Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou x Majisuka Gakuen 4

Chapter 3

Salt's POV

I was having those dreams again. Those memories I'd rather forget.

I was so pathetic back then, thinking that everything will be prime and proper. Sticking up to the rules will make me a good person... but no.

Obeying those rules made me feel that I still lack something. Being the top of the prestigious school wasn't enough. I still felt incomplete.

And now... I am the top of Majijo. Even though I don't have any interest in running Rappappa, I still had to because its my duty.

Another duty... Another burden.

As long as Otabe is there, I won't have to be afraid of anything.

But after a while of being the top of Majijo, I am becoming more and more restless. The boredom of not being able to fight someone as strong as me (or possibly even stonger than me) is becoming worse.

I sighed as I continued to get lost on my own thoughts which were interrupted by Otabe's pissed off voice.

I had a small frown on my usually bored face as I went to the door.

"You even have monster strength in your nose" I heard Otabe say.

I smirked. Must've been talking about Bakamono.

As I opened the door, I made sure to wipe off that smirk on my face and faced the Four Heavenly Queens with my usual composture: A slightly bored but poker faced.

They looked at me as I opened the door, Yoga even stood up out of respect. Her loyalty reminds me of them...

Damn it Salt. You're not supposed to be thinking about the people from your past.

You're already Salt. Not her...

It pissed me off as I remembered that school as well as the classmates and schoolmates that I had.

"Ah. Salt-san! Good morni-" Bakamono's sentence was cut off as I punched her.

Realizing what I did, I only muttered a "shut up" and went back to my room before they can see my vulnerable state.

There's no way I'll let them see it.

There's no way I'll let them see it.

I continued to push away those memories when I felt a sudden change of atmosphere.

The winds had a sudden change.

Something was going to happen.

A challenge for me, perhaps?

Since I can't think straight with Bakamono being noisy on the clubroom, I decided to walk around the school.

Walking around helps me clear my mind with whatever things I have in mind.

The walls. It reminds me of the school I used to attend to. I can't help but smile a little and my eyes softened a little.

As I walked on an empty hallway, I continued to think about my boredom until I passed by a girl.

Normally, I don't really care about the students in Majijo. This is the first time I saw her around though. A transfer student? Probably.

But her aura... Something's different.

I'll know in due time.

I hope that Rappappa will finally have a thrill after a long time.

And with that, I went back to my room in the clubroom.

It wasn't long when I heard about Team Hinabe being beaten.

By the same person I was referring to a while ago.

I can hear Otabe and Bakamono practicing at the clubroom. Yoga and Magic were probably doing their own thing.

I opened the door and the first thing I saw was Bakamono hiding behind Otabe.

"Salt-san, were we being loud again?" Bakamono asked me carefully.

I ignored her and told them:

"I've never smelled... this wind before."

I saw the kind of looks they gave me and I smirked as I went back in my room.

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