I put the phone back in its cradle, and lean back into my chair. I never thought I was going to call in favors… And even if I was, it would be because I needed something. Well, I needed something. Spent five hours on the phone; but it was so worth it. The police are looking into the Newton's right now. Kate Biancavilla from CPS agreed that although what Harm and Mac did was stupid, they did the right thing. Eventually, after talking to Kate and Judge Elfman from the Child Welfare Court, Harm and Mac got temporary approval as foster parents and temporary custody. All right, I have to admit that if their reputation wasn't so flawless, it would've taken me a lot more favors than it took me now. There are only very few people who can get away with what they did. Judge Elfman is a former Marine, maybe it was that… Oh, I don't know, and frankly, I don't really care. The most important fact is that they got custody. However, there will be a hearing in two and a half weeks. If everything works out the way I think it's going to work out, Harm and Mac will have permanent custody of the kids soon. Okay, so not really really soon, but soon enough. Temporary custody is one thing to get. Full custody is something else altogether.
"Mommy Ellen?" Taye sticks his head into the room, and when he sees that I'm no longer on the phone, he comes running over. I lift him into my lap.
"What's up, Taye?" This little guy is so precious… I can't imagine what I would do if someone started to abuse him. Taye starts an incoherent story about an airplane and a bulldozer. I think that is why I asked Mac (and in the back of my head I knew Harm would be the one to tag along) to take care of the kids. Mac has been through a lot in her life, and she's seen her father beat her mom up. She wouldn't want that to happen to kids. And Harm… well, Harm lost his dad. If there is someone who wants kids to stay just that, it's Harm. Besides that, I haven't seen better partners; in and out of work. Suddenly, Taye has stopped talking. I register it somewhere. My ears no longer fill themselves with the voice of a two-year-old. When I look down at his face, his big grey eyes look up at me. I smile and stroke him over his head. "Sorry, honey. I was a million miles away. What were you saying about that bulldozer?"
And Taye starts again. This time I listen with interest. Taye is really the baby of this make-shift family. June, Carter and Misha sometimes find him annoying, and when you're a teenager, he probably is. But I love this little guy so much… I love all of the kids so much…
I look at my watch and see that it is almost time to start on dinner. The kids should all be coming home from school soon. There is one other thing to do before I go downstairs though. Call the happy family.

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