God, I missed her yesterday. The day always seems to slow down when she's not around the office. And she has been gone more then once over the past couple of weeks. She was a striking beauty when she came to pick me up from the airport over a month ago, but when she came back in to JAG, a week later, there was something mysterious and serene about her. I haven't been able to put a finger on it. Her beauty is only more intense.
Only three more hours before I can get her for lunch. I doubt that I'll get something done before that. I still can't believe she agreed to have lunch with me. It took me a whole lot of pushing before she gave in. I'm so glad that Harm isn't a factor in her decision. For a while I thought there was something going on between them, but Harm has his own family, with a new baby.
I get up to get myself a cup of coffee from the break room. Even before I entered, I can hear three voices. Lt. Commander Amanda Jones and Major Casper Garcia, who have joined our team since yesterday, and Harm.
"So, Harm, is it?" Amanda asks. "The Admiral told us that you and Mac are JAG hotshots?"
Casper, Harm and Amanda acknowledge me with a nod when I enter and carry on with their conversation. Harm smiles and stirs in his coffee. "Hotshots? Mmm, hardly. We just do our work zealously, because we believe that justice needs to be done."
Oh, how noble of you, Rabb. That answer is so… right. So by the book. Although I've seen Harm push the envelope more than once over the past month. I lean my back against the counter and follow them.
"How come you and Mac were out yesterday?"
Casper sips his coffee and rolls his eyes at Amanda. "Please forgive my partner for her curiosity. I've tried to get it out of her, but nothing seems to be working. I hate to say it, but you have to get used to it."
Amanda slaps his arm. "Not funny." Then she turns back to Harm. "Well?"
"Hospital visit." Harm doesn't clarify. So he went to the hospital? With his… girlfriend or fiancée, probably. I haven't been able to get that cleared up. Other than Bud and Harriet, who are married and working here together, everybody keeps their personal affairs out of the office. The inner part of the 'family' knows, but if you're an outsider, like me, you won't know a lot. So, I don't. Know a lot.
They both frown. "Nothing serious, I hope?"
Harm shakes his head and takes a sip. "Nope, very happy hospital visit. We went to pick up Shireen."
That is something I do know about. Shireen is his little girl. So he went to take her home yesterday. But that still doesn't explain where Mac was.
"Shireen?" Casper asks.
Harm nods and winks. "Daddy's little girl. Who has her mother's looks…"
Now he's getting sentimental. Okay, so that's nice. He loves his little girl. Totally legal. But does he have to show it off on us? We're not that interested. I'm not, anyway. Harm and his family are cute and sweet, I'm sure, but I don't want to know. Luckily, he doesn't show any pictures.
Mac walks in, smiling. One look at Harm and she grins. "Hey, Flyboy. Rough night?"
"I got the 0200 feeding," Harm says. "And the 0400, too."
Mac shakes her head. "I thought you volunteered for that?"
"Yeah, I did. Enjoyed every minute of it, but never thought it would be this exhausting." He takes a long gulp.
Mac pats his arm. "Sarah's very grateful, I'm sure."
Harm's girlfriend/fiancée's name is Sarah? Don't get too stressed over it, Mic. There are a million women in the world who are named Sarah, and just because Mac is one of them, doesn't mean anything. It shouldn't, anyway.
Harm nods his head. "She should be." He puts his mug in the sink behind him as Mac rolls her eyes at him. "Anyway, I'd like to grace all of you with my presence longer, but I'm afraid I have a meeting in Norfolk. See you guys later." He puts his hands around Mac's waist and moves her.
For some reason she doesn't seem affected by his touch. There's nothing that gives away that she is. But when she turns around, she starts to talk in a completely different language. Harm turns back to her and responds in kind. It's force of habit between the two of them, I'm afraid. I've witnessed this more then once in the month that I've been here, so this is nothing new. But to Casper and Amanda, this comes as a total surprise.
They finish up, and Harm leaves us with a last smile. Amanda looks at Mac, who is still laughing from Harm's last comment. "What was that?"
See, I told you that it's a habit between them. They've been doing it a lot lately. "What language was that?"
"Oh, that." Mac smiles into her cup. "Russian."
So she and Harm talk Russian together. Wow. That's something I have to ask her about over lunch. Mac pushes her hair behind her ear. "It happens sometimes that we start a conversation in English and end up in Russian. Especially since we came back from Russia a couple of months ago."
There is so much about this woman that I don't know yet… So many things I want to find out about her. Finally, it's lunch time and I go pick her up. She's on the phone. "Noa, you be a good girl for Emma, all right? Yes, I promise. I will. Okay. Bye, sweetie."
Interesting conversation, I have to say. Mac puts her phone down, but doesn't elaborate on the conversation. I don't have the right to know, I guess. No matter of life and death. "Where do you want to go?" I ask her.
"Something's come up, so I'm afraid that I don't have a lot of time," she apologizes. "How about we go to the cafeteria upstairs?"
Not really the place I wanted to take her, but I'm happy that she wants to have lunch with me. Maybe that she sees it as a friendly gesture, but to me it means so much more. I nod, accepting her offer and follow her out. Harm always has a hand on the small of her back, but when I do the same thing, she subtly moves away.
When we're sitting at one of the small tables in the cafeteria, she smiles at me. "Why did you want to have lunch with me?"
"Because you seem like an interesting person," I immediately respond.
Mac laughs. "I seem like an interesting person?" She lifts her fork to her lips, takes a bite, and chews. "How's that?"
I shrug. "There's something mysterious about you. Something under the surface, that seems untouchable. Or maybe touchable, but only for people very close to you."
"Is that so?" She's not impressed by that statement. There's a twinkle in her eyes as she says that. It seems as if it's one big joke to her.
"No one ever told you that?"
She takes another bite. "Mic, a lot of people tell me a lot of things. I'm not going to remember everything that's said to me."
I bet she remembers everything Harm ever said to her. "What about Harm? Do you remember everything Harm tells you?"
The look in her eyes changes. I can't place it, I don't know what it is. It softens, or something. It's a hard thing to describe. "Of course not. Why would I remember everything Harm tells me?"
The tone of her voice is so sharp, that I'm completely surprised by it. Something tells me that I don't want to push. So I don't. We finish out lunch talking about nothing and everything, and then go our separate ways. And still, there is a lot to learn about Sarah Mackenzie. I feel like I've barely touched the surface.

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