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Mona's journey home


mona is longing to return home and see her family after 7 years. will her family understand and accept what she has become or turn their backs upon her and disown her completely.

Drama / Other
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“Ooooooh great suggestion, Donatello.” raph said in annoyance
“Yeah dude, next time you want to go to pick-a-peck-pizza include us out.” Mikey told don, giving “not impressed glare.”

“I never seen so tiny pizzas.” Leo complained

“This is must be how McDonald crump dude came to be a multi-billizionaire.”
“Some claim to fame. Holding the most chinest pizza parlours in the world.” Raph said ticked

“Rip off city. I’m going to stick with good old Vinnie’s.”
“But Vinnie’s doesn’t giveaway these tickets. Gasp...Hey guys, look I won a prize; I won another one these puny pizzas.” Don whined

“Me too. Me three. That is not a prize, that is a punishment.” Leo and mikey complained

Raph was last to scratch his ticket then happily exclaimed when his ticket revealed the major prize. “Not me, I won a real prize. A one way on the trump pizza birthday party. And it is tonight.”

“Forget it Raphael, you just can’t mix in with a bunch of humans.” Leo informed raph

“Hold the phone maybe I can. It says here this is a costume party; and I have great idea for a costume.” Raph replied, excited

Back in the lair....

Raphael paraded in front of his family and April to show what he had in mind for his costume.

“Totally righteous costume dude.” Mikey said
“Yeah excellent costume Raphael.” April cooed
“Totally awesome dude. Going to a costume party as a ninja turtle.” Mikey cried
“Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.” Splinter encouragingly informed

“Oops I better get going. I’m covering the party for the channel six news.”
“See ya at the marina, April.” Raph told April, waving
“I hope to see you in your costume Raphael.” April answered, giggling as she left the lair.

Raphael prepared to leave the lair not long after April left to cover her story and his brothers thought to accompany him only to make sure he wont get into any trouble along the way to the party.

Lifting the sewer lid and quickly looked around before climbing out.

“There it is. Old crump’s yacht.” Raph said excitedly
“Ok Raphael, the coast looks clear, I finally get to say that.” Don said

“I hope that I can pull this off.” raph said worried
“Don’t worry you’d fit right in. Look.” Don assured him

“Oh brother.” Raph whined, holding his cheek

April was standing on the docks nearby the yacht reporting the exciting costume party that was held by the pizza owner.

“The city’s movers and shakers are all here to celebrate McDonald Crump spectacular birthday bash and including McDonald Crump himself. Tell us why do you throw such luvious parties.” April asked, holding the mic for McDonald to answer the question.

“Well April, so tell everyone about the lavish pizzas from pick-a-peek-pizzas.” McDonald answered

“Right, and thankyou very much Mr Crump.”

“I thought we were doing a news show not a commercial.” Vernon said

“That’s ok vernon. Maybe have better luck with the guest. There should be big celebrities here, tonight. Look there is Raphael.”
“Raphael the rock star or Raphael the movie actor?”
“No silly Raphael the turtle.”

“All set for the cruise, Raphael?” April asked walking towards him as he boarded the boat

“Yeah and the best part is, been green. No one can tell I am sea sick.” Raph answered

“Oh there you are. Am I glad to see you again, I almost didn’t make it.” Mona said, draping her arms around raph’s neck and nuzzling his cheek
“Ah...uh...have we met?” raph stammered
“You’re such a kidder. Come on don’t wanna be late.” Mona giggled and dragged raph behind her.

April and vernon watched surprised as this strange salamander girl dragged raph off with her to the valet.

“Do ya always pick up strange reptiles...uh I mean boys...uh I mean young men when going on cruises?” raph asked stammerly

Shush. “Pretend I am your date. Do you have the ticket?” Mona asked
“You mean this?” raph wondered, holding the ticket out
“Great. Just what we will need, this way.” Mona instructed, pushing past the other guest.

“Here you go. You’re a doll; we are in a big hurry.” Mona told the valet blowing a kiss then dragged raph behind her again where they couldn’t be seen and kissed his cheek for helping her get on the yacht.

Mona leaned in and kissed his cheek. “That’s for helping me. You’re kinda of a doll too. By the way love your costume.” Mona told raph then disappearing

“Wait a minute. I don’t even know your name.” Raph said chasing after her but realised that she had already gone

“The party is in full swing and McDonald knows how to throw a party.” April announced

Vernon began to feel sea sick and nauseous from overhearing the pizza owner yelling out about pizza as he danced on the dance floor.

“So Raphael. Who was the cute lady?” April asked
“That is the thing; she coned me to help her way on the yacht.” Raph answered
“Maybe she is playing hard to get Raphael.” April told him

“Something is telling me that she is playing more than just playing hard to get.” Raph said

Raph excused himself trying to get passed the other invited guest and continued to search for the mysterious girl that conned him to help her on board. Arriving to the bridge where two sailors were controlling the yacht on course when he thought to investigate and found Mona tying up the sailors to chairs before he interrogated her for answers.

“What are you doing?” raph ordered
“There are no time to explain.” Mona said
“I hope you make time. I’m tired of been kept in the dark.” Raph snapped
“Let me shine some light on the subject.” Mona said as she leapt up to the ceiling and kicked the spare wheel.

Raph jumped out of the way then leaped towards to mona so he could tackle her down and ask her again what she was doing.

“Now little missy, come clean.” Raph said
“The name is Mona-lisa and you have to let me get to the wheel before....it’s too late.” mona stammeredly told raph when the yacht was knocked by a unknown jolt.
Mona rubbed her head after sliding back to the wall.

Both raph and mona stood up and looked out the window and saw a force field that surrounded that yacht. Suddenly captain filch came out of his sub and announced his plan and sent out his minions to capture all the guest and held them for ransom.

Raph scolded and accused mona for helping the criminal to the yacht.

“Ya help that fiend to the yacht, didn’t you? You sent this yacht into his hands.” Raph scolded
“No I was trying to move the yacht away from him.” Mona cried when they heard gurgling of captain filch’s sea slugs approaching outside the door.

“Let’s untie these guys and get going.” Raph suggested

They untied the sailors and ran out when the sea slugs came in them rebounded the sailors all over again.

Raph and Mona were facing two sea slug minions as they tried to find a way around the yacht and try to warn the passengers aboard.

“You look tired, have a seat.” Raph shouted, throwing a chair before leaping over the rail into the water to escape the sea slugs.

“Wow you swim like a fish.” Raph said
“You are no slouch yourself.” Mona answered, leaning in smiling

“Mona-lisa, I have to tell you something. I am one of the ninja turtles.”
“Oh really, I knew it. I knew you would come to help us.” Mona cried, draping her arms around raph’s neck

“I guess she is finally catching on.” Raph said, happily

Raph and Mona climbed back on the ship and hid underneath a lifeboat cover. Raph lifted the cover when April and vermin happened to walk by; he softly called her over.

“April...vermin....over here.” raph called
“Raphael.” April answered

April and vermin quickly joined with raph and Mona in their hiding place.

“You found your friend in the lizard costume.” April cooed
“I’m afraid this in not a costume. I am a mutant.” Mona-lisa told April

“You’re a what?” April asked, shocked
“I am a mutant just like Raphael. You don’t believe me do ya? Let me how it all happened.” Mona answered
“Uh-oh I feel a flash back coming on.” Raph said
“I didn’t always look this.” Mona began to explain how she became to be what she is. When she finished telling her story. Raph assured that she was cute then April interrupted and told them that they had come up with a plan to stop the criminal mind captain filch’s scheme.

Raph pushed over one of sea sluggish guard over board. April suggested she will contact the others for the Calvary. Since raph’s turtle communicator was soaked with water. When they were discovered by one of the mutant sea slugs and grabbed raph by the back of his shell.

“What was that did you say? You want to dance? I’m sorry my dancing card has expired.” Raph told the mutant slug, throwing it across the deck before pushing two more off board. Then tried to stop captain filch when captured again and listened to the evil crim’s plan of taking over New York as he laughed and said that there was nothing the authorities can do to stop him unless he gets what he requested the hostages may let free.

Meanwhile in the lair...

Leo was trying to get his youngest brother to train.

“Come on mikey. Don’t mean that raph is not here that we can slack off.” Leo told him

“Not yet dude. Bugzilla is going to cream the giant snail.” Mikey complained

“Splinter will cream us if we don’t practise.” Don replied worried

“We are interrupting this movie broadcast with a special bulletin.” TV announcer announced

“This is April O’Neil reporting onboard from McDonald crump yacht.”

“They are interrupting bugzilla with party updates?” mikey whinged

“The guest is been held for ransom by captain filch. Unless 2 billion dollars is paid or the hostages will be forced to walk the plank.” April cried

“Is that his way of a party game?” don wondered

“We have been in the sewers too long dude. Bobbing apples have been replaced by walking the plank.”

“This is serious. This is one party we better crash.” Leo suggested, running out the lair with don following behind him

“We now return our movie.” TV announcer announced
“Sorry bugzilla have to catch you on re-runs.” Mikey said running after Leo and don.

Back to the yacht....

“Nicely done Miss O’Neil. What a pity that we have to farewell appearance. To the plank with her.” he ordered

April screamed. Mona climbed up captain filch’s boat to bring down the force field when she was stopped by his mutated sea slugs that tried to throw a chair at her when she leaped up and missed hitting her. Instead hitting their target they helped her by bringing down the force field.

“Thanks guys. Keep in touch.” Mona said running out

Don, Leo and mikey just arrive to the rescue as mona was boarding the yacht again to help them out when realising they already had it all under control.

“Now you have it all under control. I have a sub to destroy.”
“Mona-lisa, no. It’s too dangerous.”
“Sorry Raphael this is personal.”

Mona leaped off the yacht to destroy the sub as raph and his brothers did what they do best when stopping bad guys with their evil schemes.

Mona was successful with her plan destroying the submarine. But was not anywhere to be found.

Captain filch was captured and taken to jail. McDonald crump was impressed with the turtles; he offered them a position in his business.

“Can we change the size and toppings of the pizzas?” Mikey asked

“Of course you can; you will be vice presidents, remember. Won’t you come by my office after you get out those ridiculous costumes.” Mr Crump told them

“Easy come easy go.” Raph said
“Oh well, some things that will never change.” Don said

They climbed up the ladder to the blimp and returned back the lair not realising that Mona was still in the water watching the turtles leave in the turtle blimp.

“Isn’t that just like a bunch of guys? When they get bored, they leave you stranded.” Mona said to herself, leaning on her hand while holding herself on piece of floating wood

When arriving to the shore, she requested for April’s help to buy some pizzas and go to the lair.

On the way back to the lair, raph was feeling down and wondering if he will ever see Mona again.

“Raph cheer up, we will see Mona Lisa again some day.” Don assured him
“Sooner you think. Come on guys, these pizzas are getting cold.” Mona said, carrying pizzas and stood in the doorway of the lair with April standing behind her.

“Mona-lisa.” Raph cried, happily

“Isn’t it wonderful to see old a friend?” mikey said, giggling
“Yeah Mona-lisa is great.” Don answered
“No not mona-lisa. I mean the pizza.” Mikey told him

Don and Leo looked each other silent and followed in the door not behind mikey.



To be continued....

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