Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou x Majisuka Gakuen 4

Chapter 2

Saya's POV

After hearing the boys' conversation and voicing out the thoughts I have since the day Fumie disappeared, I went down to our classroom.

I had been the top and the president of Cattleya a month since that day. I never wanted to be the top, I prefer being second to Fumie. She was always the top of Cattleya, but now I have to do this for her.

Fumie never went home the day she disappeared. Her parents were a complete mess for months. They searched for her day and night but they never found her.

Some say that she was kidnapped, but there wasn't any news about ransoms or something. Fumie came from a very wealthy family anyway. There were rumors about her running away.

Honestly, I believe in that more than the kidnapped rumor... but what could be Fumie's reason to run away?

Fumie, we're all worried about you.

Please, wherever you are just... tell us you're safe.

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