Mona's journey home

the decision

Mona gazed upon the photo of her family, felt the guilt and shame build up inside her more but wondered will they understand what happened to her and why she disappeared all those years ago and accept her new lover that has brought such happiness into her life after living alone and fight for survival against those wish to harm her, all because how she looked.

Mona knew that her mother was dying from leukaemia but the question is; how long does she have to live? Will she get to see her mother for one last time before she silently passes away and walks into the light leading to heaven.

“Mona....mona-lisa....hello.” Leo called, clicking his fingers in front of her face occupied by her thoughts then suddenly snapping out of the gaze and glared Leo wondered what he wanted.

“What’s up, Leo? Why were you snapping your fingers in my face like that?” Mona asked, slightly annoyed

“Sorry Mona, you were a trance and thinking about something. What was it?” Leo asked softly

“I was thinking about my family.” Mona answered

“Family? We are your family.” Leo informed

“Yes I know that but I have a family that I left behind and I want to see them. I miss them terribly.” Mona trying not to cry

“I’m sorry Mona. Could you tell me about them, please?” Leo asked

Mona smiled her little smile and held out a photo of her family before she began the tale about them. Leo took the photo and gazed upon it and the first thought that came to his mind was that she, her mother and were beautiful but wondered why her sister wore sunglasses and carried a walking stick. Questions running through his mind, wondering curiously and also feeling heartbreaking sympathy for Mona’s family.

“They are beautiful and so were you.” Leo told her

“Thankyou Leo.” Mona answered, smiling as she took the photo back and gazed upon it again before placing it away in her belt and made another cup of tea for herself and for Leo; in hope he would sit down with her since curious and wanting to know about her past.

“Would you like to know my past?” Mona asked

“Only if you feel comfortable to tell me, Mona.” Leo informed her

“I haven’t seen my mother and sister since captain filch’s bio-chemical back wash mutated me. It has been at least seven years. And....and....” Mona cut herself as she started to cry

Leo leaned in; reaching over to grasp her hand and try to assure her it was ok and he understood that she felt some sadness and longed to return home for closure. Mona accepted the warm brotherly comfort and smiled.

Mona returned the warm smile and waited for raph to finished wrestling and torturing mikey to hear the story then she thought to tell him on the way to Arizona.

“Start from the beginning, Mona. What, where, when and how it happened?” Leo patiently and kindly encouraged

Sigh...“My little sister was in an accident that took her sight and was very lucky to survive but my father died instantly. His neck was shattered and impaled with the railing that fell from the back of a truck on the high way on their way home from a camping trip.” Mona explained

“What bout your mother?” Leo wondered

“She was in the passager seat and the second railing just missed both my mother and sister but my mother received a broken leg and few brasions upon her arm and head but very lucky though.” Mona answered

“I’m so sorry Mona. I couldn’t begin to feel how you lost your father so young then had to leave when filch experiments changed you. Do you wonder if they know you’re alive?” Leo wondered

“I’m not sure but I will find out when Raph and I leave to go see them one last time.” Mona replied

Raph released mikey after giving him the noogie torture and returned to the kitchen so he could discuss with Mona when she would like to leave the lair and begin their journey to Philadelphia.

“Hey raph. Finished torturing mikey I suppose?” Leo asked

“Yeah I am and it was fun since he likes to start his stupid jokes as usual.” Raph answered, panting and breathing heavily

“Whatever.” Leo replied unimpressed

Mona lightly shook her head, sipping her tea and bit her chocolate chip cookie while Leo and Raph bickered among themselves until either one of them left the room; quietly or silently sat down and talk civilly.

“So...are you two finished bickering?” Mona asked and waited for both brothers to calm down and sit or separate.

“Sorry Mona...” Leo answered quickly

“Sorry babe.” Raph replied

“Would you want both of us here or would you like me to leave so you and Raph can have a private conversation? I don’t mind if you do. I’ll just go to the dojo.” Leo asked even he decided to leave the kitchen regardless

“Could you stay please...So I can tell you about what I want to do? When we leave you can tell mikey and Don later, ok.” mona requested

“Sure, no problem.” Leo replied

“So what is the plan and when do you want to leave?” raph wondered

“I was thinking like either tonight or early in the morning to go to Philadelphia.” Mona said

“Well...uh...we could leave tonight if you want?” raph suggested

Mona smiled, stood up and walked to raph and hugged him.

“How long will it take to get there, if we left tonight?” raph wondered

“If we left tonight, it shouldn’t take long. If we take turns on driving through the night.” Mona replied

Raph smiled as he gently grasped her face, brushing his thumb across her cheek. Mona held his hand as it grasped her face, smiling.

“Let’s go tonight. Quicker and safer for us ta get there.” Raph suggested

“I love you raphie.” Mona told him, smiling

“I know you do....I love you too babe.” raph replied, kissing Mona intimately

Leo stood up from his chair and decided to leave the kitchen.

“I think I better leave you love birds. See ya later guys...see ya’s when you get back and enjoy the drive but be careful.” Leo said, not looking and walked out the kitchen

“I will, thanks bro.” Raph told him

Leo glanced back, smiling and nodded before disappearing around the corner. Leaving the lovers embrace each other and plan their journey to Philadelphia.

“C’mon we’d better go or we’d never go, raph.” Mona said

“Yeah yar right. Let’s go.” Raph replied

Mona packed enough sandwiches and fruits for the trip even though raph never liked eating fruits much but he’d eat only Mona was always making her famous apple pie that he did like eating every now and then. Raph went to the garage to make that the jeep had plenty of gas to last for the trip to Philadelphia and back again.

Now the long night trip begins.....

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