They're here! They haven't forgotten about me! The tall man and the pretty lady taking care of us, are walking into the building right now. They really are nice. I can't wait to show them my picture. Miss Patty said that I did a great job on it. And I like it too.
I can't believe Noa and my little sister are so lucky. Noa and Shireen really deserve to be with them; have them as their parents. Which is why Noa calls them Mommy and Daddy. And that is why Shireen will call them that. When she starts to talk of course. She can't talk right now. The tall man picks me up in his arms and hugs me. I still don't understand why he and the pretty lady do all that. Hug us, and read stories to us, tuck us in at night… They have to be blind. I don't deserve to be treated this way. Because my Mommy and Daddy didn't do all that; they hit me, and called me names. So I have to be a bad boy. Otherwise they wouldn't have done that. So why are they so nice to me?
They tell me that I've done a great job on my picture and I smile. Noa is talking constantly now, but I still can't. Don't really want to. Because when I start to talk, they will start to hit me too. My Mommy and Daddy started to hit me when I started to talk. I'm scared of my daddy; I don't like him. He treated me and Noa bad. He can hit me, and call me names, but not Noa. Noa didn't do anything. But maybe that's just the problem. We're just there. When he stops beating Mommy, he'll come to us.
The pretty lady's name is Sarah, and the tall man calls her that a lot. But why she calls him 'harm'… He doesn't do harm. Not to anyone. Not even to me. And I'm not nice.
We wave goodbye at Miss Patty, and make our way to the car. It's a nice car. A big one. With a lot of car seats. For me, and for Noa, and even one for Shireen. They're asking me if I had fun at school and I nod. I did have fun at school. I really like it there.
The tall man straps me in my seat and we go to pick Noa up. She only goes to school two days a week. Shireen is at our new home, with a nice lady called Emma. The new house is very, very big. We all like it there. There's a play room, a room for Noa, and one for Shireen and even one for me. Wow. And I can have all the color pencils that I want, and all the paper that I want to draw… But Elmo is still my favorite toy. When we come home in a little while, he'll be on the table next to the door. Just like Noa's favorite doll.
Noa is chatting all the time during our drive home and the pretty lady talks to her. It's a lot of fun to watch the two of them together. It really is. They are really good with Noa.
Once inside the house, the tall man picks up my smallest sister and gives her a very big hug. The pretty lady goes up the stairs to change and comes down only a couple of seconds later. Her hair is down now and she's wearing jeans and a simple sweater. She really is a pretty lady. The tall man has put my drawing up on the fridge, next to Noa's. So he really has to like it. They switch places and smile at each other. That's not something my parents ever did. My parents never smiled at each other. It's a bit weird to see. He ruffles my hair on his way to the stairs. All those little things they do…
Sometimes, the tall man has this look in his eyes, like he had when he picked Shireen up earlier. It's so sweet, like he really cares. Like he really wants us to be happy and have fun. As if there's nothing in the whole wide world that matter more to him. And to the pretty lady. Before we go to bed at night, we read a story. Sometimes a story about Pooh Bear, or a story about Tigger, who is my favorite, or a story about Bert and Ernie. And we sit on the couch; all five of us. The tall man, the pretty lady and Noa and Shireen and me.
They help us brush our teeth, and help us put on our PJ's. But I can put on my own PJ's now. Ever since the pretty lady saw that I can do it myself, she doesn't need to help me anymore. I only have a problem with tying my laces, but since they explained the Bunny Ears to me, it goes better.
We have a back yard now. With a swing in it, and a sandbox. It's a little cold to play in the sand box, to build sandcastles and make sand cookies, but we can use the swing. It's so much fun to swing. Higher and higher. When the tall man and the pretty lady don't have to go to work, me and Noa crawl into their bed and we have pillow fights and they tickle us. And when I wake up because I have a nightmare, I can go over and sleep with them in their bed. I could never do that with my own parents. I never even tried.
On Sunday's, we go to the park. We take lots of food and drinks with us, and we go to the park. But the weather is getting colder and colder outside, so I don't think that we'll be going to the park any longer. I'm going to miss that.
At night, after dinner, the tall man sometimes makes hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. And I sometimes get extra marshmallows. One time, I burnt my tongue. That really hurt, but after the cocoa cooled off, everything was fine. It was nice. I still don't understand why they do all that, though. Why they take us to the park, and make us hot cocoa, and help us brush our teeth, and read Pooh Bear stories to us. It's very nice, and I really like it, but I don't deserve it. Especially since I'm such a bad boy.
'Harm' is back in the kitchen now, and I walk into the living room to look out of the window. The sky is gray, not blue as it was a couple of days ago. It looks a bit like rain. I like the rain though. All the drops, and you get to wear your jackboots and splash around… Yeah, I really like the rain.
But now there's a figure getting out of the car. And I already know who it is, that's getting out of the car. And I don't like it. I have to tell 'Harm'. But how? I can't just nod this time. He'll probably hit me for doing this, but there's only one way to get his attention. I turn around and ran towards the kitchen.

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