I can't say that it's all that busy at the airport. Business people in suits rush by, family members waiting for their loved ones to come home… There's a flight coming in from San Diego in a few minutes, so most people in this area are waiting for that. So is the family standing a few yards away from me. A little boy is jumping up and down, running around, playing tag with his little sister. Or so I assume. I'm also waiting for a loved one. Bev has been in San Francisco for a case these past four weeks, and she decided that it was no bother to come over and visit her big brother. I'm a little nervous. Bev has always been my little sister. I haven't seen her since I transferred here almost nine months ago. And Bev knows everything about my crush on a certain Sarah Mackenzie. My huge crush on Sarah Mackenzie. Although I haven't seen her in three and a half weeks, her image still floats through my head.
Yeah yeah, I know she's married and all. But a guy's got the right to dream, right? She has two adorable children (or so I've heard from Harriet) and her husband has to be a great guy. Zack is a great guy. And with Sarah as their mother, Diego and Faith have to be adorable. Finally, there are people coming in. The little boy and girl turn their heads to, what I believe, is their other parent. "Daddy! Daddy!"
Yep, definitely their other parent. Their Dad. Which possibly means that they are here for their mother. Or their grandparents. Or an aunt. Or another family member. A tall guy holding a baby rises and slows them down. From a distance he looks like Harm. Who would Harm be at the airport for? Unless his Sarah has been away too; but I haven't heard anything about that. I shake my head and turn my attention to the gate. The plane had to be crowded, so many people coming out. Bev greets me with that amazing smile of hers when she spots me and starts to run. I catch her in my arms and whirl her around. Hug her close.
"Hey, sailor," she says when we let go. "How've you been?" I grin at her and reach for her carry on. "Great, thanks. How was your investigation?" My ears register that the kids are calling again. "Mommy!" I turn my head around while Bev answers my question and freeze dead in my tracks. That can't be, right? There's no way. The dark-haired woman leans down and catches the two kids in her arms. They throw their arms around her neck and hug her. The woman hugs them back, a tear sliding down her cheek. Picks her little girl up and takes the few steps to where her husband is standing. They switch kids and after the woman has hugged the baby, who is also a girl, she and her husband stare at each other for a long time. Then lean in to kiss each other. It's a long and slow kiss and even from a distance it's obvious to everyone that those two people love each other dearly.
It's a sweet scene and I would've enjoyed it, weren't it for the fact that I know those two people. Bev pulls on my sleeve. "Michael? Mic? What's happening?"
I have trouble tearing my gaze away from the family of five. My mouth is dry. Either they are cheating on their spouses, something I can't imagine, or I've missed something. Bev follows my gaze. "Who are they? You know them?"
Clenching my hands into fists, I manage a nod. "Yeah."
Bev frowns. "Well, who are they?"
The words won't come. I open my mouth, but I don't produce a sound. A million questions are running through my mind. If they are married, then who is Sarah? Other than Mac, who is Sarah? And what does Zack have to do with all this? And the kids… Gabriel, Noa and Shireen or Diego and Faith?
"Mic?" Bev is getting concerned now. "Who are they?"
"Co-workers," I whisper. My voice sounds hoarse.
That doesn't really tell her anything at all. "Co-workers? From JAG?"
Again, I nod. "Lt. Commander Harmon Rabb and Major Sarah Mackenzie." If she still goes by Sarah Mackenzie, anyway. Right now, there's no way to tell. It's probably Rabb.
Harm wraps his arms around Mac and they remain standing for a little while. The little boy (I'm going to assume that it's Gabriel) has wrapped his arm around Mac's leg and seems to clutch it. Like it's his reason for living. Mac strokes over his head and let's go of Harm. They're too far away to know what they're saying. I take a deep breath and turn around to my little sister, who has gotten the clue now. She smiles at me and shakes her head. "This is so you, big brother," Bev says as she takes my arms and we start to walk to the baggage claim. When I frown in confusion she starts to giggle. I just got the shock of my life and my little sister starts to giggle. "What?"
"It's so like you to fall in love with women who are not available."
Thanks Bev, that was exactly what I needed. I so needed you to tell me what is wrong with me. I roll my eyes. "You're not funny, you know."
"I never said I was." Bev lets go of my arm and goes to get her bag. I wait. The image of Harm and Mac kissing, and surrounded with three kids still fresh in my mind. Seriously, if that is it, if Harm and Mac are really married… Why would they have kept it a secret? Why not just tell anyone? I'm sure Harm wants to shout it from the rooftops how proud he is of his wife and children. And he has every right to. It's what I would do, anyway.
I shake my head, completely confused. Mr. and Mrs. Rabb with their three children. I've got so many questions popping up in my head.. I guess they will have to wait for later. Right now, I've got a little sister to interrogate.

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