Someone in front of my desk clears it's throat and I look up. "May I help you?" I ask, a little annoyed. The tall guy is in civvies. Has never been here before, or I'd know, because he would be serious competition.
"I'm looking for Lt. Colonel Mackenzie?"
Ah, our fairly new staff JAG. The gorgeous Lt. Colonel. The gorgeous, five months pregnant, and very happily married Lt. Colonel. I swear it, if she was free…
I arch an eyebrow. "Does she know you're coming?"
In that case… The Colonel doesn't like to be disturbed, especially since she's been buried in paperwork for the past week. She even gets annoyed with me or Gibbs when we get into her office without a warning. Rising, I signal for the guy to follow me. "This way." I'm going to have a blast seeing Mac kick his ass for showing up. "So, do you know the Colonel?"
The guy looks at me. "We've met."
God, what kind of answer is that? They've met… Why is he so vague? He either knows her or he doesn't.
"She hasn't been here for that long," I go on, "Just a few months."
"I know," he answers. He looks around our building. "We used to work together, at JAG. I changed billets around the same time she did."
Okay, so they really know each other. Kate passes us and smiles at the stranger. Why is he able to get a smile out of her, and I'm not? "Showing our new agent around, Tony?" she asks.
I sigh and stop. "Not this time, Kate. Ehm …" I now strikes me that I don't know the guy's name or rank.
He offers his hand to Kate. "Rabb. Commander Rabb."
"Kate Todd," Kate introduces herself. Spots the wedding ring around his finger and immediately backs off. "So, if you don't mind me asking, if you're not our new agent, what are you doing at NCIS HQ, Commander?"
The Commander shrugs. "I'm meeting your staff JAG."
"Colonel Mackenzie?"
He confirms it with a nod. "Yes."
"Does she know you're coming? From what I heard, she doesn't like it when people show up unannounced."
Rabb grins at her. "I know her, Agent Todd, I don't think I'll get my six kicked for showing up unannounced."
In that case, he really is in for a surprise. We say goodbye to Kate and continue on our way. "So, you and Colonel worked together at JAG, huh? For how long?"
"A few years."
And he's right back to the vague answers. Heaven, I'd be surprised if he ever gives a straight answer. He has to, at some point, right? Turning a corner, I knock on Mac's office door. No answer. Okay… I turn around to Commander Rabb. "She's not here. We could check the break room…"
Without saying a word he follows me. Inwardly, I sigh. Can't say that the guy likes to talk a lot. "Are you here on business? If you're a JAG lawyer as well…"
He laughs. "I started out as a pilot, then became a lawyer and right now, I'm a teacher at the Naval Academy."
Okay, I hope that my face doesn't betray how impressed I am with that. The guy has three professions? Three? Pilot, lawyer and teacher. Wow. "That's… impressive."
He shrugs. "Mmm."
I push the door to the break room open and my eyes fall on Sarah Mackenzie. And she is a sight for sore eyes. She's talking to her assistant JAG, Lt. Lucy Keaton. They're laughing about something. Look up when Commander Rabb and I enter.
Mac's eyes lit up and her smile grows wider. "Commander Rabb. That's a pleasant surprise." She puts her cup down on the counter and comes walking in our direction. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"
Commander Rabb smiles at her. "I thought I'd come see how my favorite Marine was doing. Steal you away a little early on this Friday afternoon."
Lucy and I look at each other. Huh? Mac is Commander's favorite Marine? She doesn't kick his six for saying that, so… What have I missed?
Our staff JAG smiles at that. "Really? And where were you going to take me, then?" She looks up to him, still smiling. Is she flirting with him?
The Commander wraps one arm around her waist, and rests the other on her expanded belly. "I got Casper and Valerie to baby sit the kids for the weekend. Thought I could take you up someplace nice…" He leans into her ear and the rest of the conversation is lost to my ears.
Looking at the two of them, something hits me. Of course. Didn't Ducky say something like that? Didn't he say that Mac only used Mackenzie for professional reasons? That she'd taken her husbands last name after their marriage? That name was Rabb… The Commander is her husband. That's why he said that she wouldn't kick his six when he showed up unexpected.
Mac giggles and pulls back. "Well, if that is your plan, I don't think that I'm really going to stop you from doing it."
"I'm glad." He presses a light kiss to her lips and grins. "Go pack your things, and let's get out of here."
"Will do."
With another kiss, Mac entangles herself from his embrace and walks out of the break room. Nope, they're no strangers to public displays of affection. That's something that's very obvious. Commander Rabb has his hand on the small of her back as he follows her out.
Lucy and I look at them, then turn to each other and shake our heads. "Lucky lady," Lucy says.
"Lucky guy," I say.
Lucy takes a sip of her coffee and nods. "That too."
I lean against the counter. "What do you know about them?"
"Who? Harm and Mac?"
I nod. So his first name is Harm… Learning something new about people everyday…
She takes a deep breath. "Well, they've been married a little over two years, have three adorable kids, a fourth on the way, used to work together at JAG… Just moved to Annapolis, because they fell totally in love with the scenery there… Anything else?"
I gulp. Wow. Mac had three kids and still looks like that? Even though pregnant, I have to admit that I've yet to meet a woman who is just as beautiful as she is. Although Kate comes close…
When Harm and Mac walk through our bullpen in the direction of the elevator, even Gibbs looks up from his desk. Kate smiles and waves at them, and Mac stops next to her desk, not letting go of her husband's hand. Winks at Gibbs as well. "Everything is taken care of, whatever you guys find that deserves my attention, dump it on my desk, I'll find it." She offers us a full-blown grin. "Have a nice weekend, everyone."
As they continue walking, I see that both Kate and Gibbs have turned around to follow them. Gibbs grins and shakes his head, turning around to go back to work. Arches an eyebrow at me. "Never seen a happily married couple, DiNozzo?"
"No boss… yes, boss, of course." Busted. Obviously.
Kate smirks at me, as does Gibbs. "Go back to work, DiNozzo."
Before I do, I look up to the elevator again, only to see that Harm and Mac have disappeared.

Some guys really have all the luck.

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