Everything is fine with the world again. The kids are in bed, upstairs, where they belong. In our house, with us. Harm and I both plump down on the couch and look at each other. "That was one hell of a roller coaster ride," I hear myself say.
Harm chuckles. "A roller coaster ride is easier to handle than this, Sar. We went from a 'we're-not-admitting-that-we're-a-couple' to a 'we're-getting-married' couple in less then eight hours and forty-three seconds. Not to mention that we 'suddenly' have three kids."
I grin. This whole afternoon has been surreal. It started with us being miserable in my apartment, and ends right here on the couch, in our house with three kids. Three kids who were thrilled to be going home. When I saw Gabe's face lit up when I told him that we were going home, I knew we had made the right decision. His arm is still swollen and hurts whenever you touch it, but that is not the worst thing. His whole body is covered in bruises. And so is Noa's. I can't believe we let the kids stay as long as we did. We should've seen something sooner. Something. Anything. Harm silently takes my hand and gives it a soft squeeze. "There was nothing we could've done, Sarah. We did something as soon as we found out there was something wrong with the kids and that's exactly what needed to be done."
I nod. I know we did the right thing, that's not it. I just wished we'd noticed it before things got out of hand. But that's just wishing on my part. Gabe and Noa have been hurt in their short lives as it is and when they finally thought they were safe, their lives get turned up-side-down again."Hey," Harm says, softly tugging on my arm. "You know what?"
I scoot closer and look down at our intertwined fingers. "What?"
"First, there is something missing."
Looking up into his eyes, I arch an eyebrow. "Missing? Where? Did we forget something over at the Newton's?" I seriously hoped that Harm had packed everything… well, clothes, books, toys, diapers for Reen and everything. Every fiber of my being is screaming that I'm not going back there. Harm smiles and takes my left hand. "There is something missing on your hand, Sarah."
What is he talking about? Something missing on my hand? What could there be missing on my left… My eyes dart back up to his. We got engaged this afternoon… Is that what he's saying? "You mean… You don't have to give me an enga…"
Harm silences me with a finger on my lips. "Before you start to babble…" Where did he get that small velvet box from? Despite my protests, my eyes grow wide. Is Harm really doing this? Really, really doing this? He lets go of my hand and sinks down to one knee in front of me.
"I know that you were the one who first proposed to me, but I want to do this right and official." He pauses, presumably searching for the right words. "You mean more then the world to me, Sarah. And the last couple of months have showed me that I love you more than anything and that I want you to be my wife. That I want us to be a family. You, me, and those three adorable children upstairs. So, what I basically want to say… Marry me?"
I nod. There's nothing else I can do, because it feels as if my tongue is tied. My heart is pounding fast, and when Harm slips the ring on my finger, I gasp. Nothing else. This whole thing is perfect. Harm reaches up and claims my lips. This kiss is nothing the one from this afternoon. It doesn't even look like the kiss he gave me this morning when I woke up. This one is filled with love, passion, dedication and promise. A promise of so much more to come. Without breaking our kiss, Harm picks me up in his arms and starts to carry me to the hallway. He only stops so that I can turn of the lights. Halfway up the stairs he realizes something. "It's not too soon?"
Flyboy, I've been waiting forever for this moment. "Let's hope we're not going to wake the kids," I murmur before I pull his head back down to mine.

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