"Hey, Mac."
When I look up, Mic is leaning in the doorway, arms folded across his chest. Hmm, if it was Harm leaning in that doorway, I'd probably be turned on. But this sight doesn't do anything to me. Mic would probably wish it did. "Good afternoon, Commander." I put my pen down. "Can I help you?"
"Actually, I was wondering if you're free for dinner tonight."
His voice is so hopeful, that I can't help but smile. "I'm afraid I have a dinner date tonight, Commander."
Mic rolls his eyes. "Again? This is third time this week I've asked you, and you're always busy."
I rise, starting to pack my briefcase. I need to be in court in fifteen minutes. Harm should be waiting for me afterwards. "Yeah, well, what can I say? I have a busy life, Mic."
"So it seems, yes. Well, since dinner is not working with you, how about we grab lunch tomorrow?"
What is it with this guy that he's so persistent? It looks as if he's desperate to go out with me. He wants to have lunch, huh? "I think that I can do lunch, but not tomorrow. Day after that?" I offer. We're going to pick Shireen up from the hospital tomorrow, so neither Harm nor I, are in.
"Day after tomorrow then," Mic eagerly accepts. A little bit too eagerly for my liking.
I nod. "All right. Look, I have to go to court, so I'll catch you later, okay?" Before he can say anything, I'm out of my office. Standing in one small room with Mic is not really my idea of being comfy. I doubt that he'll grow on me.
Harm catches up with me when I'm about to enter the court room. "You come get me when you're done here? I'll be in my office, catching up on paperwork."
He's been catching up on paperwork for the past three days, the poor soul. He's so tired of working on the house (something he finished yesterday around midnight), being everyone's driver, visiting Shireen in the hospital and dealing with the kids… You have to know Harm to really see it. There's not a lot that gives it away.
I squeeze his arm. "Yeah. You think you're going to beat Mount Everest this time?"
Harm rolls his eyes. "I'm going to do the best I can. We're a bit understaffed, but the new attorneys are coming in tomorrow, right? It should take a little of my back."
"It should," I confirm and squeeze his arm again. "I'll come get you when I'm done. Get some coffee, and I left you a brownie for later."
I get a full-blown Flyboy-grin in return. "Glad I can count on you, Mackenzie."
"Always." I smile and enter the court room. It's an open-and-shut case and since I'm prosecuting, it's a matter of getting the facts straight. Almost two hours later, I walk back into the bullpen, Mic's eyes burning in my back. Is there really nothing else the guy has to do? Everywhere I go, I feel his eyes in my back.
Harm is totally focused on the file in front of him, so for a while I just stand in his doorway. Pen between his fingers, coffee cup on his right, sleeves rolled up till his elbows. When he frowns, he gets a wrinkle between his eyes. I softly clear my throat. "And? Finally beat Mount Everest?"
He looks up, surprised to see me. "You done yet?"
"It's almost 1700, Harm."
Looking at his watch, he nods. "It is." He starts to clean up. "How'd it go?"
I shrug. "Peace of cake, compared to what we have to do tonight."
"Really? I thought tonight was a peace of cake?"
We're officially moving into the house tonight. Picking up Shireen tomorrow, moving in tonight. It'll be the first time Gabe and Noa will have their own bedrooms, and although the nightmares don't come around as often as they did, Harm and I both feel a little nervous.
"Whatever you say, Flyboy." For some reason we only prepared one extra bedroom, next to the nursery and Gabe and Noa's rooms. There is another one, but I think it will suffice as a guest room. If we ever get it finished. Our uniforms are hanging in the same closet, our toothbrushes are standing in the same cup, in the same bathroom… Our life really has taken a swirl.
Harm gets into his uniform jacket and grabs his cover. "Let's get them first. What do you want for dinner?"
Good question. What do I want for dinner? I'm so spoiled; he cooks every night. "I have no idea yet. Ask me again, when we have the kids?" There is something peaceful about Harm standing in the kitchen, and me and the kids in the living room. It's going to be a little strange living in a house instead of an apartment, though. And tomorrow there will be three kids to take care of, instead of the two we've had for the past weeks.
Harm and I get on the elevator, and discuss who we're going to pick up first. Settling on Gabe, since he is closer to JAG, we walk out onto the parking lot. Bud and Harriet wave at us. They're so lucky to have each other and a little one on the way.
About fifteen minutes later, Harm parks the car and we get out. When Gabe sees us, he drops his pencil and comes to envelope us in a big hug. I really want him to start speaking… I want to know what is going on in that little head of his.
There are a lot of parents walking in and out of the day care center where Noa is. So when Harm and I hear "Daddy!", we don't really look surprised. We do, however, when Noa comes running over as fast as her little legs can carry her. "Daddy!" She reached up to Harm, who picks her up. "Come see!" She points to the table she was sitting a moment ago.
When Harm and I look at each other, we read the same thing. Apparently, Noa is no longer shy, and able to talk. Valerie looks up to us and hands Harm a sheet of paper. "She's worked so hard on her drawing, Mr. Rabb. It was the only thing she would say. 'For Mommy and Daddy'."
I look over Harm's shoulder to the drawing. A house, four people and a baby. Our house, and us. "Good job, Noa."
"For Mommy and Daddy."
Finally, she talks. That little voice has to be one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard in my life. "Mommy like?"
I have the tears in my eyes when I nod. I knew that she was going to talk at one point, but I never guessed that it would be these two words. Never in my whole life would I have guessed that.

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