Mona's journey home

Re-introduction & acceptance finally

Escaping to safety from the clutches of the evil insane and homicidal federal agent; in hope they will not see him again but only if they knew his true purpose that remains hidden. More concerned with the safety first then explanations about how her dear daughter became what she is.

Carried to the vehicles as fast as possible that waited outside of the secret federal base up above. The fearless blue clad terrapin quickly looked behind himself when stopped for a second and threw a few bomb shurikens to ensure their escape then continued running behind the others.

April ran to her van and started the engine, ready to drive. Mikey carried Isabelle to April’s van and hopped inside with Jane following behind him. While the others hopped into the battle shell as Leo took the steering wheel and drove up behind April without hesitation.

Don did what he did best when an innocent is either injured or may be just in shock. Quickly examining the sickly woman and then his family to make sure no one was hurt in any way.

“Ok Mrs Smith, I am quickly examining you to make sure you do not have any broken bones or cuts. With your permission of course.” Don kindly explained as he waited for a response from the frightened and confused woman.

Mina breathed in softly then nodded without saying a word, allowing the purple clad terrapin to examine for any wounds that may need attention. Don was swift and gentle as he searched for any open wounds, even broken bones but found nothing except needle scarring, embedded in her right mid-forearm.

Mona scudded closer to her mother and quickly grasped and gently kissed her hand. Mina turned and glance upon her mutated daughter. Holding onto mona’s hand with no intention of letting go, as she gazed into those beautiful eyes that she had missed so much and for so long. Realizing that her prayers have finally been answered but the question is where to go from there.

“Are you ok mom?” Mona asked, giving a small smile

“I ok, sweetie. As long you are now that everything is going to be better now you are back.” mina answered, letting go of Mona’s hand and gently grasped her face as she brushed her thumb across Mona’s cheek and smiled.

Mona held her mother’s hand upon her face; while two tears ran down her cheeks. One tear falling down to her chin and the other tear fell down underneath mina’s hand.

“I missed you so much, mom.” Mona whispered

“And I, you.” Mina whispery replied

Raph sat nearby in the passenger seat and watched his lover re-connect with her family after been absent for so long. Finally happy for his beloved beauty but wondered will it last before something else rips them apart all over again.

Raph swore to never allow anything come between Mona and her family. If they ever dare to try; they will have hell to pay.

“So where this boyfriend of yours, hmm?” mina asked, grinning

“Here I am, Ma’am.” raph murmured when he overheard mina stated her curious question.

Mona turned to gaze her terrapin lover and smiled as she was speechless. But very proud to proper introduce him to her mother. “Mom, this is the love of my life. Raphael Hamato.”

“I am exceptionally proud to meet you Mr Raphael Hamato.” Mina stated, holding her hand out waiting.

Raph smiled and stood up from the passenger seat, walked to her side as he knelt down beside her then gently grasped mina’s hand, accepting the welcoming handshake. “No, Mrs Smith-” raph stated as he was cut off when mina requested one thing.

“Raphael, please call me Mina.” She requested

Raph smiled tenderly and knelt down. “The honor is mine, mina.” Raph finished his statement as he recorrected himself.

Mona gazed raph with a lovingly smile, leaned over to his side and kissed his cheek. Mina smiled happily and opened her arms, requesting both her long lost daughter and newly son in-law to give her a family hug.

“Hey...What about me?” Isabelle cried

“C’mon girl, get on in here.” Raph welcoming the younger sister

“So, where to?” Izzy asked

“Home.” Mina answered softly

“But Mrs Smith...the apartment was trashed.” Jane stated, reminding the sick woman

“It’s alright. We can always go the cottage just outside phila.” She answered

“You mean the cottage that we used to go to every summer when we were kids.” Mona softly replied

“Well sure...Of course the cottage that we used to go. Where did you think I was talking about, you silly goose.” Mina answered, giggling

Mona smiled and her eyes filled with tears as she hadn’t heard her mother say for a long time since she disappeared.

“Are ya sure that ya want to do this?” raph asked, holding her hand assuringly

“Yes I am sure. It is much better than the dump we were in.” mina replied proudly

Raph smiled and made mina alittle more comfortable before he returned the passager seat in the front.

“So, where to Raphael?” Leo asked

“Towards the north. North Hampton.” Raph replied

“Northhampton it is.” Leo said, obediently drove to the destination.


To be continued in chapter twelve...

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