I turn off the engine and turn to my wife. Good, it feels good to say that. My incredible, wonderful, amazing, beautiful wife. Sarah looks up to me and smiles. This is it. We're going to face JAG. We're going to face people who don't know that we're married.
"You ready?" Sarah asks.
My eyes drop to her hand. She gets to wear her ring to work. Makes me a little jealous. But it would be a little suspicious if we suddenly got married in the same weekend. Everybody in that building still thinks that Sarah is dating Zack and that 'Sarah' and I either have tied the nod ages ago, or are not planning to for a long time.
"Tell me again?" I beg. I know, I'm begging. Didn't think I ever would be, but to hear it coming from her…
Sarah starts to laugh. "I love you, Harm."
That brightens up my whole day. "I love you too, honey."
With that, I lean in, place a chaste kiss on her lips and get out of the car. I really hope that no one saw us. Today is the last day that we can go to work in one car. Mac's (god, it feels weird to think of her as Mac instead of Sarah) 'Vette has been in shop for almost a week now, and we have to pick it up this afternoon.
We make our way into the building, and step into the elevator. My wedding ring is secure on a chain around my neck. At least, for as long as Mac (seriously, everything about that sounds so odd) is around. I wonder how long it's gonna take Mandy and Harriet to notice and figure it out. Harriet knows that we were living in the same house and taking care of the kids. Mandy doesn't.
We're the only ones in the elevator and I have a hard time keeping my hands off of her. After a weekend of making love, we seriously had a hard time going back home yesterday. Mom and Frank had taken the kids off our hands after the wedding to give us a two-day honeymoon. I'll be forever grateful. We postponed our honeymoon because we have a court hearing in three days, and after that, we'll take some proper time of to give ourselves a well-deserved honeymoon. Right now, I'm a happy man that we got the two days. The elevator doors slide open and reveal a bullpen we haven't seen in a little while. We take one look at each other and decide that we're ready. Come what may, right? Sarah pushes the doors open and we walk in. Both head for our respective offices. Mic is the first one to see us, and acknowledges me with a nod of his head. Actually walks over to my wife's office and starts to talk to her. Okay, take a deep breath, Hammer. Your wife is a big girl; she can take care of herself. And she married me instead of someone else. Yeah. I heave a sigh and open up my briefcase. No, let's get a cup of coffee first.
"Good morning," I greet Mandy and Casper, who are already behind their coffee.
"Morning," Mandy says. She eyes me closely and smiles. "Had a rather hard time saying goodbye this morning, Harm?"
I frown. What is that supposed to mean? "What?"
"You have lipstick on your cheek."
Oh, Noa… Noa has found Sarah's lipsticks and make-up and as every two-year-old, she loves it. So, this morning, she was playing with her lipstick and gave me kisses all over my face. Just lucky that there's only something left on my cheek. I grab a tissue and rub the spot. "That's not Sarah's," I say. "Faith has figured out that she can play with make-up, so now Dad gets showered with lipstick kisses."
For a while the both of them look at me, surprised. What? Oh, right, they think we only got Shireen.
"Faith?" Casper asks.
I nod. "Yeah, the oldest one. She's going to be three in a couple of months."
I think that threw them for a spin. We keep surprising all of them. And I like it. Wait until they find out… Sa… Mac comes walking in. I'll have to think about that. But it gets harder and harder not to call her Sarah at the office.
"Morning everyone," she greets, reaching pass me for a mug. Gives me an invisible wink.
"Morning," we chorus.
"How was your weekend?" Obviously, Mandy really wants to know what went on this weekend. "You're glowing, Mac."
Mac smiles, sips her coffee and sighs. "Let me guess, Tiner made this pot?"
Casper grins. "We're ought to give him a manual for good coffee. I don't know what the guy does with it…"
Mandy and I roll our eyes. Okay, I'll agree that it's not the best coffee I ever had, but it'll do. Sarah and I have a perfect solution at home: we mixed it. Strong enough for her but not so strong that I won't drink it.
"Anyway, you're…" Mandy stops mid sentence. Stares at Sarah's hand. (I'm going to give up now. Sarah is Sarah and not Mac. As long as I keep calling her 'Mac' there shouldn't be a problem.) Her eyes grow wide. "You're kidding me, right?"
Sarah looks up to her. "Kidding? I only made a comment about the coffee…. And that was not a joke…"
"Did you get married? When? How?" Mandy takes her hand and takes a look at Sarah's wedding and engagement ring. "When did you get married?"
Sarah takes another sip and shrugs. "Last Saturday. Nothing huge, just some friends, family, the kids... We wanted something simple and that is what we did."
"I keep hearing things about kids I don't know anything about. Seriously, have you guys been holding out on us?"
I hide my smile behind my mug. You have no idea, Mandy. You really have no idea. Sarah shakes her head. "It's not really a secret. Diego and Faith."
And we're not even lying. Gabriel Diego and Noa Faith Moreno soon-to-be-Rabb. Shireen is mine in the meaning that she's supposed to be at home with 'Sarah', and if Sarah really had her, she'd probably still be on maternity leave. Mic has joined us in the break room by now, and I just know that Harriet isn't too far behind him. Staff call starts in about four minutes and twenty seconds, so we better get moving.
"Wow." Mandy is completely blown away. "Congratulations, then." She grins. "Let me guess, Zack looked handsomer than ever?"
Oh, poor Zack. We haven't seen him and Terry in ages. We're really ought to invite them over. "Oh, my husband looked dashing. And so did our little boy. And Noa's dress was fabulous. The whole thing was perfect."
I couldn't agree more. It was perfect. The vows, the setting, her dress… It really made the whole picture complete. The pictures are probably on their way. Haven't seen them yet. We've been too busy with other things…
"Guys, hate to remind you, but staff call starts in two-and-a-half minutes," I remind them, swallowing the last sip of my coffee. The others nod, finish their coffee and five minutes later, everybody is seated in the conference room. The Admiral takes one look at me and Sarah, then at Sarah's hand and softly congratulates her. And me with her. He's the only one who knows. He starts to hand out cases, giving me and Sarah a case that will keep us in town. For now, anyway. I'm not sure how long this treatment is going to last. One of us is going to get an assignment away. I'm trying not to think about that, because that means that one of us is going to be a single parent for some time, but it will happen. I just know it will.
Right now, Mic and Mandy are the lucky ones to go out of town. Sarah and I sit back a little and let our minds run over the case that has been handed to us a few minutes ago. After the meeting, we disappear into her office, call the home front to make sure everything is fine with Reen and Noa and start to prep for the case.
At the end of the day, we're both exhausted. Just two more days to go till the hearing and I'm anxious. We pick up Sarah's car and head home to release Emma from her work and two little kids. Gabe is sitting in the back seat, happily chatting about his day, and he does so until we arrive home. Before we know it, the day has already passed, and both Sarah and I work some more on the case, but decided that it'll wait for tomorrow and that there's not so much we can do about it anymore. Not until we've interviewed some witnesses and the Lt. himself.
"Mandy didn't know what hit her," Sarah says, as she snuggles up.
I smile. "Nah, she didn't."
"She will, though."
I press a kiss to the top of her head. "Eventually, she will."
And when I wrap my arms around her, when we're finally lying in bed that night, I think that as exhausting this kind of life might be, it's the most satisfying life I've ever had.

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