The plane hasn't totally stopped yet, or I jump out of my seat to grab my bag. I really, really want to get out of here. It's been three weeks since I last saw my kids and my husband. My family. The older woman sitting next to me in the row, smiles at me. "Anxious to go home, darling?"
We've made some small talk, but I've been keeping to myself. I nod. "Oh, yeah."
"You got someone waiting for you at the airport?" the lady goes on.
My face breaks into a smile. "My husband and our three kids."
She pats my arm. "Good for you, dear."
Finally, we can get out. The sticky couple in front of me is blocking my path and there are at least another dozen people in front of me. Come on, people. I've got more to do today. When I finally arrive in the arrival hall, I hear two voices. "Mommy!"
I scan the room for my kids. They come running over as fast as their legs can carry them and I catch them in my arms. "Mommy!"
Gabe and Noa wrap their arms around my neck and I hug them close. Oh, my little angels. I've missed them so much… Much more than I realized. A lonely tears slips down my cheek. Never in my whole life did I imagine that life would be this meaningful to me. Never. Not for a single moment would I allow myself to believe that I could have all this. And now I have it all. A wonderful husband and three children. A home. A family. I pick Noa up and take a few steps towards Harm, who is patiently waiting with Shireen on his hip. And look at our little girl! She's grown so much in the past few weeks! She smiles a smile at me, and I see her two small teeth. Another tear slips down my cheek. Harm doesn't say anything as he takes Noa in his arms and let's me have Reen. Reen starts to babble and grabs my hair. Pulls on it. "Oh god, Harm… she's grown so much…"
"Yeah," Harm whispers. "And she's missed you, too. I had a very hard time putting her down for bed every night."
I hug my little girl close, too. "I'm never going to leave you guys so long ever again," I mumble in Reen's hair. "Never ever again."
Shireen doesn't seem to mind that I'm holding her so close. Then my eyes dart up to Harm. My handsome, caring, amazing, loving husband. If there is one person I've missed more than the kids, it's him. We stare at each other for a while, as if we're trying to remember what the other person looks like. Harm takes two steps to close the distance between us and leans in to kiss me. The second his lips touch mine, it feels as if I haven't been gone for three weeks. Without hesitation, I kiss him back. Oh, this feels good. I'm completely home. Harm breaks our kiss and gathers me in his arms for as much as that is possible. "I love you so much, Sarah."
I press my lips together and nod. "I love you too, Harm." We remain standing like that for I have no idea how long. Long, anyway. We don't want to let go. Kevin and Zoey, the people I had to work close with for the past three weeks, didn't always understand why I was in such a rush to get this thing over and done with. And being in Harm's arms reminds me why it was. I belong here. I belong right here, with him, and our kids. Anywhere Harm and the kids are, is home. And nowhere else. Gabe clutches to my leg like it's his lifeline. I stroke over his head. Yeah, little guy, I've missed you too. And I've missed your sisters too. I've missed this. Harm pulls back and without a word we get my luggage and make it to the awaiting car. The kids are thrilled to have me back. As soon as we walk through the door, Gabe and Noa pull me inside to the living room. I have to see what they've made. I have to see everything they've made. Every drawing, every sandcastle that still stands in our sandbox; they show me what Reen has learned to do in the time that I've been gone.
And when Harm and I lock eyes over the counter, I realize that this is where I am supposed to be. This is home.

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