Mona's journey home


The terrapins arrived to the east water front docks and immediately sensed that something was not right when they saw Bishop standing alone.

“Um Leo, this don’t seem right, dude.” Mikey told Leo, feeling uneasy

“I hear ya little bro. This don’t feel right, Leo.” Don said, also felt uneasy.

“Eyes open and be careful. Let’s go boys.” Leo ordered, trying his best to remain calm

“Get moving now. I ain’t stayin in here for one more minute.” Raph bellowed frustratingly

RAPH STOP!” Leo shouted as he reached out for his red clad younger brother.

“We can’t go out so rashly. Must think with a clear and level mind.” Master splinter told him, gently assuring Raphael to calm and think with a level mind not with hasty vendetta.

Raph grunted and closed his fists so tightly as they began to tremble. He nodded and bowed his head as he quickly softly spoke. “Yes master.”

Bishop watched and waited for the enemy to come out of the vehicle; he held his hands behind his back and held a black slim communicator. Holding his thumb upon the red button, waiting to signal his troops and begin the assault even trap the prey for the re-assigned dissection.

Leo stared out the window, silent and prayed the plan will work then he sensed something was up and wondered what bishop has ready for them as they readied themselves to persuade the attack.

“Eyes open everyone.” Leo said, grabbing his twin katana from the weapon holders

Raph opened the door and was the first out.

“RAPHAEL!!!!” Splinter shouted

Raph ignored his sensei’s call and continued with his blinded rampage; splinter was the last to jumped out of the vehicle while his other sons followed raph to aid him in the assault.

Bishop remained where he stood and held his hands behind his back as he waited for the red clad terrapin to draw closer before signalling his troops that waited in the shadows to receive the red light to capture the enemy then begin the next step of the plan.

“That’s right, just alittle closer.” Bishop whispery humed as he evilly smirked with envious pride that his plan of capturing the terrapins is going to finally become reality. Since punishing himself for loosing the most interesting specimens before that was a mistake he was not allowing happening again.

Run ahead front of his brothers as he leaped into the air so he could kick bishop head on; splinter was not far behind his sons when he heard the click of the sniper rifles near by.


“My Sons, stop now.” splinter shouted pleading and ran to his sons but it was too late.

Bishop had pressed the red button on his communicator to signal his troops. Four snipers shot tranquilizers into the terrapins arms, knocking them on conscious. Splinter helpless watched his sons one by one tranquilized on conscious before him.

“Sir, should I take the shot.” The sniper asked through the ear piece

“No soldier. I will do this myself. Stand down and wait until my order.” Bishop replied

“Yes sir.” Soldier answered

“Now...your turn RAT!” bishop bellowed as he smirked his evil grin.

Splinter grunted angrily as he prepared himself for the battle against the EFP agent, little he was aware or knew that this evil human had a sneaky trick up his sleeve to take down the old rat without throwing a single punch.

Bishop slowly walked toward to the grey rat, evilly smirking. Splinter prepared himself in defence stance as he waited for the EFP agent drew closer.

“Are you ready, Master Splinter?” bishop grinningly snickered

“Are you?” Splinter snorted, glaring angrily and hatefully

Bishop evilly grinned as he stopped a few metres away, just far enough to avoid splinter’s punches and kicks. Splinter threw a punch to bishop’s face when he swiftly stepped aside then grabbed his arm to hold behind his back. Splinter elbowed bishop, making the agent let go of his arm as he lost his balance for a second and wiped away the excess blood from his mouth.

“Ha that the best you got?” bishop chuckled

“I have left the best for last.” Splinter snapped

“Well, what are you waiting for, Rat?” bishop insultingly told master splinter hoping to anger the old rat.

The grey rat and the EFP agent circled each other, waiting for one to attack the other. Splinter stood on one foot, raising his hands. One held behind and the other in front, chest level; cobra stance.

Tilting his head down to the right, hypnotising the agent to follow his movements. Bishop tilted his head then threw a punch but he also held a small tranquilizer inside his hand when he was kicked to the ground from splinter’s powerful axe kick.

Splinter started to feel disoriented and dizzy before falling in a deep subconscious sleep from the tranquilizer serum. Splinter didn’t even feel the needle penetrate his leg, he looked down to the needle and whispered one thing before he collapsed on conscious.

“Son of a bitch!”

Standing over the rat as he reached for his communicator.

“Captain, come and collect the prisoners.” Bishop ordered, walking to the waiting tank parked near by camouflaged in the shadows.

“Yes Agent bishop.” The captain replied

Agent bishop jumped in the back of an specialize army tank and ordered to be patched to the federal laboratory in the EFP secret base.

“Patch me to DR. Stockman.” Bishop ordered, standing behind the soldier with his hands held behind his back.

“Patching now.” soldier replied

As the fed agent waited and began to grow impatient when his captain called through the video com to report about the prisoners.

“Report captain.” Bishop ordered

“The reptiles and rat are secure, sir.” Soldier replied

Bishop grinned pleasingly and instantly ordered for the prisoner’s to be taken to the secret underground base underneath Joe’s mechanic station. The soldier returned to the prisoner’s tank and performed the order given.

“Agent Bishop.” Soldier called

“Yes soldier.” Bishop answered, turning to face the computers and stood behind the soldier.

“Dr. Stockman is on-line, sir.” Soldier told the agent

“Agent bishop...what do I owe the pleasure for this call.” Stockman snorted

“Is the laboratory ready for new guinea pigs?” bishop asked

“The lab is more than ready, agent bishop.” Stockman replied, showing bishop the newly approved dissection tables waiting for use.

“Excellent, bishop out. Return to base.” Bishop replied, after disconnecting the com link and ordered to return to base.

To be continued in chapter ten....

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