I lazily open my eyes and smile. Oh, this is heaven. It's almost 0900, I'm just waking up, lying in my husband's arms, in a hotel, with nothing to do today than trotting around in the centre of the town. Maybe I'll go swim in the indoor swimming pool of the hotel… It was such a great idea of Harm to go away for the weekend. So sweet. We've been working pretty hard lately, and in between family and work, we don't have a lot of time for us. This is absolutely perfect.
Harm nuzzles my neck and presses a soft kiss to my skin. "Morning," he whispers.
"Good morning," I say. I roll on my back so that I can look into his eyes. "Sleep well?"
"I always do when you're right next to me." He grins, and caresses my belly. "How's our little one doing today?"
Intertwining my fingers with his, I smile again. "Still asleep."
Harm's been so absolutely wonderful since I told him that I'm pregnant. A little annoying sometimes, and overprotective, but overall he's just been great. He's everything I thought he would be, and more.
"Think this one will be less trouble than the other three?" Harm asks.
I arch an eyebrow. "This being the first real mix of you and me? I think that totally depends on how you were as a kid."
Harm grins. "Oh, I was the perfect angel when I was little. Never caused any trouble."
"Sure you were." I start to laugh. "No, seriously, Harm. I think that this one will be at least as stubborn as we are, as much a perfectionist as you are, but also just as charming as you."
"Please tell me that you haven't cloned me…" He kisses me on my lips before I can respond.
Breaking the kiss, I shake my head. "I hope not. I don't think that the world needs another Harmon Rabb."
"Does that mean we're not naming our son Harmon Rabb III?" Harm asks.
My eyes grow wide. "You're not telling that you actually thought about that, are you?"
Harm rubs his thumb over my belly and shakes his head. "And have him being bullied throughout his life? Thank you very much, Marine, but no. I don't think we should do that."
I let my breath out in relief. "Thank you."
If there was one thing I wasn't going to do, it was naming my son after his father and have two Harm's in my house. Both stubborn, strong-willed, a pain in the ass sometimes, but also charming and completely loveable.
For a while, we don't say anything. Just enjoy each other's company as we do most mornings.
"Honey?" Harm says, after a while.
"Mmm?" I respond.
He turns to face me and smiles. "Have you given it any thought as to what you would call our son?"
During our last sonogram, we've found that we're expecting a little boy, and we couldn't be more thrilled. I know Harm didn't care whether it was a boy or a girl, but I was secretly hoping for a boy, and I got my wish. Again.
I look up into his eyes. "I have something on my wish-list, but we could call him anything… As long as it's not Harmon Rabb III."
"Tell me," Harm encourages me.
"You sure?" We haven't discussed this yet, although it's been running through my mind for a while. We didn't get the chance to name Gabe, Noa and Reen, so this will be the first kid we're going to name.
He nods. "Of course."
"Well, I always thought that Jesse had something to it. You know, not too long, playful… But that goes for Troy, Luca and Raphael as well."
Harm smiles down at me. "Jesse, Troy, Luca and Raphael… All sounds good. Don't you want to name him after Uncle Matt? If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have met."
I shake my head. "Nah. No offense, but I don't believe in naming kids after someone. A kid is an individual and should have his or hers own name."
For a little while Harm lets that sink in. "You're one special person."
"Why are you saying that?" I frown.
"Because you are," Harm states matter-of-factly.
"Okay." I squeeze his hand. "Anyway, what do you think? Did you even think about it?"
He grins. "Of course I did. There are lots of names out there that I think are great. Seth, Ethan, Hayden, Ramiro…"
"All sounds great, too," I say. We're going to have a problem naming our son. There are so many names out there that are great. That sound great. "What about Dwight? Or Aaron?"
"We could do that, too. Or Levi, or Milan…"
We come up with names for about an hour, and then figure that we should get up and get some breakfast. It's almost 0930 after all, and I seriously have to eat. When I emerge from the bathroom, Harm looks up and gives me an approving glance over. I swat his arm and smile. "What is it with you?"
"What is with me?" he asks as he hands me my jacket.
"You always look at me like I'm wearing some three-thousand dollar designer dress instead of my jeans and sweater."
He tilts his head to the side. "That's because you just look great. No matter what you're wearing."
"I'll just take that as a compliment." I take his hand and drag him out of our room. It takes him just a few steps to catch up with me.
Leaning into my ear, he whispers. "It was meant as one." Then he presses a soft kiss to the skin just behind my ear and I giggle. The receptionist greets us when we enter the lobby. Breakfast passes and Harm takes me downtown to do some shopping next. Which means that we'll be buying gifts for the kids and some stuff for the nursery.
We're having so much fun together and we're so totally at ease with each other that I just can't help but think that the saying really is true. Wedded bliss indeed.

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