Mona's journey home

Girl Power! & the calvary is here!

On the rooftops...

Three blocks from the east side water front docks, Mona leaped one by one of the rooftops in hope to reach in time to aid her lover and his family to rescue her own. Only thinking about how to save her family, have her vendetta against Bishop. She was not even aware that another followed down below in an old beige van.

April was speeding through traffic and taking many short cuts she could find as she followed Mona to the east water front docks.

‘You are not alone, Mona. I am coming to help.’ April thought out loud as she sped the alley way of the city, trying to find the shortest way to get the water front docks.

Mona was the first to arrive, finally. Standing on the rooftop of the abandoned water front dock warehouse; scouring the area when she noticed the battle shell aka the moving van was left abandoned with the high beam lights were also left on.

Her heart began to beat faster, adreline ran through her veins and dreading wary waved over her mind.

“Oh no.” Mona worriedly murmured

Mona leaped down the fire escape and carefully climbed down with caution to avoid been captured herself as she felt uneasy and sensed that something didn’t seem right. Finally getting to the bottom of the fire escape, hid in the shadows before investigating the van and scene so she could track down the terrapins and master splinter.

The sound of trash can tipped over in the alley that scared Mona. Mona spun around and stood in defence stance, preparing for whoever or what may be still lurking about. A cat meowed as it jumped down after tipping over the trash then ran off; Mona sighed then walked to the van.

Mona walked around the front of the van until she reached to the side where the door was left open. Peeking through the door and saw the weapons were missing then investigated the scene; she saw there was a sign of a struggle. Trying to remember what Master Splinter taught about sensing and tracking.

As she knelt down, touching the ground unaware someone else was also around. April just parked her van around the corner and shadowed stealthed the docks when she too saw the battle shell was abandoned; running to the vehicle to investigate then she also saw Mona.

Quietly walked up behind Mona when she was swept from underneath by Mona’s strong resilient tail. April landed on her behind as Mona leaped upon her, ready to knife punch April’s throat.

“MONA...IT’S ME...APRIL!” April cried

“April what the hell are you doing here?” Mona shockingly asked

“Here to help you find the guys and I have the turtle tracker.” April told her assuring.

“Gee, April. You are better than I thought.” Mona said, sighing embarrassed

“You thought that I was only a shop clerk, right?” April replied, surprised

“Um, well yeah. Sorry April.” Mona said, bowing her head in ill repute.

“Never mind that; let’s go rescue the boys. What do you say, huh?” April said, placing her hand upon Mona’s right shoulder in assuring manner.

“Let’s kick some butt, girlfriend.” Mona answered with a satisfying grin forming on her reptilian face.

The girls followed the signal that the tracker picked up. April ran back to her van while Mona jumped in the battle shell. Mona followed April where she went until the signal showed it was coming from a car mechanic station.

April hopped out of her van and Mona hopped out of the battle shell then walked to April’s side as they looked around the area from where they stood. The tracker showed the signal was coming from this location.

Mona sighed as she placed her hands upon her hips. April checked the tracker was transmitted correctly.

“Are you sure that thing is working properly?” Mona wondered

“Of course I am. We should look around.” April replied, raising her brow as she looked at the tracker again.

“Alright. Something tells me that there is nothing here.” Mona told April as she was getting frustrated and wary.

“May be not on the sur-” April remembered the last time she and Casey were with Master Splinter during the first encounter with Bishop when the turtles went missing.

“What? What is it?” Mona asked when she realised April went silent as she didn’t finished her sentence.

“This seems familiar. I know how to find the guys.” April said, gazing the lizard woman grinning ear to ear with pride.

Mona gazed April with an unsure frown. “What do you mean, you know how to find them?” she asked, confused

“I mean I know how to find. I have walked down this road before.” April answered proudly

“Oh ok, April. I think you have been staring at that machine too long. Look girl, there is nothing here.” Mona grunted

April ignored Mona’s grunting paroxysm then walked to the door of the station and opened it. Mona turned around and saw April opened the door then walked inside. Mona ran after her inside, calling out and telling her that she was crazy.

“April you are nuts. There is nothin he-” Mona was cut off when she saw that April had found an elevator in the back of the room. April glared Mona and held a hand up, showing that she had proven to be right.

“Well? Are you coming or not?” April asked softly, standing outside the elevator.

“I knew it was here.” Mona replied jokily

“Sure you did, Mona.” April teased walking after the lizard woman inside the elevator.

Pressing button that happened to go one way. Going down fast into the devil’s den, prepared for anything that will come at them as they followed the tracking signal. Running through the corridors swiftly and stealthy as possible without been captured and added to the experiments.

The tracking signal sounded louder as they grew closer to the other shell cells that were placed in the metal locker in the armoury.

“April, I think that tracking thing is broken.” Mona whined, looking out the door to make sure they were safe.

“I think it is working just fine.” April replied; smiling and grabbed the ninja weapons, placing them inside the duffle bag she had on her shoulder.

“Ok; where to now April?” Mona asked, wondering where to go

“Let’s go down this corridor.” April said, taking the lead

“I hope you know where and what you are doing, girl.” Mona told her, praying to get the terrapins and master splinter in time.

In the federal laboratory...

Master splinter woke up; grunting then looked to his left then right and saw his sons were strapped to operating tables. He tried to break free but couldn’t.

“Ah, you’re finally awake.” Bishop snickered, as he stood in the shadows.

“BISHOP!” Master Splinter angrily bellowed

“Well...well. The rat is awake. Shall I begin, agent bishop?” stockman asked, walking from the shadows behind the federal agent also snickering evilly.

Master splinter grunted and clenched his teeth as he tried again to break free. The black suited man walked to the rat’s side and snickered.

“Try as you might, Master splinter. You can not break free from your binds.” Bishop evilly humed, mocking the rat’s strength and modesty

Both the old rat and the federal agent looked to their right when they heard soft murmuring groans. He glared his sons helplessly, unable to break free and help his children. Bishop evilly smiled, staring the red clad terrapin that awoke as he groaned, wondering what happened.

“Grr...Where are w-BISHOP!” raph groaned and grunted when he saw the black suited man standing beside master splinter.

“Hee Ha. Finally awake, Raphael.” Bishop said, evilly chuckled

“Get away from him,!” raph bellowed as he tried to break free from his restraints.


Raph spat some blood to the floor as he received a punch from bishop. “You are in no position to order me anything, reptile.” Bishop hissed, quickly shaking his hand after throwing it in Raph’s beak.

“Grrr...Cretin.” Raph lowly bellowed, narrowing his eyes and continued to break out of his restrains; only to be bruising his limbs.

Wasn’t long until Leonardo, Donatello and Mikey woke also tried to break free from their restraints when they realised where they were. Suddenly sounds of the laboratory doors were been blown away and off their hinders.

“What is that? Go find out what that is, sergeant!” bishop ordered, pointing the finger directing the soldier where to go.

“Yes sir.” Sergeant answered as he saluted and ran to the door.

The door blew open and a large of black smog filled the lab, giving both the red haired human and the brunette hair lizard a shadowy camouflage as they flogged the soldiers; knocking them on conscious or instantly killing them.

The rat and terrapins looked glared and wondered who were hiding under the smog giving the fed goons a beating. Raph was incredibly surprised when he saw his lover leaping up above and kicked one fed soldier to the ground.

“Whoa...The Calvary is here. You go girl.” Mikey shouted excitedly

Bishop wacked mikey in the face and making him bleed. Mikey spat the excess blood and tried to break free.

“Hey April, throw me a sai. Will ya?” Mona requested yelling out as she finally got to raph’s side and tried to unbuckle his restraints but wouldn’t budge.

“April?” Raph murmured curious and worried

“Here Mona.” April shouted and threw the sai after she kicked and punched a couple fed goons away so she could have some space. Mona caught the sai and cut the binds off raph’s wrists and legs without cutting him.

“Thanks babe.” raph told her, happily

“Ah, Raphael. There is a time and a place for that but right now why don’t you help us out of these Binds, if you don’t mind!” Mikey hissed, wanting to get his revenge for being trapped lab animal.

“Oh...sorry.” Raph answered, taking the sai from Mona and freed his family while bishop fled like the coward he is.

April threw the duffle bag with her friends weapons laid inside and retrieved their weapons. “Christmas time guys.” Mona joked as Raph retrieved his other sai. “Thankyou Mrs Claus.” Raph said; in a low roary pleasingly tone.

“Aaagh. Ow!” April whinced as she was wacked to the ground when she was distracted for a second. Turning around to see a fed agent standing over, pointing his gun directing at her head.

“April!” both Leo and Don yelled

“Freeze reptiles or the red head gets it.” The fed soldier ordered, pointing the gun at April and ready to pull the trigger.

Mona leaped and kicked the soldier from above to aid April before she was shot in her forehead. Raph and his family followed after freeing them. Knocking the federal soldiers on conscious or into comas when Raph saw Mona running after bishop out the lab.

“Mona!” Raph shouted, calling her name but she ignored him and continued running after the federal agent in hope to find her family. Splinter heard his red clad terrapin son shouted out.

“Raphael, wait up for us.” Mikey called out as he slammed his nunchucks into the soldier’s head instantly killing him.

Raph ran after his brunette haired lover through the corridors but wasn’t fast enough. Mona ran ahead to quick for raph to keep up. As the adreline ran through her veins and thinking blindly but only wanting blood.

With a black suited figure running ahead of her but not far away to reach. The lizard woman leaped and kicked the man in the back, making him fall onto his front and landing on top of his back. Standing upon him, grabbing the sharp knife from her belt and ready to drive it into the head without hesitation and thought, even remorse.

Holding the knife up, trembling with no hesitation and with no remorse as she drove it into the man’s head. Believing to have killed the man that kidnapped her mother and sister with no remorse that her dear mother is terribly ill. Standing over the body then continued on her way to find her family when raph stopped and witnessed Mona’s kill.

“No.” Raph murmured in disbelief as he unsure to run or walk to the body. When the red clad terrapin finally approached the body; he stood over the body and reached out to turn over. Luckily his fear disappeared when he saw the face of the victim.

The victim was not bishop; it was one of his possie. Posing to be bishop and avoid been murdered by the hand of angry mutant lizard. Raph sighed with relief and continued to chase after Mona while his family followed.

MONA! WHERE ARE YOU?” raph shouted, standing in the corridor trying his find way through the fed maze. Then he heard grunting and kicking sounds echoing.

Raph followed the echoes and found Mona trying to kick the metal doors down with two fed thugs laying on the floor behind her. Mona blindly attacked raph, not realising it was him behind.

“Whoa babe, it’s me.” Raph pleaded, rubbing his head

“Heh, Raph don’t do that.” Mona angrily told him, helping him up from the floor

“Allow me hon.” Raph suggested, grabbing his Sais and drove them into the door sides.

The door wouldn’t budge as raph continued to try and grunted in annoyance and frustration when the door wouldn’t open. Then Mona jingled the keys to the door when finding them from the belt of the soldier laying on the floor on conscious. Raph looked at the keys and smiled as he softly shook his head and lightly chuckled then stepped aside, allowing Mona to open the door.

Isabelle, Mina sat together in the back of the room when the light shown upon them as the door opened with a shadowy figure stood before them. With Jane hiding behind the door with a chair, ready to thrown down whoever walked inside; unaware that someone would be Mona.

“Mom...Izzy?” Mona called out softly

“Mona?” both women answered, whispery

Mona walked inside the door unaware she was going to be hit from behind by the up noxious nurse, willing to try her best to protect her patient and daughter.

“Jane, Stop!” Mina demanded, raspy shouting out

Mona jumped to the side slightly and ready herself to kick Jane in the gut. Jane stopped, still held the chair in the air above her, ready to swing down over Mona as she stood out of the shadows from behind the prison door.

“Whoa?” Jane said in amusedly

Mona reached out and took the chair from Jane’s hands, giving her a small smile. Jane nodded and allowed Mona to walk to her mother and sister. Standing before her mother and knelt down, leaning her hand upon mina’s lap. Mina glared the lizard woman half-heartedly fear until she gazed into Mona’s eyes then she realised this mutant lizard is her lost daughter. Mina smiled and grasped Mona’s hand then softly whispered.

“Is that really you, Mona?” Mina asked, unsure but wanting to believe with her heart. Trembling as she reached for Mona’s reptilian face

“Yeah mom. It is me.” Mona said, holding her hand assuringly with happy tears running down over cheek

“I hate to interrupt this family reunion but we gotta go.” Raph assuringly encouraged

“Oh, right. Come on mom.” Mona answered, aiding her mother while Jane aided Isabelle and raph stood at the door, quickly looking around before leaving the room in case any goons may lurk about.

Mona held her mother’s arm over her shoulder and tried to walk then raph offered to carry her so they may get out of the government base safe and sound. She glared the terrapin with wary and shock that her daughter has friends similar to her. Mona assured her mother whispery. “Mom, it is ok.”

Mina nodded and accepted the offer and allowed the red clad terrapin to carry her. Mona aided Jane and Isabelle through the corridors until regrouping with the others. Somewhere in the corridors where the others were trying to find Raph and Mona as they also either knocked out or killed the fed soldiers along the way.

Splinter sniffed the air for his son’s scent and couldn’t find as he was alittle far for his senses so he tried to locate his son another way though sensing with his heart. Splinter closed his eyes and concentrated with the beats of his heart until he felt raph’s presence. Splinter smiled and pointed to the direction where raph were running through.

“This way.” Splinter gently stated

Leo and Mikey ran down the corridor until they saw raph running up with Mona aiding two other women trying to run also. Suddenly echoes of soldiers running down back in the corridor where the prison cell was heard.

“Hurry, we have to leave immediately.” Leo said, pointing toward to the desired exit.

“Whoa this is?” Mikey asked in cooing and mushy manner

MIKEY!” Mona hissed annoyingly, glaring the orange clad terrapin that he should be more worried about getting out first then request introduction later not the other way round.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Mikey apologised, impertinently smiled

“I don’t want to say ungrateful or anything but can someone help me get through here faster as I can not see where I am going.” Isabelle said, stating her condition

Mikey saw this as an opportunity for a chance to get close with Mona’s sister. Speeding to Isabelle’s side and scooping her up in his arms with a big smile on his face. Unaware that Isabelle is unable to see him smiling; so she reached for his terrapin face and gently touched his beak to feel his smile.

Confused as he felt Isabelle moved her hand around mikey’s face then he lightly shrugged and held the mousy blonde woman closer. Mona quickly stood beside mikey as she handed Isabelle’s walking stick.

“Here sis, you will be needing this.” mona said, placing the walking stick in her sister’s hand

“Thanks sis.” Isabelle replied, giving a warm smile

“Come on, we better go now.” Raph assuringly urged

Leo and Splinter were in front of the group leading their family and friends out of the underground base. Mona grabbed Jane’s hand and led her out as they all ran out and tried to find an exit of the federal compound.

Running through the government maze and tried to stay calm as one was growing weak. Fastening their passé then reached the corridor that also gave way to three other directions. Concentrating with their thought and feeling to find the right corridor to escape.

Suddenly master splinter sniffed the air and noticed the familiar scent that only could be smelt where near water. He took the lead and began running towards the exit of the corridor along with his family and friends followed behind him. As they came closer to the end of the federal tunnel a light shown brightly but red and alarmed rang; alerting the troops.

Soldiers standing all around and pointed their guns at the runaway mutants and human prisoners trying to escape. Splinter stopped holding his arms up in mid air, gesturing the others to stop and ready themselves to dodge bullets that will be shot.

Leaping for cover; hiding behind the barrier cades. Leo, splinter, Mona, April and Donatello did what they could to protect mikey and raph as they carried Mina and Isabelle along with Jane running after them, escaping to safety.

Knocking every soldier to the ground as they made their escape to safety. Not realising that bishop was standing behind in the shadows in the back of the facility, watching them escaping with the prisoners. Smirking evilly as his plot ran as expected.

Fiddling between his fingers; a vile of blood. Marked with the number ID and underneath the name of the host. “1298 aka Mina Smith.”

Walking out from his hiding place and listened to the groaning sound of his soldiers; rubbing their heads, broken limbs as they tried to stand up from the ground.

“Grr...Sir, should we go after them?” a soldier grumbling asked

“That is not necessary, allow them to leave and get yourselves to the infirmary immediately. There is alot of work to be done.” Bishop told the soldier.

“Yes sir.” Soldier answered and walked away, holding his throbbing limb

Smirking evilly and evilly chuckled as he turned around, walking to the laboratory.

To be continued in chapter eleven....

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