Mona's journey home

A mother's love part 2, wedding bells, a new arrival & time for new destiny

Warning: May need more tissues and chapter song: Long road back-(Stallion of the Cimarron/Hans Zimmer)


A mother’s love pt 2, wedding bells, new arrival & Time for a new destiny

Mona and her terrapin family were driving fast as they could to arrive on time and say their farewell to one very important woman....Mina Smyth. Raph held his pregnant betrothed within his terrapin strong embrace as she soundly slept, lying against his steady breathing plastron chest when she felt and sensed something as if the presence were sitting right beside her.


Mona stood in the middle of flower field with birds, happily chirping. Walking alone and turning around as she gazed the scenery around her in amazement but she stopped and stood still. Mona saw a figure unseen, standing behind the shadows of the trees and then heard the voice so familiar to her that only she would recognise with her heart.

“Mona...” Mina whispered

“M-mom?” Mona stammered

“Yes my is” Mina replied, giving a warm smile and walked towards the confused salamander young woman.

Mona began to cry and draped her arms around her mother, unaware that she is communicating through a realm that usually where the chosen see the angelic messengers. Suddenly she felt her mother’s hand sitting upon her abdomen, gently caressing it. “Congratulations Mona...She will be beautiful just like her her after your grandmother; Vilana Briar-Rose....” Mina requested and suggested with hopeful inquest.

Mona gawked her mother, shocked as she intended to name her daughter after whom she once called ‘Grandma Rose’ but she also thought if the baby was a boy to name after both Raphael and his grand-sensei ‘Master Yoshi Hamato’ but now learning that she may be carrying a girl as her mother believes. The question could she know? Unless, she has passed on.

“Mom...where are we? And how did we get here?” Mona wondered, looking around and wiping the tears away from her cheeks.

Mina smiled with tears of her own, began to fall as she reached for her daughter’s face and gently cupped her right cheek and brushed her thumb across, caressing with her motherly loving touch. “It is time, sweetie...I love you, my beautiful girl...I’m so very proud of you.” Mina kissed her forehead and gently pushed Mona, making her float back to reality as her mother whispery one last message. “I shall always be with you. Goodbye Mona-Lisa.”

As Mona floated back to her body, unaware that she had astral travelled to the other side where only deceased humanly spirits go to, when they peacefully pass away. Mina waved with a lovingly smile as she watched her elder daughter floated away and faded. She snapped her eyes open and cried out abruptly and confused. “MOM! DON’T GO!”

The red clad terrapin, gawked Mona with confused and shock glance. “Err...Mona are ya ok?” he concerningly asked, frowning.

Mona didn’t answer and just draped her arms around her lover, covered her face into his chest and silently sobbed. Raph held his pregnant betrothed in his arms, silently comforted her and realized something must have happen but still couldn’t figure it out...yet!

Mikey scratched his head, confused and said. “She ok?”

Raph gazed his brother in silence, frowning and continued to comfort Mona.

Both Leo and Don gazed upon the betrothed lovers; embracing eachother also wondered the same question. Assuming that Mona must be just alittle emotional as she is pregnant and assumed she must be slightly suffering from the stages of pregnancy depression that suddenly kicked in. Gazed eachother in silence then faced the road as they continued the journey to the Smyth family cottage.


...About ten or twenty minutes later....

They finally arrived to the cottage as they drove up the grassy and dusty dirt road, Mona’s heart beated faster and slower at the same time, hoping her dream was not real as the dreading feeling waved over her once more.

Isabelle noticed the vehicle approaching and immediately placed her glasses back on over her eyes before her secret is discovered and how will she explain that she doesn’t know herself the answer.

Then suddenly...Isabelle felt a soft loving motherly touch, gently caressed her cheek and also felt a soft loving tender kiss upon her forehead then heard a familiar voice saying in a soft whisper. “I love you strong...I shall always be with you, my darling...always.”

Touching her cheek where the loving caressing presence touch her face as two single warm tears fell when she closed her eyes. Disbelieving that her mother had passed away, before Mona arrived and before they had the chance to say goodbye.

Not wanting to face the heartbreaking truth as both Isabelle and Mona are not ready to farewell their mother but when the time is born, live their lives as expected and one day must die to make way for the new.

“Isabelle.” Jane softly called, standing on the stair case of the cottage’s porch veranda.

“Yes, Jane...I’m coming.” Isabelle answered, standing up then walked towards Jane with the guide of her walking stick.

“Take my hand, Izzy.” Jane suggested, offering her guidance.

Isabelle accepted the guidance of the nurse and walked down the stairs, and welcomed the expected visitors. Leo and Don were the first to hop out as Mikey jumped immediately when the door was opened. Raph slowly followed behind his baby brother but stood close, waiting and offered his hand to his pregnant lover so she may get out of the vehicle safely.

Both Jane and Isabelle stood in silence and waited as Mona and her terrapin family walked to them, and greeted them. “Hello Isabelle.” Mona said, softly

“Hey Mona...raph.” Isabelle replied, reaching out for the lovers. Raph grasped her hand, guided her towards him and Mona so they may embrace eachother.

Mikey tried to walk towards them and desired to greet Isabelle, and then Leo stopped him. Mikey gawked at his brother in annoyance then grunted silently but obediently remained where he stood.

“Isabelle...Mona-Lisa...It is time...Your mother is waiting.” Jane gently told the sisters.

The sisters pulled away from eachother’s embrace, Mona reached for Isabelle’s face, and gently caressing her check then tucked her excess hair behind her ear. Raph grasped Mona’s hand and smiled warmly. Mona returned the warm smile and held her sister’s hand, walking to the cottage while Jane followed behind them, along with the other terrapin visitors.

Mikey ran straight to Isabelle and grabbed her hand, Leo placed his hand over his face and shook his head; whispery said to himself with annoyance and embarrassment. ‘Oh Mikey...err.’

Don smiled and silently giggled. Isabelle returned the welcoming hand grasped and faced the orange clad terrapin and warmly smiled then leaned towards him and softly kissed his terrapin cheek. Mikey was happy to receive a kiss from the sister of Mona, wanting to jump for joy around the cottage but quickly told himself to behave.

Both the Blue and purple clad terrapins remained outside of the cottage and enjoyed the fresh nature scent. Leo leaned against the staircase railings while Don sat on the porch swing, hoped and prayed that everything will be better not worse.

Jane, Mona, Raph, Mikey and Isabelle walked up the stairs to Mina’s bedroom where she laid, waiting. Unaware that she already had passed on. Jane opened the door, grabbed the chair and placed it beside the bed, close enough for both the elder daughter and mother may bond.

Mikey guided Isabelle to the bed’s end where Isabelle may sit down, in silence as she waited to farewell her mother. Mona sat down on the chair, reached for her mother’s hand when she saw the flowers within her hand. Recognising the flowers were her favourite wildflowers then feared the worst but hoped she hadn’t just yet.

“Mom...I am here.” Mona whispered softly

Silence and pause.

Raph feared the worst and immediately sensed that they were too late. “Mona...hon.” he softly called.

Mona kissed her mother’s hand; gently placing down upon her chest with the flowers then stood up with tears streaming down her cheeks and immediately draped her arms around her lover that immediately comforted her.

Jane quickly checked for her pulse among the side of her throat and confirmed that she has passed away, silently. Isabelle knew instantly when she sensed her sister’s heart ache and realised also that her mother is gone; despite able to see but pretended to be blind. Tears streamed down her cheeks, stood up and tried to rush out the room when Mikey grabbed her hand, reassuringly and comforting.

“Let me go...let me...sobs...let me go!” Isabelle demanded and cried

“No Izzy...I’m not letting you go.” Mikey reassured, trying to comfort the devastated young woman. The mousy blonde haired maiden fell into the orange clad terrapin’s embrace in defeat as she is like her older sister, too proud to admit she is hurting.

Mona sobbed as Raph embraced her, comforting and reassuringly. Jane exhaled softly, pulling the sheet and covered Mina respectfully. Honouring the family values and left the room, allowing the Smyth daughters to grieve in peace with reassuring terrapins.

Walking down the stairs and straight outside to the veranda where the other two terrapins waited.

Leo sensed the dreading feeling and faced the nurse, standing beside him in silence. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she grew close to the mother also but more as a friend then a nurse.

“Is...Everything a-alright?” Leo stammeredly asked

Jane faced the blue clad terrapin, shaking her head. Both terrapins closed their eyes and fearfully worried for Mona and Isabelle, wondering what will happen for the future now they are all alone. Or are they?

Mona is marrying Raphael and will have their first child together, what of Isabelle? What does the future hold for her as it is coming faster than anyone could ever imagine.


The purple clad terrapin sighed and immediately offered to go find some wood and make a coffin for the recent deceased family member. “I’ll go find some wood and prepare a coffin.”

“Would you like some help?” Jane offered softly.

Don softly nodded and gave the nurse a small smile. Both the nurse and terrapin went to collect some wood and prepare the coffin for Mina while the grieving sisters, mourned until they gathered themselves and made the decision as their mother would wish them to do and honor her.

“So...Where to go from here?” Mikey wondered.

Mona inhaled, exhaled and wiped the tears from her eyes then said, as she gathered the sisterly leadership. “Mom would want us to immediately cremate her body and bury her ashes in the waterhole down in the woods.”

Isabelle gazed her elder sister, confused as she couldn’t recall their mother wish for such request. “I don’t recall mom requesting that Mona.”

“No you wouldn’t, Izzy. Mom told me that she wished to be cremated and have her ashes thrown into the flowing river as it was her favourite picnic spot.” Mona explained softly, recalling their mother’s dying wish.

Confusedly frowned and softly sighed as she replied again. “Uh...ok. Maybe I was too young to either remember or must’ve heard her wrong when she requested it.”

“You were only 9 years old and at the time when mom said that, you were asleep...that is why you wouldn’t be able to recall the discussion.” Mona assured her sister.

“Let’s do it properly as mom wanted.” Isabelle suggested

Mona nodded and half smiled as she felt her heart and soul shatter, now her mother is gone. Raph insisted to remain with his pregnant fiancé when she suggested him to see if he could gather some wooden planks from the side of the cottage that could be used and create the coffin for her mother.

“Ya ok?” Raph asked, concerned

“Yeah, I’m ok.” Mona-lisa replied, softly

“Are ya sure?” Raph asked

“Yeah I’m sure....I’ll be right here, ok.” Mona replied, kissed his cheek.

Raph grasped her hair, ran his fingers through the strands and kissed her forehead then left the room without a reply. Mona went to the side of the bed and grabbed her mother’s hand, held up against her face as more tears fell. Isabelle sat on the other side also did the same?

“I’ll be back...” Mikey said, reassuringly softly

Neither the sisters answered and softly sobbed and mourned. The orange clad terrapin stood in the doorway, glancing Mona and Isabelle. Thinking of what if was Master Splinter that had passed on, how would he cope?

Putting the heartbreaking thought aside then followed his older brother down stairs and outside where Leo stood on the front porch...alone.

“Leo? What ya doing out here by ya’self, bro?” Mikey asked

Leo continued to gaze across the perimeter, didn’t reply his baby brother’s question. Mikey shrugged his shoulders and went to get the wood planks. Jane and Don returned with what wood they could find when they discovered that raph and Mikey found proper planks to use.

“Where did ya guys find those?” Don asked, wondering as he felt little embarrassed that he suddenly had the lack of intelligence.

Jane also felt embarrassed as she too thought to search around the cottage first before going to the woods and gathered unusable material.

“Round the side...” Mona said “There were wooden planks to make the coffin and a cremating mantel.” Raph explained.

“Cremate? Mantel? Why Mona wishes to burn her mother’s body? What did Isabelle say?” Jane confusedly asked, since she doesn’t recall Mina ever saying she wished to be cremated.

“Mona explained that...before she disappeared due to her appearance when she was...changed. That her old lady said that she wanted to be cremated if she ever passed.” Raph replied, repeating what he was told.

Jane didn’t argue with Raph’s explanation and immediately accepted what she was told after been with the Smyth family for the past seven years that...if Mina said she wished something to be done as requested...Jane promised and vowed to honour her patient but also close friend’s request.

“I know Mina better than anyone...well not better than her own daughters would, especially Mona. If she requested one last wish to be carried out and I vowed that it would be honoured.” Jane said.

“Alright then, it’s settled. Let’s begin before it gets too late to do it.” Don insisted.

Don grabbed his toolkit from the battle shell and made the coffin and cremating mantel. Raph retuned upstairs and told Mona and Isabelle that his brother is preparing the funeral preparations outside.

Mona and Isabelle nodded then went to the wardrobe where a white dress hung. Raph left the room and allowed Mona and Isabelle to re-dress Mina into her white funeral gown. While the purple clad prepared the coffin with the help of his older raphael, Mikey went out the fields nearby and picked the prettiest flowers, he saw to make into a bouquet.


...A little while later...

Both Raph and Don pantingly exhaled with relief, wiping away the sweat drops from their foreheads now that cremating coffin is finally prepared, waiting for Mina’s body. “ is done.”

“I’ll go tell the girls.” Jane said, walking inside the house. While Mona had her back to Isabelle as she stood by the window, lowering her glasses and gazed out the window and saw that the coffin is ready. Pushing them back over her eyes when the sounds of footsteps approached the room. “Girls?” Jane called

Mona looked up and looked to the door. Without a word and gazed the nurse, waiting. “Are you ready?”

Both nodded. Jane went to Isabelle’s side and took her hand, then led her outside while Mona picked up her mother and carried her to the mantel. Slowly walked down the stairs when raph was waiting.

“Let me take her, hon. You should had came and got me.” Raph reassured, taking the body.

“I know raph...but it is my job to bury her.” Mona said, softly

“I know.” Raph replied, kissed her cheek.

Raph walked out, carrying Mina’s body to the mantel and Mona followed. Raph gently placed Mina’s body within the coffin and stepped aside. Jane led Isabelle to the coffin with Mona standing beside her, holding her hand. Both kissed their mother’s forehead, biding their farewell and prayed to see her again in the afterlife. When the orange clad terrapin returned, his family and friends were preparing to cremate Mina Smyth. Walking closer to the mantel, inhaled and softly sniffled. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he placed the flowers down over Mina’s body. Don held a lit torch that waited to be used. Stepping down and Mona took the torch, then lit the mantel and backed away...allowing the fire to cremate her body with the flower bouquet placed over her hands.

Mona was over emotional even though she grieved and mourned silently, trying to be strong now she has a bigger responsibility...taking care of her sister. The red clad terrapin gently and reassuringly grasped her shoulders, gesturing his fiancé to lean on him for comfort.

Isabelle felt more alone than ever as she had no one to lean on or does she?

She felt a comforting, reassuring embrace. As she ran her fingers along arms that held her feminine frame, following to the face; feeling a cool moist cheek. Mikey had been crying too, he leaned towards Isabelle...making their foreheads meet, then softly and tenderly shared their first kiss.

“I’m sorry.” Mikey whispered

No, its fine...hold me please.” Isabelle requested

Mikey warmly smiled and held Isabelle within his arms, comforting her. As they waited for the ashes, sharing a shoulder and comforted eachother, mourning. Mona went back in the cottage and grabbed the family cremation box then returned back to the mantel and collected the ashes.

“So...what now?” Mikey wondered

“Honour our mother’s wish.” Mona softly answered, wiping a tear from her eye.

They travelled to where the flowing river flowed, surrounded by wildflowers and tall trees with the sun showed through the branches that gave a sparkling glow. The orphaned sisters walked towards the river bank, stood as they grasped each end of the box lid and opened the box then poured the ashes into the flowing river and whispered their farewell to their mother.

“” sniffle “We love you...always and forever”

Both sisters couldn’t hold back their tears any longer and embraced eachother, sisterly reassured as they silently mourned for their beloved parent. Both Raphael and Michelangelo walked up to the girls and reassuringly draped their arms around the girl’s shoulders and reassuringly embraced them within their loving, comforting terrapin arms. Both Mona and Isabelle without hesitation draped their arms around the terrapin’s upper bodies and placed their heads upon their plastron chests and cried, muffled their mourning sobs.

The purple and blue clad terrapins also shed tears for the woman; they only just met and knew for a very short time but felt that they were family for all their lives. Master splinter wiped his tears and softly grasped the shoulders of his red and orange clad sons.

“Come my sons...and daughters. Lets go home.” The old rat softly suggested, reassuringly

The two couples faced the old rat under mournful tears and nodded, agreeing. Returning back to the cottage and prepared to take what belongings in the vehicle then drove back to New York City.

As they all, stepped into the vehicle...Mona was still standing in the opening of the back passenger door and gazed the scenery behind her. “C’mon hon...time to go.” Raph whispery said, softly

Mona nodded and stepped in the vehicle’s door opening when she felt a gentle loving breeze blew past her shoulders, quickly looked back but didn’t see anything. Softly smiled then hopped in the vehicle and closed the door, then drove away.

As the vehicle drove down the grassy drive way, a ghostly shade appeared and watched. “Goodbye my beloved daughters...I love you too...always and forever more.” Mina whispered then silently disappeared into the heavenly light.


...The next day...

“I guess, I will be on my way.” Jane said as her nursing duties are now accomplished unless she will take the responsibilities of caring for Isabelle if she doesn’t wish to stay with her sister.

“You are welcome to stay, Jane.” Leo offered

“Really?” Jane gasped

The blue clad terrapin smiled and nodded.

Jane returned the soft and warm smile but respectfully declined. “No...Thankyou.”

“Why not?”

“You are or will be getting married and have kids some day, right? And I dont wish to be in the way.” Isabelle said, feeling as she was a burden.

“Well...we are getting married but I’m....already expecting.”

“What! Oh my gosh...I guess I stay for alittle while besides...I want to know what you will have. So when will the lil gem be born?”

“August 31st.”

“Oh...” Jane breathed

“What’s the matter?” Mona wondered

“What’s the matter?...august 31st happens to be grandma rose’s birthday.” Isabelle exclaimed.

Mona gasped surprised and realised that her sister was right and immediately remembered what Mina requested to call the baby. Did she know that her grandchild will be born on the specific date?


She gazed up, not replying. “You ok?” Jane asked

Mona nodded and whispery replied. “I’m ok.”

Jane smiled softly, gave Mona and Isabelle a hug then whispered as she pulled away and slowly left the terrapins lair. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back...Goodbye Mona...Izzy. I love you both.”

“Love you too, Jane...thankyou for everything.” Isabelle answered, trying not to cry

“Thankyou Jane...goodbye.” Mona said

Jane grabbed her bag and waved as she walked out of the lair and went to the surface, returned to Philadelphia.


...Two months later at the farmhouse...

The wedding has arrived with Mona’s ever-growing abdomen was beginning to become difficult for Mona to bare as it was making her depressed and put on weight with the constant absurd midnight cravings. Wanting her mother to see her, marry her terrapin lover before their baby is born but knew in her heart that she is watching over them.

“Ready to walk down the aisle?” Isabelle asked

“I wish Mom could be here to see me get married.” Mona sniffled

“Oh still got me.” Isabelle assured, giving her sister a warm smile.

Mona returned the warm smile even though Isabelle couldn’t see, well continued to play the act that her sight is still the same.


“Come in.” Mona invited

Don opened the door and peek inside. His eyes widen with amazement as he gazed upon the bride to be. “Wow! Mona you look...beautiful.” Don complimented

“Thanks Don.” Mona answered, gratefully.

“Is everything ready?” Isabelle asked

“Sure is...just waiting for you two.” Don answered

Isabelle held her arm up, waited for her sister to take honourably as she promised to give Mona away at the altar. Don stepped aside and held the door open for the bride to be and giver so they may walk out of the room with ease.

Don admiringly watched both Mona and Isabelle with pride as they walked out to the barn where the guest waited to see bride and Groom exchange their vows. Closed the door behind him and followed the girls out.

Standing outside the barn doors, Mona still held her sister’s arm and waited to walk down the aisle but Don wished to quickly congratulate her before walking down. “Mona...Congrats and welcome to the family.”

Mona smiled, cupped his cheek then leaned in giving the purple clad terrapin a soft tender kiss on his cheek. Don blushed and quickly cleared his throat. “Ah hem...better get you down to the altar.”

“Don.” Mona called

“Yes.” He answered, facing the bride.

“When we reach the altar, could you take Isabelle to the nearest set please.” Mona requested.

“Of course.” Don softy replied, smiling.

Don opened the doors and quickly went to the front seat where he waited for Isabelle after she gave Mona away to Raphael when they arrive to the altar. The wedding music began to play, the guest stood and watched Mona walked down the aisle with her sister.

Raph stood waiting at the altar and was astounded to how beautiful his bride looked. Isabelle and Mona reached the altar, Mona gave a peek upon Isabelle’s cheek and Isabelle kissed raph’s cheek as ‘welcome to the family’ acceptance then handed Mona’s hand to Raph so he could assist her to the altar step. As Mona stepped up to the altar, she saw from the corner of her eye and noticed her recently deceased mother’s dear friend and nurse sat in the audience, witnessing the wedding.

Mona was so happy; she couldn’t stop smiling as a single tear fell down her cheek. And mouthed one word...‘Hi.’

Jane mouthed replied. ‘Hi.’

Raph and Mona wrote their own vows to exchange.

“Raphael Hamato, you are everything I hope for and more.
Ever since I was little girl, I have dreamed of this day and under the watchful eye of my mother, gazing down upon us from Heaven.

I give my heart, my soul and my love to you. I solemnly vow that I will honour thee, obey thee and love thee in sickness and in health til death do us part.”

The red clad terrapin smiled and couldn’t stop the tear from falling down his cheek. Wiping away the tear and took out his written vows.

“Mona-Lisa Smyth, as long I can remember...
I have always wanted what it would be like to have someone as beautiful as ya.
Ya’r my friend, my keeper of my heart and the love of my life.

I would never know the world could have a precious flower
until I knew ya.

I will honor thee, obey thee and love thee in sickness and in health til...death do us part.”

Slipping the rings upon eachother’s finger and sealed the ceremony with passionate kiss as the guest cheered.

Leaving the altar, arm in arm. Happily in love while their guest threw colored rice, celebrating the union and as the newlyweds walked into the house where the reception was held, Jane stood in the back and waited to greet the newly wedded bride.

“Jane!” Mona cried happily

Jane smiled and waited until she was able to reach the bride. Waiting with open arms and hugged her, congratulating with joy. “Oh look absolutely stunning and you’re glowing. How’s the baby?” Jane stated and happily wondered

“Baby and I are doing well; very well in fact...I didn’t think you could make it.” Mona feared

“Are you kidding...I wouldn’t miss this for the world, besides you and your sister like daughters to me.” Jane answered, smiling happily

Mona returned the smile and hugged Jane then whispered. “It is perfect now.”

During the reception, each of their family members and friends, danced with Mona. Welcoming her in the family and then remained at the farmhouse to enjoy their two week honeymoon while everyone else left, went home. Isabelle went with the Jones until her returned to New York.


...Some time later......

Early hours of the morning...Mona woke up when she felt something wet underneath her. Raph just walked in with a tray, carrying breakfast. “What’s wrong, Mona?” raph frowned, placing the tray down on the bedside table and sat down then felt the wet substances underneath his shell before Mona even answered his question.


“Raphael...calm down...” Mona reassuringly pleaded.

“What...What!” Don answered, standing in the doorway, yawning and held his freshly brew hot coffee.

“Mona’s water broke.”

“Ok...ok...don’t have a fit or you will have a heart attack if you don’t calm down, raph.” Don told his red clad brother.

“Calm down...calm down! Help me get her to the infirmary.” raph demanded

“Can you walk, Mona?” Don asked

“I think...slightly”

“Alright then...if you can walk, let’s hurry and get you to the infirmary then.” Don assured.

Raph grasped Mona’s hand and helped Mona to her feet then slowly walked to the infirmary where the IV and emergency operating tools waited in case something went wrong. Raph hopped on the bed to support his pregnant wife to give birth.

“Alright Mona, are you ready?” Don said, ready to deliver the baby.

Mona nodded, inhaled and exhaled between the contractions then began pushing. Two hours later, Mona was finally crowning with the baby’s head and beginning to feel she couldn’t do it no more as she was getting tired and her body was reacting to the pain.

“Come on Mona...Just one big push should do it.”


“Come on Mona just one big push and it is all over.” Don reassured, waiting to deliver the baby.

Raph was trying the best he could to ignore the tightening grasp of Mona’s grip, and the continuing throbbing in his hands as she almost broke them between contractions. Clenching her teeth and inhaled one big breathe then pushed with all of her might.

Mona exclaimed and screamed in pain as she pushed her daughter.

Breathing in and out, both parents remained on the bed exhausted. “Congratulations Mona...Raphael...It’s a beautiful baby girl.” don congratulated and handed the baby to the proud parents.

Mona cooed with a proud smile, cradled her daughter in her arms as she took in her first breathe and released a loud wail. Shushing the baby to calm as she proudly said her name. “Welcome Vilana briar-rose Hamato”

Raph smiled and embraced both his wife and daughter, whispery said. “I’m so proud of you.”

Don went to the sink and washed his hands then left the infirmary, allowing the newly parents to bond with their daughter. As he walked out, mikey ran up to him like a hyperactive battery powered rabbit wondering if he could go in and see the baby.

“Donnie...Donnie...can I go see the baby now...please...please...please.”

“Let them bond first and then we will be able to—SWOOSH!“ Don said, as he was cut off when mikey ignored him and just ran to the infirmary.

The purple clad terrapin placed one hand upon his face and shook his head. “Oh”

Don went in the infirmary after his baby brother to make sure he hadn’t done something like he normally does. When he walked in the infirmary, both Mona and Raph were asleep but Mikey was cradling the baby while sitting in the chair beside the sleeping parents.

Quickly to his baby brother’s side, in case he may drop the baby even though he wouldn’t. Then Isabelle walked in the room, softly asked. “What is it? A boy or girl? Tell me what does the baby look like?”

Both terrapins looked up and gazed eachother, mikey handed the baby to Don as he walked to Isabelle and cradled the infant in his arms and reached out and gently grasped her hand then placed her hand upon the baby’s head, so the newly aunty may feel to see what the baby looked like.

“Isabelle...Meet your niece.” Don introduced

Isabelle immediately knew her name as she remembered that her mother stated, when and which of them will have a baby first, especially a girl that to carry the family tradition and be named after their great aunt and grandmother; Vilana Smyth and Briar-rose Johansson.

“Hi...lil Vilana Briar-Rose.”

Don stood shocked as how could she know before he did. “Isabelle how did you know that is her name?”

The blind young woman giggled and replied. “It is a family tradition that the first born daughter will be named after our grandmother and great grand-aunty.”

The purple clad terrapin smiled and greeted the new infant. “Welcome to the family...Vilana Briar-rose.”

Both the aunty and two uncles cooed as they admiringly gazed the tiny infant and walked out of the infirmary and introduced grandchild and grandparent. “Master Splinter...Ojisan, this is Vila briar-rose.”

The old rat proudly smiled and opened his arms, waited for the infant child to be safely handed to him so both grandparent and grandchild may bond. Leo walked in the living room as he came from the dojo and noticed that everyone was huddling around and cooeeing. Wondered curiously what was the excitement and went to investigate. As he walked closer, Isabelle stepped aside allowing the blue clad terrapin in the circle.

“Wow!...The baby is real cute....beautiful in fact.” He stated, smiling

“I know aint she?” raph said out loud as he walked out of the infirmary. Mikey patted raph on his shell, congratulating him while both Leo and Don handshake his hand then hugged him, proudly.

The old rat hugged his son and congratulated him. “ son. She is beautiful.”

“Thanks sensei.” Raph answered, bowing while the old rat cradled his grand-daughter.

“How about we have a family photo?” Isabelle suggested

“That would be a terrific idea.” Mona said, standing in the doorway of the infirmary, walking the IV monitor with her.

“Mona you should be resting.” Don insisted, as the medical side of him kicked in.

“I’ll rest later, please quit fussing over me, will ya.” Mona replied softly.

“A’right.” He replied

Master Splinter handed Vilana to the proud father, while he watched his children fussed and bonded stronger than ever before as a family. Raph cradled his daughter while Mikey help Mona to the couch so they sat in position for the photo to be taken while they waited for Don to return with the camera. Raphael handed Vilana to Mona and walked behind the couch. Isabelle sat beside Mona as she motherly cradled Vilana as they sat in the centre of the couch, splinter sat beside Isabelle. Raphael stood behind Mona, holding her hand over her right shoulder, Leonardo stood behind both Splinter and Isabelle as he placed one hand upon his sensei’s shoulder, Mikey stood between his brothers; Don sat beside Mona just before the camera took the picture.

“Say cheese everyone.” Don instructed


The camera flashed as it took the photo.

Mona was taken back to the infirmary and quickly examined over to make sure nothing went wrong with the after birth. Isabelle made her way to the old rat’s room, knocked on the door and waited to be invited inside. “Enter.” Splinter answered, assuming the visitor to be one of his sons.

The door opened and the footsteps drew closer with the walking cane tapping on the floor, guiding the blind young woman. Splinter opened his eyes and gazed surprised with the visitation. “Oh...Miss Smyth! What—“ Splinter said when Isabelle cut off. “Isabelle please.” she requested softly.

“Isabelle...what do I have the honour of your visit, my dear.” Splinter asked

“I wish if you could to teach me...karate please.” the young woman request, hoping

“I believe you mean...ninjitsu.” He corrected

“Right...ninjitsu. Could you teach me, please.” she replied, and requested again.

Splinter warmly smiled and replied, promising with honor. “It would be my pleasure, Isabelle.”


...Over the following six weeks later....

Isabelle trained and learned the way of bushido and ninjitsu techniques with Master splinter over the following three months and heightened her senses, built physical and inner strength.

Now she believed it was time to leave and begin her own destiny. “Thankyou for the lessons, master splinter.” Isabelle said, gratefully and bowed the old rat.

He returned the bow and replied. “You’re welcome, Isabelle and welcome to train, learn more if you wish.”

“I would like that, thankyou.” She replied, bowed once more then went to find her sister. Using what she has learned to move about the lair but pretending to be blind, made her feel horrible down within her soul. She couldn’t ill-afford her secret to be discovered.

“Hey Izzy... where ya off to...hmm?” Don asked, sipping his coffee.

“Have you seen Mona?” Isabelle wondered

“As a matter of fact, I haven’t. Why do you ask?” Don answered

“Mona is upstairs asleep.” Raph said, walking up behind his brother.

Don stepped aside, allowing the red clad terrapin to stand before the young sibling. “Oh...could you give me a lift to the surface, please.” she requested

“Of course...need girly stuff.” Raph wondered, assuming what she may need.

“No...I have decided to leave and begin my own life. I’ll be come and call in every couple of days to let you know that I’m alright.” Isabelle replied, half explaining her plans.

“What? Why? We can help you, protect you and even care for you.” Raph gasped shocked

“That is the thing...I know you can care for me, protect me and help me with things but I want to have my own life and I can’t have it if I don’t live it. I need this...this is Mona’s life and don’t wish to over crowd it and burden her with me and my disabilities. Our mother did the exact same thing and now she is is my time to find where I belong and begin my destiny. Give this letter to my sister, she will understand in time.” Isabelle said, handing the envelope and waited for raph to respect her wish and take her up to the surface.

Raph nodded and softly answered. “Ok, give me a second will ya.”

“I’ll be waiting here.” she replied as he went upstairs and left the envelope for Mona when she awoke.

Placing the envelope on the bedside table, leaned down to kiss his daughter’s tiny head and Mona’s cheek before he left the room. As he stood in the doorway of the bedroom, she smiled then sadly frowned when he walked down the stairs to meet his sister in law and take her topside.

Mona opened her eyes and saw the envelope then began reading the letter. Raph met Isabelle in the garage and picked her duffel bag. “Ready?” he asked

“Yep.” She replied

He placed her bag on the back of the bike, put the spare helmet on Isabelle and put his own helmet on his head, started the engine then told Isabelle to hold on before speeding off.

“Hold on tight, lil sis.”

Poor Isabelle almost fell from the bike but luckily she grasped his shell. “Raphael!”

“What? I did say to hold on tight.” Raph replied

They rode to the surface and before Isabelle got her bus ride, they quickly stopped in the alleyway so raph could put his hoddie jumper and jeans on then walked his sister to the bus stop and sought her off.

“Well...I guess, this is it.” She stated

“Yeah...I guess so.” He answered

Reaching out for his shoulders and hugged the red clad terrapin, he returned the embrace. “Take care of my sister, will ya bro?” she requested

“I will.” Raph vowed

They parted, raph handed her bag and she made her to the bus entrance door. “See ya, raph.”

“See ya Izzy. Write soon.”

Smiled warmly and nodded then slowly walked up the stairs of the bus. Isabelle sat down the first seat she came across when she finally made the final step, raph left and return back to the lair. Knowing his wife will be upset that her sister had left. Meanwhile in the lair, don heard soft sobbing and went to Raph’s bedroom. Mona was sitting on the bed, crying. “Mona why you crying?”

“Nothing.” She answered, sniffled

“Come on,’d wouldn’t be crying over nothing.”

Without a reply, Mona handed the letter to Don. She went to nurse lil Vilana while Don read the letter. Exhaling sighed and breathed. “Mona...”

She nodded and sighly replied. “I know...she’s gone.”

The purple clad offered his brotherly embrace, brotherly comforted the young salamander mother as she cradled the infant. “She will be fine and she’d be back, you’ll see.” Don reassuringly comforted

Mona softly sniffled, accepted the brotherly comfort and whispery said. “I hope you are right, Donnie.” The purple clad terrapin kissed her cheek, kindly parted and left the room. Mona smiled, nodded softly and kissed her daughter’s forehead then gently placed her back in the crib. Mona returned back to bed, laid down and waited for her terrapin husband’s return. Wanting to sleep but couldn’t as she wondered why her dear little sister had to leave, so suddenly and why.


...Ten minutes later...

Raph rode in the lair, parking his bike in the garage then walked up to his bedroom. Sat down on the edge of the bed, Mona softly told him assuring. “It’s ok...I’m awake.”

Turning around and faced his brunette haired beauty, crawled up to her side and kissed her. Laying within eachother’s embrace, comforting and prayed that tomorrow will be a better day. “Did you read the letter?” Raph wondered softly

“Yeah...I did. And I hope she knows what she is doing but I wished that Izzy stayed with us, where is always safe.” Mona breathed

“I know. She knows to come here if ever in trouble and she has become stronger. Don’t worry, she will be ok.” Raph reassured

Mona looked up and gazed her terrapin husband, tenderly kissed him.


...On the bus to Philadelphia...

“Tickets please.” ticket checker requested

Taking her ticket out from her pocket and showed the ticket checker. “Travelling alone?”

“Sure am.” Isabelle replied

“Are you having a vacation in Philadelphia?” ticket checker wondered

“No...going home actually.” She corrected

“Will you be starting a new beginning when you get home?” ticket checker asked

“You can say that.” Isabelle answered softly and faced the window.

“Hmm...starting a new beginning is always a good one.” He reassuringly breathed as he continued the aisle.

“You have no idea.” Isabelle stated lowly.



To be the next instalment ‘Seeing through one’s sight’

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