Grandma Sarah

Heaven, it's been three incredible days. I'm finally able to sit down and relax. Well, that's not totally true. For the most part, yeah, I can, but I have to keep and eye on the front porch. Trisha and Frank arrived yesterday, and Harm is going to spend the night with Frank in a hotel. So now he and Sarah are trying to say goodbye to each other.
Trish drops in a chair on the other side of the room and smiles at me. "They're going to spend the night out there saying goodbye if we let them."
I laugh. "Just like you and Harm back then."
That gets her to blush. Yes, Patricia Trevor – Rabb, I still remember that. How you and my son rushed into that marriage (well, according to me, you did) and tried to say goodbye to each other before your wedding for a couple of hours. Harm and Sarah have just been standing there for a few minutes.
Trish sips her ginger ale. "I wish Harm was here to see him."
For a moment we lock eyes. It takes me back to when I saw that my son was happy with his wife. He was glowing with her; hadn't been so happy in his life yet. And then they had Harm Jr….. Life was perfect for him. I've made peace with the past, but sometimes I wish that Harm was here to see how his son turned out to be. There is no doubt in my mind that he would be proud.
The past four days have proven that Harm and Sarah are pretty much meant to be. If I remember what a sight they made the other day, walking down the street, grocery shopping with three kids... Sarah was pushing Shireen's stroller, Noa had the best sight sitting on Harm's shoulders, and Gabe was running in front of them. Like they had been a family all their lives.
Franks comes walking into the room. "They remind me of a couple of hormone-driven teenagers," he grins. "Ah… those were the days…"
Trish swats his arm. "Behave yourself, Frank. Be glad that he finally decided to get married."
Frank sits down on the armrest of her chair and takes her hand. "I am. Glad, that is. Because that will hopefully mean that you'll stop worrying."
I smile. Frank is a kind man, and he turned out to be pretty good for my daughter-in-law. Because that's still what she is to me. My head turns to the door and I wonder what Harm and Sarah are doing out there. Probably something Russell and I did too. What Harmon and Trish did, too. Lifting myself out of my chair, I start to walk to the front door and push it open. "Darling, I hate to break the party up, but I think it's time that you went to your hotel."
They let go of each other as if they've burned themselves. Start to laugh. Goofy grins. Harm leans into her ear and pretends that he hasn't heard me. I look at them for a while. Both swollen lips, messed up hair… Their clothes aren't any better. Oh Lord, what did I get myself into?
"Harmon James Rabb Jr.!" This time I raise my voice. It always worked before.
Harm breaks their kiss and grunts. "Seriously, Grams. It's not as if I missed my curfew by a few hours or anything."
I put my hands on my hips. "Seriously, Harm. Don't make me treat you as if you have."
Sarah starts to laugh and turns her head towards me. "Does he really have to? We've been sharing a bed for the past four and half months and we both know that we don't sleep well, separately."
They look at me with puppy eyes. Begging me to give in. But I'm not going to give in. I shake my head. "You'll have another sixty years or something to make up for it. You'll be fine for just one night. Besides, what kind of example are you going to set for the kids?"
Harm and Sarah look at each other and laugh. "If that's the case, we've been setting a very bad example for them." They grin at each other. "A very bad example."
I roll my eyes in mock expiration. "Okay. Ten more minutes. But after that it's really time to go."
But they haven't even heard me. Oh, well. It's probably a good thing that they're making out like a couple of teenagers. It'll keep them young. I smile at Frank and Trish when I return. "I gave them ten more minutes, but I don't think that they've heard me."
Trish shakes her head. "Some things never change…"
That they don't. It's the third generation standing on that porch the night before their wedding. Russell and I were the ones who started, then Harm and Trish and now Harm and Sarah. Maybe that Gabe will do the same with his bride in another decade or two. It's funny; I feel like I've known Sarah all my life. I haven't, but it feels that way. After three days, we were talking about everything: the kids, Harm, her past, her family… It was nice to have another point of view on the event in Harm's life. She sure knows my grandson.
Gabe loves the tree house. After that first afternoon, Gabe was so excited when he came back into the house; red cheeks and out of breath. The called for Sarah and started to tell about the tree house: how big it was and how Grandpa Harm had built it for Daddy and that he loved it.
Trish' voice wakes me out of my thoughts. She smiles. "Remember that one night Harm and I stayed out? I can't remember when it was, just that my parents and I came down here to visit, and that somehow Harm and I managed to stay out the whole night. And when we returned the next morning, you didn't even ask twice where we'd been, but you gave him hell after we left."
I have to laugh at that memory. I sure gave him hell. And he deserved no less than that. I yelled at him, grounded him for a good week or two (you could still ground an eighteen year old back then) and asked him what the hell he had been thinking. Staying out an entire night!
"Nothing happened, Ma," he said, smiling that smile of his. "I mean it. Nothing happened."
And no matter how much he tried to reassure me, I knew better. Of course I knew better. Not that I told him that. That was absolutely not something I was going to tell him. The wedding was a good year later. After much more nights spend outdoors. The ten minutes are over. I see it looking at my watch. The ten minutes are over and Harm needs to let go of that girl. I look at Trish and she nods. "I'll go. Not that he'll listen…"
Frank goes upstairs to get Gabe. The house is for the girls and all the guys are sleeping somewhere else. That's the way we figured it out, and that's the way it's going to stay. When Harm and Sarah protest to Trish' interruption, I smile again. They've both passed thirty, but in the way they've been acting the past three days, you'd think that they're two teenagers. They were sitting on the couch yesterday, Sarah's feet in Harm's lap, both holding a cup of hot chocolate and staring at the fire in the fireplace. That's cute and all. It was until they started to steal kisses anyway. I honestly can't remember ever being this bad in my entire life. Russell and I were in love, but this tops everything. They just won't stop. They can't sit close enough, they can't touch enough, can't kiss enough….
Frank comes down with Gabriel nestled in his arms. The little guy sleeps through everything. When Trish and I stand on the front porch, the both of us share a knowing look. With one last kiss, Harm lets go of Sarah and steps back. Turns back halfway to the car and comes running back again. Sarah won't stop laughing and wraps her arms around his neck. "You should go," she murmurs.
"You think so?"
How they manage to utter a single syllable (in this case a little more than one) is beyond me. They can have entire conversations in between kisses.
"Positive. It's only…" Kiss.
"…eleven hours, forty-six minutes and twenty seconds before the wedding," Harm finishes her sentence. "I know…" He claims her lips again.
Sarah pulls back. "Go. If you don't go now I'm gonna keep you here and we weren't gonna do that."
Harm sighs. "Really? I don't think it's such a bad idea, me staying here…"
"Harm…" she trails.
He nods, steals one last kiss and walks to the car. "I love you," he says.
Sarah's eyes twinkle. "I love you, too."
The car starts (finally, I might add) and they pull away from the farm. Well, we survived that. Once look at Sarah tells me that she's still thinking about Harm. Probably will until tomorrow morning eleven o'clock. I sigh and touch her arm. "Come on, darling. Let's go inside."
She nods, and follows me and Trish inside. This girl is really head over heels with my grandson. And it definitely goes the other way around, too. This thing between them is going to last a lifetime. Sarah touches her still swollen lips and smiles. Oh, yeah, she is absolutely spoiled for the rest of her life.
This girl is smitten.

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