine glared at her and she fell silent. She looked at the doctor and spoke grudgingly.

"Fine." The doctor nodded his head satisfactorily and spoke.

"Take some rest now. I'll discharge you in a couple of hours."
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