That talk with Ellen went better than Sarah and I hoped that it would go. Ellen was still pissed at us for technically kidnapping the kids, but she understood. Sort of, anyway. I hear Sarah laughing in the living room. She's flipping through one of the photo albums I inherited from Grandma Sarah.
"What's so funny?" I ask, while walking into living room.
Sarah takes the offered cup of tea from me and smiles. "You are. You were the cutest baby, handsome."
I slid next to her on the couch and look over her shoulder to the stack of albums. "That's good to know, honey." I take a sip of my own tea. "You really want to look through all of those tonight?"
Sarah smiles even more. "There are some interesting photos in these albums, Harm." With that, she picks up another album and flips it open. It's a family album Grandma Sarah made years ago, when I was a troubled teenager and Mom insisted that I went to family gatherings…For a while, the both of us are silent; Sarah flips through the album and I silently watch her. "Harm?"
"Mmm?" I turn my head to her and look down at the page she's looking at. Two similar pictures. One older than the other. One with my grandparents and the other one with my parents. I grin.
Sarah takes a close look at the pictures. "Where is that?"
My free hand is trailing lazy circles in her neck. "That is on a hill nearby Grandma Sarah's farm. She and Grandpa got married there and later on my parents, too."
For a minute or two, Sarah keeps looking at the pictures without saying anything. When she flips the page around, there are more pictures. She smiles. "It has to look amazing there in spring…"
It does. It looks amazing in the spring. My dad and I used to climb up there all the time when I was little. You have an incredible view over the valley behind the farm on top of the hill. "It does. Dad and I climbed up that hill. And Dad would tell me stories about how almost everybody of the Rabb men had married their wives on that hill. There used to be a little chapel around the end of the nineteenth century where that they used, but later on, it got torn down. The tradition stayed though."
You know, my grandparents and my parents got married there, and the family used to tell stories about all that, but it never had a real meaning to me. But now that I'm talking about it, it suddenly dawns on me.
"Really?" Sarah asks. "All the Rabb men got married there?"
I shrug. "Almost every one of them. I think my Mom gave up on the thought that I would ever marry, but she would tell me that if I ever got married, she and Grandma wanted it to be there." I got so sick of those arguments. By the time I was twenty-five, I'd heard all of them so many times…
Her finger trails a picture of my parents on their wedding day. "Do you think Grandma Sarah would mind if we got married up there?"
My eyes grow wide. "What?"
Sarah runs her hand through my hair. "Do you, Harm? Do you want to get married on that hill?"
God, I never even thought about it. And I tell her so. "If you want to get married on that hill, it's fine with me. I don't really care where we get married, just as long as we do."
We look at each other and smile. This is all going to work out. We're going to get the kids, we're going to get married, and we're going to be a family. A real family.
We stay up late, talking about my family, about the kids, our upcoming wedding. We both want something simple. Preferably just us and the kids. Not too much hassle. Deciding that two weeks will be enough to get our act together, especially since we don't really want to wait, I call Grandma Sarah and ask her permission to use the hill. Grandma Sarah is almost more excited than Sarah and I are. She starts to ramble about friends and family, about wedding dresses and cakes, about the kids… It takes me forever to make it clear to her that Sarah and I both want something simple. When we finally get upstairs that night, we check on the kids and get into our bedroom. Sarah and I look at each other and before I know what we're doing, our lips are glued together with a passion I never knew existed. I never know that I could feel this way for just one woman. And God help me, but I swear that I'm not ever going to love another woman the way I love Sarah. There is just no way. My hands hold still after I've unbuttoned her top and I admire her barely covered body. Sarah looks into my eyes. A look that she always uses to challenge me. "What are you waiting for, Harm? Make love to me."
And I don't need another word.

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