Mona's journey home

Mona shares her secret

Some years later....

Mona was feeling home sick, and missing her family especially her mother was extremely ill. Staring at the photo of herself with her mother and sister that she hadn’t seen since been mutated. Raph wondered what had been bothering his lover for last past couple of weeks.

Standing behind Mona silently without trying to give his presence away while trying to see what she was staring at in her hand. Raph leaned over and draped his arms around Mona’s shoulders as she quickly hid the photo not ready to share her untold secret about her family that she left behind.

“Hey Mona. Ya’re up early.” Raph murmured, nuzzling his beak into the neck with her laid back hair trailing down her shoulders.
“Oh.... couldn’t sleep.” Mona answered, gently caressing his strong green smooth forearms
“Why couldn’t ya sleep?” raph asked, removing his arms and sat down next to mona but still held her hand, looking into her beautiful big brown eyes.

“Do you really want to know?” mona asked hoping that raph wouldn’t fall asleep if she told him like he always did when it came to talking about something sentinel mental.

“Mona, hon. Just tell me please. Ya look like that ya want ta tell me something.” Raph assured her to tell him

Mona retrieved the photo; she hid earlier and gave it to her lover. Raph took the photo and gazed upon the picture and immediately knew what she must be feeling.

“Do ya miss yar folks?” raph asked

Mona didn’t say a word just nodded when a single tear fell from her eye and on to her hand. Raph moved closer to her side and draped one arm around her waist and gently grabbed her soft cheek to gently turn her face so he could gaze into her eyes.

Moving closer to her face so he could lean in for their foreheads to meet. Gently caressing her beautiful soft skin before pulling her into his lap so he could embrace her and comfort her better and assure her it was ok to think about her family that she had left behind but he was not expecting to hear her request for closure.

“It is ok Mona. Master Splinter this; he was the greatest father that any son could ever ask for. But it would be nice ta have a mother too. If it weren’t for him; I would not find ya.” Raph assured her

Mona smiled and was happy that he understood where she was coming from.

“Raph I want to go back Philadelphia and see my mother and sister.” Mona said

Raph pulled away to face her, understanding what she wants and needs but wondered would it be safe to travel back just to see her family without been hunted by the Foot that searched for them above in the city.

“Can’t ya wait until it is safe ta go first?” raph wondered

“I could but....” Mona cut herself and stood from the chair and went to make a cup of tea.

“But what?” raph asked

“I need to see her for the last time before she....she.....” Mona told him

Raph gazed Mona wondering what she was trying to tell him that she couldn’t without crying and stood up from his chair, walking over to Mona so he could hold her in his arms.

“Is she sick?” raph asked

“No, she is dying. And I haven’t seen for nearly seven years. And I want to see her, I need to see her. She is all the family I have left...beside from my sister and I need her more than ever but I’m afraid how she would re-act seeing me like this. ” Mona replied sobbing

“Oh Mona. I’m sorry.” Raph assured her

“It is not your fault.” Mona told him

“Come on, let’s go see her.” raph told her

Mona faced raph with a happy smile as she immediately hugged and kissed him.

“Thanks raphie.” Mona said

“No problem. Any thing for my girl.” Raph replied, smiling and cupped her face as he brushed away the tears from her eyes that ran down cheek

The lovers embraced each other lovingly until mikey walked in the scene.

“Oh sorry dudes, not looking ok. Just getting some coco pops for breakfast. I’m not looking but then are you meant to be in your bedroom doing that, hm?” mikey teased

“Shut up lame brain. We ain’t doing what ya tinking of, sick turtle. Hey it is only ya can’t get any.” Raph lightly chuckled

“Don’t be mean raph. Or there won’t be any for you tonight. So behave.” Mona tormented, softly poking his chest

“Ha ha you have been told now raphie. Ha ha.” Mikey laughed

“I’ll get ya later.” Raph threat

“Later? Why not now? Come on raph I dare ya. Hee hee.” Mikey chuckled as he challenged raph on to get him while walking out of the kitchen with his cereal in his hand
“Ok then mikey. Ya better get moving then. I’m gonna give ya a knuckle sandwich.” Raph said, running after mikey leaving Mona in the kitchen that just laughed and shook her head

Poor mikey threw his breakfast up in the air after trying to eat whatever he could before running off and brushed past Don knocking him on his shell and happen to get covered the cereal and milk over his head when the bowl came flying down. Don sat up, removed the bowl from his bald head and wiped away the soggy cereal subsidence from his face and saw raph chasing after mikey as he tried to escape raph noogie torture.

Mona laughed at don and offered him a hand to get up from the floor and handed him a clean tea towel.

“Thanks mona. What was all that about?” don asked

“Mikey challenged raph about something after teasing him when he walked in the kitchen and saw us hugging.” Mona explained

“Oh just typical. Nothing ever changes.” Don replied

Mona remained quiet and just smiled.

“So how your morning been so far?” don asked

“It has been ok.” Mona replied

“You look like you need to go back to bed. Didn’t you get much sleep?” don asked worried
“Don’t worry bout me, don. I’m ok.” Mona assured don not to worry

“Are you su-” don cut off when he heard mikey and raph scuffled behind them.

Turning to watch raph and mikey wrestle on the floor and laughed when mikey lost to raph’s superior strength when he draped one arm around underneath his jaw and gave him a noogie.

“Ow...ow....ow...come on raph please. No more, lemme go come on bro.” Mikey begged as he tried to escape from raph’s grasp and his torturing noogie.

“Oh no ya don’t. Mikey this is for yar smart-ass remarks and now I get ta torture ya all I want. Hee hee ha ha.” Raph said enjoying the play torture he was giving his little brother.

“Are you sure mona that you are ok?” don asked again

“Yeah Donnie. I’m ok, don’t worry. You will get wrinkles.” Mona chuckled

“Very funny.” Don replied, giggling

“It is, ain’t it don?” Mona replied, giggling

Don returned the giggle and walked to the bathroom to wash off the excess milk and cereal subsidence that covered him over his shoulders, shell and chest.
To be chapter two

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