Mona's journey home

A mother's love part one & one self's discvoery

chapter song: Lifehouse- everything

Three months later....

Mona made continuous trips back and forth to the bathroom as morning sickness kicks in, unaware she is even pregnant. Returning back to the bed where the chainsaw snoring terrapin slept but it didn’t bother her as much the bathroom trips. Until she felt that couldn’t sleep with a horrendous migraine, that continuously thumping inside her head.

Raising from the hammock and went to the purple clad terrapin’s lab. Finding that he was working on some new invention or possibly the television again as mikey enjoys burning out the television’s engine from continuing every video created by man.

Turning around and noticed that Mona was standing nearby, holding her abdomen and looked paler than she normally would look. “You ok Mona?” he asked giving her a concerned glance.

Shaking her head ‘no’, as she slowly sat down in the spare chair in the lab. Breathing slowly and knew the second that she would be running back to the bathroom again.

Donatello stood up and went to his medical cabinet and sought for a syringe and urine container. “Here.” he stated, handing the container.

“What’s this for?” Mona raspy asked

“Urine sample please, before you go do that...Stay still so I can take a quick blood sample too. This might hurt abit.” Don requested and reassured as he inserted the syringe needle in the vein of her inner forearm. The brunette haired salamander didn’t make single whimper sound or whinced once as the needle entered her skin.

Closing her eyes and tried to ignore the sight of her blood taken as she already felt woozy. “All done.” Don said, walking away with the blood sample then started to analyse it while he waited for the urine sample.

“ want my urine, right?” Mona asked, trying not to think about it.

Don inserted the blood sample into vile and allowed the blood testing machine to begin with procedure. Mona stood up and slowly walked to the bathroom without hurling again as the smell of Mikey’s cooking was making her sick.

About five minutes later, Mona returned to the lab and gave the urine sample that the purple clad terrapin requested as he sat in his chair and gazed Mona with happy grin on his terrapin face.

“What cha grinning about—” Mona said, cutting herself as she felt woozy again.

“Mona...I think you better sit down.” Don answered, reassuring the mother to be.

Mona sat down obediently as she couldn’t handle the wooziness and the migraine, thumping her skull. “What is the verdict, Donnie?” she raspy asked without feeling sick again.

“Well...want the good or the bad news?” Don replied

“What is the bad news?” Mona asked

“That is the good bad news.” Don teased, playing around not giving straight answers.

“Donnie please....breathe...Just tell me what is wrong with me!” Mona hissed

“You’re pregnant.”

“I’m...breathe...I’m what?” Mona said, confused

“You’re pregnant.” He repeated

Mona was shocked and fainted. Don rushed to her side and took her immediately to the infirmary and applied the hydration drip in her hand...just in case. Mikey rushed in the infirmary with a mouthful of food as he curiously wondered. “What happened to Mona, Donnie?”

“She fainted.” Don replied

Mikey gazed his brother confused then looked to Mona laying in the bed. “What made her faint?” Mikey asked

“Mona is pregnant.” Don answered softly

“Woo-hoo...I get to be a uncle! Yay!...clear his throat...How far along?” Mikey curiously wondered, also excited as he couldn’t wait to rub into Raphael’s face and letting him know that he and Donatello were first to know...which he will never let down for awhile as his personal annoying trait like he normally enjoys doing.

“In between 9-10 weeks approximately and Mikey don’t tease Raphael about this.” Don answered, telling his baby brother not to torment raph about knowing who knew first.

“I scouts honor.” Mikey gave his word as he crossed his fingers behind his shell.

“I mean it Mikey.” Don warned

“Ok...ok...don’t have a fit.” Mikey complained while he barked back and stormed out of the infirmary. The purple clad terrapin smirked and shook his head, thinking to himself. ‘Oh are one pain in the shell.’


Meanwhile back Raph’s bedroom

Raph reached over his shell, reaching for his brunette beauty only to find a empty bed side. Throwing away the sheets and sat up, rubbing his eyes then stood up and stretched. Grabbing his bandana before leaving the room and assumed that Mona might be in the kitchen. Slowly went to the kitchen but it was empty, scratching his head and wondered where she could be since the lair is not exactly that big or many hiding places for her to hide within as he would find her within seconds.

The blue clad terrapin also woke but instead going to the kitchen, he was on his way to the dojo as he walked past the red clad terrapin. “Hey Leo.” raph called

Leo didn’t verbally answer as he faced the red clad terrapin and folded his arms, waiting to hear what he may want. “Have ya seen Mona?” raph asked, worried

Yawn...“No I haven’t, did you look in the kitchen?” Leo replied

“Yes, she aint there.”

“What about in the lab? Maybe she might be with Don.” Leo said, suggesting the possible whereabouts.

“Thanks bro.” Raph said, taking off to the lab and hoped to find Mona.

Leo smiled and continued on to the dojo. The red clad terrapin ran to the lab with a huge grin as he couldn’t wait to drape his arms around Mona and just dragged her back to the bedroom and have some morning love making, when he got to the lab. His happy grin immediately turned into a wryly frown.

His blood began to blood with frustration as he couldn’t think of where else she may be when he noticed his baby brother walked out of the infirmary as if he was keeping a secret. Raph bolted fast he could to approach his orange clad brother when he too noticed him, running towards him like hot-headed behemoth in a stampede with no intention of stopping or even thinking to stop. Shuddering with wryly fear and he too, bolted...running away from his red clad brother just to avoid any means of so-called punishment if he didn’t receive no right answer. Raph frowned confused as why his baby brother ran away with wryly fear of him; normally when he tells Mikey that had did something that he shouldn’t but this time, it was something extremely important...Mona’s where-about.

“Mikey! Wait bro!” Raph called

“Why? Wait for what? A knuckle sandwich? Or wet willy?” Mikey wryly exclaimed, continued to run away.

Raph stopped and shook his head then turned the other way, mikey also stopped and watched his brother walk in the direction. Wiping away the excess sweat from his brow and looked to his chilly sandwich that was falling out, everywhere and all over his hand. “Oh man.” He whined and went to make another sandwich then sat at the table to eat his snack in peace.

Raph sighed with breathless wryly wondered when he heard the sound of a printer printing something. Walked in the infirmary and when he did, immediately shockingly exclaimed. “Donnie...What the hell happen to Mona?”

“Raph, calm down bro.” The purple clad terrapin gently reassured

“Don’t tell me to calm down, what happened to Mona!” he hissed, warily with fear and worry.

Don softly gulped and sighed. “Raph...sit down.”

“I’ll stand.” He huskily answered, folding his arms...waiting.

“Mona is fine and there is no trauma.” Don explained, taking his time to get to the reason and proper scientific point.

“A’right...if there no trauma...why is she laying on that bed, Donnie. Something else wrong with her, isn’t there?” he demanded.

“I think you should hear it from her...I don’t think that she would be pleased that I told you before she did.” Don continued

“What do you mean Donnie?” he asked then immediate assumption presented upon his terrapin face. “Is she...she...” he stammered, closing his eyes and tried to hold back tears.

“Raph...she is fine...Mona is not ill in any kind of way.” Don reassured, feeling guilty not telling the answer straight up when asked.

“What is it, then don!” raph annoyingly and slowly lost his patience as he demanded for a answer.

Don sighed and breathed in slowly then answered his brother’s question. “She’s pregnant.”

Raph gawked in shock and surprise but never thought it would have so soon. A huge smile grew, reached for Don’s cheeks and kissed his bald olive head then unhesitatingly went to Mona’s side and waited.

“You’re welcome.” Don humed, shocked himself that his brother kissed his head without hesitation or abruptly second thought. Mona softly stirred and stretched her arms as she opened her eyes and saw her red clad terrapin lover sitting beside her, and held her hand within his terrapin grasp.

“Hey handsome.” She whispered

“Hey yarself, beautiful.” He whispery replied, leaning down and kissed her forehead.

“What is that for?” Mona wondered

“For making me the happiest turtle alive.” He told Mona with a warm happy smile.

Frowning confused then released when she remembered. Not saying a word, she grasped his hand closest for her to reach and placed upon her slight abdomen. “I love you.”

“I love ya too, mummy dearest.”

“What did you say?” she asked softly

Raph smiled, leaned in and tenderly kissed her lips then softly breathed. “Thankyou have made me so happy now I will be a father.”

Then Mona understood why he called her ‘mummy dearest’. Gazing into his earthy caramel brown eyes that presented a happy but very proud glance; reaching for his face and cupped his terrapin cheek as she softly said. “I love you, daddy dearest.”

Raph smiled and giggled when Mona repeated her love for him but didn’t mind as she re-phrase it with ‘daddy dearest’ this time. Kissing her once more then draped his arms around her upper body and gently embraced his now pregnant lover...the only thing to do what every man or in this situation; turtle dreads to face as it may go sour down the track...marriage.

Should he ask her to marry him? Or just continue as they are since they will always love each other and be married in their matter what. “What are you thinking about, raphie?” Mona asked tenderly

“Um...all kinds of stuff.” Raph answered softly

“Like what...stuff?” she wondered, waiting patiently

“ wonder what the future will have for us...and...And...” Sighed and exhaled.

“And...What my darling?” she answered, waiting to what her lover was thinking about.

“I...I...” the red clad terrapin stammered and grunted as he was afraid to ask the question, fearing the answer maybe ‘no’.

“Are you A’right?” she softly reprimanded

“I’m ok...I want to ask you somethin’ but don’t know where to begin.” He answered

“Raphie baby...whatever it is just say it.” She reassured him, lovingly

Leaning in, making their foreheads meet and softly touch as he gathered his courage and swallowed his pride then breathlessly asked. “Will you marry me, Mona?”

Mona gazed Raph with a surprise glance then warmly smiled as she gently grasped his face, giving him a tender loving kiss and breathed her answer with happily pride. “Yes...I will Raphael Hamato...I will marry you.”

Raph stared Mona with the happiness that filled inside him, he could no longer keep to himself as he hugged her then ran out of the infirmary and shouted out in the lair for all to hear his joy. “SHE SAID YES...SHE SAID YES!”

Poor mikey jumped out of his shell and almost choked on his drink when he heard his brother’s joyous shouting. Cough....cough...“Who...cough...clearing his throat...said yes.” He raspy asked.

Leo ran into the lair with his katana’s drawn, ready to fight against whoever may be in their home, assuming to be under attack and to find his red clad terrapin shouting incoherently like a rumbling crazy terrapin that had too much red cordial. Sheathing his weapons back in their protectors upon his shell and asked what all the excitement was about. “Ok Raph...I’ll bite...what is all the shouting about?” folding his arms, waiting.

Both the old rat and Don also waited for an answer as they too, freaked out from the shouting. “My son...there was need for shouting.” Splinter assured him.

“Right...sorry master splinter.” Raph apologised and immediately bowed.

Don stood beside the old grey rat with his arms folded then said. “A’right Raph what was the excitement anyway?”

“I asked Mona to marry me.”

They all stood surprised but very much happy for the red clad terrapin and express their own joyous happiness for him as they congratulated him. “Wow! Raphael you big softie.” Mikey stated

Raph glanced his baby brother, giving him ‘enough of that’ glance. Mikey immediately assumed that he will get a beating for stating his opinion. About to run when raph walked toward him and stood before him. “Are you gonna hurt me, now?” mikey asked fearing the red clad terrapin’s torture.

“Oh I sure am.” He chuckled

Closing his eyes and pleaded with hands up, covering his face. Raph draped one arm around the orange clad shoulders, holding him tight and held the other hand behind his shell...waiting for the unexpected moment to strike. He opened his eyes, looked around and was in a confused shock as he thought that he was going to be a goner. “O-ok? Um...raph, I’m confused.” Mikey stated.

“What Mikey? Can I give my baby bro a hug?” he told the wary terrapin but hid a smirk under the warming smile.

He relaxed, leaving an open opportunity for the playful attack as he sighed and said. “Oh man...hee hee...I so thought that I was going to be a goner.”

Don scratched his head, confused as he wondered where this side of Raph came from and waiting. Both the red and orange clad brothers laughed when raph smirked slyly and held his brother tighter so he couldn’t run. “Ok can let go now.” mikey told him.

“Yeah in a minute, mikey but first I want to give you something.”

“Yeah! What is it?”

Slyly smirked and lowly evilly but playfully chuckled. Glaring his brother and slowly took his hand out from his shell, mikey looked down and saw raph’s hand was closed in a fist. Trying to run but had no escape, struggling with all his might when he received noogie on his bald head. “Ow...ow raph, A’right...cut it out.” Mikey pleaded

The rest of the clan just stood by and laughed as Mona walked out of the infirmary and Don saw her then his medical expertise kicked in. “Mona, you should be resting.”

“Oh Don...stop fussing. Me and the bay will be fine.” Mona softly told the purple clad terrapin. Joining in the laugh and watched her lover, Raphael torture mikey, when the shell cell rang unexpectedly.

“Hello.” Don answered

“May I speak to Mona please.” a soft voice requested

“Who is this?” Don asked, demandingly

“Isabelle Smyth.”

“Izzy! I apologise.”

Before the purple clad terrapin got the chance to say anything, Mona unmeaning snatch the phone and answered. “Izzy?”

“Mona...will you be able to come...Mum wants to see you.” Isabelle softly pleaded

“Yes of course...we’ll be there immediately.” Mona answered, scarcely

Both raph and mikey stopped and part away, raph unhesitatingly went to Mona’s side and waited to speak. Mona hanged the phone and silently stared the phone, unsure how to request for aid.

Raph gently grasped her shoulders, assuringly. She gazed him, silently for a second then breathed softly. “It’s my mother...I think it is time...she needs me.”

Splinter reassuringly grasped her shoulder, she turned and gazed the old rat but tried her best not to allow one tear fall down her cheek, showing weakness or heartache of what may happen when she finally arrives the cottage.

“ is ok to strong...go see your mother.” He softly said and warmly smiled.

Mona returned the warm smile and hugged the rat. “C’mon...we better get movin’.” Raph gently said.

“We better go properly rugged is snowing up at the cottage.” Mona insisted

Raph nodded and gazed his purple clad brother, just about request when he already took the words out of his mouth. “Don’t worry, raph...already on it. Go get ready in the van.” Don reassured softly.

He smiled and nodded then draped his arm around Mona’s shoulder and walked to the garage, waiting in the van. Leo asked his sensei if he wished to join them and see Mina for the last time but the old rat respectfully declined. Leo smiled and bowed as he returned the bow. Mikey ran as fast he could to the kitchen and grabbed what food to eat for the ride, just in case.

Don was the last to finally join the others when he was stopped by splinter for quick fatherly concerned second. “Donatello.” he called

“Yes master splinter.” He answered, bowing and tried to hold on to the human harkers clothing.

“Give my condolences and severe apologies.” Splinter requested.

Don nodded and bowed before joining the others that waited in the van. Leo was in the driver’s side and waited for Don to jump in, handing the harkers clothing to everyone before driving out of the lair and drove the long journey to North Hampton.


Up in North the family cottage

Isabelle stood close helplessly as she didn’t know what to do while the nurse did what she could to make her mother comfortable. As they waited for Mona to arrive which it may be awhile until she does finally arrive. Hanging the phone and grasped her mother’s hand when she felt her motherly touch upon her face, reassuringly.

Inhaled softly...“Is Mona coming?” Mina raspy asked, hoping

Sniffle...sighed softly and nodded. “She is on her way now.”


“Yes mom.”

“You must be strong need your sister as much she needs you...please promise me that you will go stay with her.” Mina requested

“I...promise.” lowering her head and gave a false vow.

“Good girl.” she whispered, closing her eyes and fell in a slight slumber, trying to hang on as long as possible to see her other daughter before peacefully passing on.

Jane walked up behind Isabelle, reassuringly grasped her shoulder and reassuringly said, giving her severe apologies. “I’m so sorry, Isabelle...there is nothing more that I can be done...It is time...I’m sorry.”

Isabelle reached up, grasped Jane’s hand and replied. “I know...I know.” She placed her mother’s hand down beside her body as she slept, soundly then stood up slowly, reached for her walking stick and wanted to be alone until her sister arrived.


She stopped in the middle of the bedroom, just by the doorway...silently waited, giving no reply. “Do you need some company?” Jane offered

Exhaled softly and whispery replied, respectfully declining the offer. “No, thankyou Jane...I wish to be alone for awhile...I’ll be outside on the porch swing.”

Standing where she stood, not saying another word and allowed the mousy blonde young woman to leave the room, unaware that she is carrying a deep dark secret. A secret that may endanger them if told.

Isabelle walked normally as if she could see straight through the black glasses that covered her eyes as if she was blind but now having her sight back was something; she longed for to return which was miraculous but why?

Why now? Why after 12 years of her life, relying on her fingers to see what people looked like, read everything in dot form and use a walking stick to guide her through when she travelled.

Walking out the door of the cottage, closed the door behind her then sat down on the porch swing and removed her glasses to see the outside world she had missed so. Looking around and watching all the animals walk about in the grassy forest, listening to the sounds of happy chirping birds near by and inhaled in the freshest scent of nature into her lungs.

Grateful for her returned sight but at what price? Is there something she knew about her newly regained and healed eyes as she is afraid to look in the mirror and see herself for the first time since she was a child....curiously wondered what her eye color looked like even though she knew as always told that her eyes were the rarest color that most believe to be the color of sacred gods....Jade green.

Wanting to see for herself but didn’t have the courage...yet. Also deeply desire to share her joy but couldn’t so she didn’t. Keeping her discovery a secret will be a price, she must face alone now her own path to know why her sight was her destiny to learn, and know why and maybe what the reason could be.

‘I have my eyes back...I know who you are...And I will come for you...Bishop! Your time is coming to end and I will stop you...myself.’ Isabelle narrating thought out loud.

“Beware Bishop...I am coming for you.” She whispery warned in the wind as it blew past her, unaware that Jane was standing by the window where she could Isabelle, clear as day and also discovered her reason why she wished to have no company.

‘Oh Izzy...why won’t tell me and allow me in...I could help you.’ Jane wonderingly thought, wanting to confront the young girl but then decided to allow her enjoy the gift she longed for so long. Walking away, grabbing a glass from the cupboard and turned the tap, filled the glass and added some ice in the water before drinking when she sat down at the dining table.

Silently wondered how Isabelle is able to see but at the moment, it was not important. Mona was needed to see Mina as the moment will arrive for the angel of death come and take her mother. She prays Mona will make it in time and farewell her mother before she passes on.

Upstairs in the bedroom...

Mina lay comfortably and gazed out the opened window as the curtain floated while the gentle breeze blew inside. One single bird flew to the window sill and perched on the rim of the opening, holding a single flower bouquet in it’s beak...flew to the bedside table and lower her head down as she dropped Mina’s favourite wild-flower’s entwined together that is only found in wild nature park forest’s....Lilac and the blue bell.

Reaching for the flower gift and lifted them to her nose, inhaling their fragrances then faced to her right so she may thank the bird but she had gone. Holding the gift to her steady beating heart and closed her eyes then smiled as she silently and peacefully passed away.



To be continued in epilogue

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