Neapolitan City

Chapter 41: Calling Your Name in the Midnight Hour

Ishaani woke up, her mind in a peaceful bliss. She had never felt so calm or this satiated in her entire life and the new emotion was welcome to her. Her head felt comfortable uponthe plushy pillow underneath her head and she smiled to herself, the same bout of euphoria exploding in her heart. It was as Ranveer said - the dawn had finally broken through.


Ishaani turned around to see Ranveer asleep, a small smile on his face. Never in her life had she seen him this happy and the smile over his sleeping features only made her heart sing in joy. She could feel Ranveer's arm curled around her stomach in a protective embrace and she smiled to herself shyly, his fingers still causing goosebumps to erupt over her skin.

Smiling to herself, she gently separated herself from Ranveer's hold and slid from the bed, the cold, December wind causing a mingled excitement and shivering within her, and over her bare skin. Casting her eyes around the room, her eyes fell over Ranveer's mauve-coloured shirt. She slipped it on quickly, loosely buttoning the shirt, and left the room.

Ishaani basked in the glorious silence of the house as she made her way to the kitchen. The helpers were on leave for the day and Martin and Claudine had both left for the latter's maiden home to spend the weekend with her family. Entering the kitchen, she felt the warm sunlight hit her whole while the entire kitchen glowed under the sunlight of the glorious morning.

Ishaani took off two mugs from the cabinet, along with some coffee powder and sugar. She kept a vessel of water over the stove, waiting for it to boil, her mind meanwhile openly wandering to the realms of last night's fantasy.

Ishaani let her fingers trail over her neck, her eyes shutting as she could still feel Ranveer's lips leaving trails of enticing kisses over her bare skin, while he left heated kisses over her bosom. She could feel his fingers running all over her in a gentle yet tantalizing touch, while his lips made fevered contact, starting from her neck, leaving trails till her stomach. She felt a strange comfort as his touch ignited a passion within her, obliterating all the unceasing worries that she had been harboring, and she knew that could speak the same for Ranveer himself.

Ishaani could feel the same pleasurable excitement explode in the pits of her stomach at the thought of the way he had touched her that night, his embraces and fingers passionately working its magic over all her senses. She could feel her fears slip away as the night proceeded, only to be replaced by hot, strong love that she returned to him with raunchy pleasure.

She turned to looked towards the cabinet and saw her reflection in the glass, which made her blush. Her hair was untidy and messy, yet she had never liked it better. She ran her hands over her neckline now, while she shut her eyes and felt the same gush of excitement pound her whole, as the feeling of Ranveer's hands running over her astray, fondling and kneading her carefully and gently, evoking soft grunts of pleasure from her had driven her to another level of ecstasy.

She had locked his lips with him once again, while he left his hands roam freely about her body and her carnal spots and trailing his fingers along her hips alluringly. Her pleasure was evident, for her back arched forward at the touch of his fingers over her hips and her moans of gratification gradually increased by the passing minutes.

Snapping out from her thoughts, she bit her lip slowly and switched off the stove. She took the water off and poured it into the two cups, adding the coffee powder and the sugar soon after. She let the foam settle for a while before she slowly formed a heart over the foam, her mind penetrated over the task.

But soon again she had revisited the memory of the previous night, this time her mind running over the way she had touched him. She could remember feeling Ranveer's body rising and falling against hers, his breath coming rapidly, almost as swift as her shaky, uneven ones. She, in turn, had let her hands roam all over him, leaving nail marks all over his back and torso, careful enough to not damage his shoulder and chest wounds that were newly recovered.

She could sense his awkwardness at first, afraid to hurt her or cause her more agony, but she had simply pulled him in for a kiss, that was answer enough to him. She could sense the way her touch made him quiver, as she blew slow kisses over his chest while all he could do was moan her name in a newfound desire. Their voices had lost its usual strength and all they managed to do was hoarsely moan out the other one's name, calling out for each other in the midnight hour.

She could feel the colour creep up her cheeks at the thought of how quickly they formed rhythms, trying and testing several different ways of stirring the peaks of love within the other, each time passing with flying colours. They eased out with each other quickly, as they felt their insecurities and fears shed itself like the veil keeping them apart, only to be replaced by the glow of their new discovery.

The beauty of what she had experienced so fully had blown her mind apart, constantly throwing her in the bliss of ecstasy as Ranveer's thoughts kept erupting in her mind, the heat of their moments engulfing her into an ocean of emotions she had never felt before.

She smiled as she stared at the mug, the heart a perfect shape, and sighed. She felt a pair of arms encircle her and a pair of lips make contact with the crux of her neck and she smiled. Letting him turn her around slowly, Ishaani let her eyes meet's Ranveer's own pair of shining ones and she smiled, allowing him to pull her into an embrace.

"Hey," whispered Ranveer softly and Ishaani smiled, purring contentedly against Ranveer's chest. She replied lazily, her voice muffled against the sweatshirt.

"Hey. Made you your coffee." Both of them separated and Ranveer looked about, confused.

"Why is the house this silent?" Ishaani gave him a nonchalant shrug.

"Oh, I gave the helpers a leave for today." Ranveer nodded along, posing his next question.

"What about Martin and Claudine?"

"Both are off to Mr. LeBlanc's place for the weekend."

"Oh yes, Martin did mention that to me." He smiled at Ishaani, while the latter beamed at him. "So that leaves the house to our liberty."

"It certainly does." Ranveer kissed her nose and Ishaani's chuckled, his stubble tickling her. He stared at her silently, his eyes staring transparently into her own.

"When I got up this morning, I was almost certain that it was a dream." Ishaani smiled like the child-like innocence with which he confessed. She gently let her lips meet his own for a peck before they separated and she looked at him lovingly.

"No, you certainly weren't dreaming." Ranveer pulled her into his arms again, both of them sighing and letting themselves escape from reality under the other's embrace. Ishaani gently separated herself from the hug and smiled coyly, the curtains of her black hair obscuring her face. Ranveer smiled and pushed aside her hair, smiling adoringly at her as he raised her chin so that their eyes met.

"You were right. I had no idea." Ishaani let herself blush freely as she understood Ranveer's reference and Ranveer gave her a smile that Ishaani found herself melting into, bewitching as it was.

"You were right as well. Scars certainly make men much more desirable." Ranveer flushed and Ishaani kissed the bridge of his nose, letting his arms circle her waist.

"Well, that's good enough." Ishaani and Ranveer smiled at each other for several minutes before Ranveer spoke softly. "So, you are on board with this, right?" Ishaani frowned and gave Ranveer a bewildered look.

"What do you mean?" Ranveer gave Ishaani an embarrassed look, while the latter still looked confused.

"I mean, this isn't some 'oh I lost my job, I nearly died and we were in the moment' kind of thing now, is it?" Ishaani's features relaxed and she smiled shyly.

"No, it isn't. Not for me."

"Good. Me neither." Ranveer cupped Ishaani's cheek and she kissed his hand softly, a daring yet coy twinkle in her eyes.

"So, um, did you like it?" Ishaani questioned him truthfully, the words leaving her lips even before she was aware. Ranveer couldn’t help but smile at the childish innocence with which she framed her question and replied lovingly.


"And the part where-"

"Especially that part. I loved it." Ishaani reddened and whispered back, her voice seductively rough.

"Good." Ranveer gently made Ishaani sit up on the platform, careful enough to remove the mugs and place them sideways, before he pulled her face close enough to his own. She stared at him, the same blazing look in her eyes and a mischievous smile on her face before she let her lips collide against his own, while his fingers slowly trailed up her exposed thighs. Both of them remained in the same place for several minutes, the blazing sun adding to the heat of their moment while they let themselves loosen up at the other's touch.

Separating after several minutes, Ishaani smiled at Ranveer and whispered suggestively.

"You look ready for a second round." Ranveer gave her a confused look.

"Shouldn't that technically be our fifth?"

"Touché." Ranveer smiled and picked her up bridal style, while Ishaani smiled at him lovingly. Both of them left the kitchen, the cups of coffee on the counter, the steam from the hearts creating an aroma of its own.

That evening, Ranveer and Ishaani had their dinner in silence, enjoying the peaceful calm that the house imposed upon them. Both of them had smiled plastered over their faces, too coy to speak anything yet too happy to break the bubble of contentment.

Finally, once Ishaani cleared off the dishes, she came back to the room and Ranveer gave her a winning smile.

"You still didn't tell me why the helpers are on leave."

"I gave them the leave because the wanted the weekend for ourselves. To spend time with each other and try to crack a solution for our latest problem." Ranveer chuckled to himself and Ishaani turned crimson.

"Well, we managed to do that."

"Yes. We certainly did, though this was certainly the last thing on my mind, I must admit." Ishaani let silence envelop them once again and both of them made their way to the bed. Sitting silently for a few moments, devoid of any conversation, Ishaani spoke after some time. "You know, this didn't feel wrong. Not in any way."

"Yeah. You know, before yesterday, this thought did occur to me sometimes, but somehow I always felt that we weren't ready for it. I felt that this would only break the order in which I wanted to take the relationship ahead. I was clearly wrong."

"It felt like that now, didn't it?"

"Oh yeah. But for all I know, we were meant to experience this long ago and last night actually helped me understand how far the two of us have come."

"We have indeed come far along. From the days where we could barely make eye contact to last night, things have certainly been phenomenal." Ranveer held Ishaani's hand in his own and kissed it, while Ishaani pulled him in a tight embrace. Ranveer stroked her hair gently, letting her lay in his arms peacefully before she slowly separated herself.

"Ranveer, can I ask you something?" Ranveer nodded his head and gave her an assuring nod.

"Anything." Ishaani nodded her head and spoke hesitantly.

"Can we keep what we have between us a secret for now?" Ranveer kissed her forehead and replied lovingly.

"That goes without saying."

Ranveer and Ishaani smiled at each other winningly as they made they sat in the same posture for the next hour, discussing several trivial things, while their fingers remained constantly entwined. Both of them remained unaware when they fell asleep in the same position, their hearts bubbling the concoction of love while their minds had never been this calm.

Martin and Claudine returned the day after the next. Ishaani and Ranveer waited for them eagerly and the arriving couple were pleasantly surprised to the see residing ones happy and chirpy, back to their happy selves. Ranveer and Ishaani had the helpers clear off their luggage while Ishaani and Claudine hugged, the latter looking apologetic.

"I'm most ashamed for my behavior with you that day."

"Claud, let it go. And why on Earth have you still caught on to it? To be honest, I'd forgotten about it. So, call it quits." Claudine smiled happily and Ishaani gave her an engaging smile, before Claudine frowned

"You're glowing. Wait, did you do something to your face?" Ishaani gave her a confused look and shook her head.

"No, it’s the same. Why?"

"I don't know. I've seen this glow before, but I can't place it where exactly. God, this pregnancy has messed up all of my senses." Ishaani rolled her eyed while the latter still looked addled.

"Come now, Claud. You just started with your seventh month. It isn't long now." Claudine and Ishaani smiled at each other and separated, Ishaani hugging Martin and Claudine hugging Ranveer. The four of them made their way to the dining room and Martin made to leave.

"Where do you think you are going, Martin?" Ranveer gave Martin a questioning look and the latter looked taken aback.

"To serve you all breakfast, Monsieur." Ranveer scowled at him and Martin averted his gaze quickly.

"Sit down, Martin. The helper will serve it out."


"No 'buts' with me. Sit down," When Martin didn't make to budge, Ranveer gritted his teeth and spoke through them. "Now." Martin hurriedly sat down and Ishaani and Claudine chuckled, while Ranveer rolled his eyes at Martin. The helpers quickly laid across the table and all the four of them tucked in, their appetites at their usual ravenous peaks.

Ishaani noticed that Claudine was staring at her puzzled several times. She could not help but feel unnerved under Claudine's scrutinizing gaze, while the latter shrugged her shoulders several times and got back to having her breakfast. However, it was during Ishaani's third piece of toast when Claudine banged her fist on the table, her expression triumphant.

"Ha! Aha!" Ranveer and Ishaani both stared at Claudine in shock at her sudden outburst while Martin stared at her confused.

"Qu'est-que c'est, ma cherie?"

"Claud, I understand that hormones go a little high during the pregnancy, but does it make you a little demented as well?" Claud shook her finger at Ranveer dangerously, before turning to look at Ishaani with a notorious smirk on her face.

"The two of you did it now, didn't you?" It took a moment for her statement to be registered before both Ranveer and Ishaani gasped, the former choking over his glass of juice while the latter missed biting her toast by an inch. Both of them feigned innocence but could not help getting flustered, the reddening of their cheeks the ideal give away.

"Good Lord, Claud, what's gotten into you today?"

"You've become a daredevil!" Both Ranveer and Ishaani spoke simultaneously and Claudine relaxed back on her chair, her expression pleased. Martin looked uncomfortably at Claudine as he whispered swiftly.

"Cherie, must you talk such things?"

"Oh, grow up, Martin! You have twins on the way, for crying out loud!" Martin reddened and quickly made to get up and clear the table, while Ranveer and Ishaani let their lips twitch at Martin's evident discomfort. Claudine turned her attention back to the two of them and they sobered down quickly, Ranveer taking the lead.

"Must you be this vocal about your observations?" Claudine gave him an uneasy look before she sighed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blurt it out like that. The glow is something that's pretty common, because as a forensic expert, looking out for such signs is a must." Ishaani nodded her head in understanding, but Ranveer looked at Martin's quick, retreating figure and chuckled.

"But look what you've done to poor Martin." Claudine waved her hand in dismissal yet couldn't help but smile in his direction.

"Oh come now, he is acting like a baby." Ishaani gave Claudine a reproachful look.

"Cut the guy some slack." Claudine raised her hands in surrender.

"Alright, alright. But on a serious note, I am so happy for you guys!" Ranveer and Ishaani gave her glowing smiles and she got up and hugged them both. Ranveer quickly wiped his hands clean and headed towards the main door, Ishaani with him. Claudine came along to see him off and Ranveer gave her a tense look.

"Relax. I won't say anything more about this. Promise." Ranveer understood the reference and he smiled.

"Good, because the two of us want this to remain between us for some more time before we get to the next phase of the relationship and announce it publicly." Claudine smiled at the couple and shook her head in mock disappointment.

"You speak as though I'm a blabbermouth. I expected better from you, Ranveer." Ranveer gave her a skeptical look and Claudine punched him playfully.

"Alright, alright." Claudine smiled, but realized the awkwardness spreading about. She sensed Ranveer and Ishaani's hesitancy and smirked.

"Good Lord, get a room." Claudine winked at them and made her way to the room, while Ranveer embraced Ishaani, smiling broadly to themselves. Breaking apart, Ranveer kissed Ishaani's forehead gently and she smiled.

"Get back home soon." Ranveer cupped her cheek, his touch giving Ishaani a strange assurance.

"Don't worry, you won't wake up calling my name in the midnight hour."
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