Mona's journey home

the family reunion ended badly

The lovers jumped in the jeep and began to drive the second the sun set and became dark. Taking the faster route on the high way to get to Philadelphia but also had to make sure that they didn’t speed along the way. They couldn’t afford to be pulled over. As they drove on, raph looked to his beautiful lover sitting next to him in the passager seat.

Half smiling his smile, reaching over to grip her hand. Watching the lights flying past into darkness behind as they drove by before realising her hand was grasped and pulled over to be gently kissed.

Turning to raph as he lovingly kissed her hand, holding close to his chest. Mona gently returning the loving grip and smiled. Luckily that they also packed a tent and sleeping bags to sleep in if stop along the way in case Raphael wanted to play his so called tickle game in other words hanky panky. Which mona didn’t mind though, she was sort of hoping that they could before arriving to Philadelphia.

Three hours later....

Raph turned off the nearest exit to find a nice spot in the bush where they camp for the night. Driving down a dark trail through the bush until he sensed it was safe to get out and set up the tent. Something he was not good at, hopeless in fact.

Mona sat near the fire trying to keep warm as she watched raph trying to assemble the tent, laughing at her lover’s attempts. Hitting his thumb with the hammer when he missed the tent hook, his temper started to get ahead of him when the tent fell and the tent pole fell.

“Grrr...damnit. Stupid piece of crap.” Raph grumbled under his breath

“Raph hon, relax near the fire. Let me assemble the tent and eat something.” Mona told him, smiling as she took the hammer and started to assemble the tent so they could get some sleep before his morning urges set in.

Raph sat by the fire, watching mona assemble the tent with the light shining upon her sexy looking body. Eating the salami sandwich and slowly glaring inch by inch, top to bottom as he felt a little aroused and wanted to ravaged her beautiful body playfully and lovingly.

Mona noticed her lover was watching as he ate the sandwich and knew what he was thinking but before going the tent, she sat down and ate peanut butter sandwich. Enjoying the warmth of the fire and gazed towards the starry night sky, embracing each other.

Mona sighed and held raph’s arms tighter around her petite body and leaned against chest with her head resting underneath his jaw.

“It is beautiful.” Mona murmured

“It sure is but it can never compare to ya, babe. Ya’re the most beautiful woman I ever laid my eyes on.” Raph told her softly

Mona leaned up, turned around and faced him smiling. Raph returned the smile as he gently held her face and leaned in close until their lips met.

Passionately kissed one other lips, raph wrapped one arm around mona’s waist as he other arm slipped underneath her folded legs and he stood up, carrying his beauty to the tent. Gently placing her down on the sleeping bag, quickly turning back to close the tent entrance before laying down next to mona.

Gazing into eachother’s eyes, smiling and embracing eachother closely and lovingly. Raph reached over caressing mona’s cheek lovingly and so softly and kissed so tenderly. Mona returned the kiss, holding his cheek tenderly.

The red clad terrapin and the lizard beauty expressed their love over and over again through the night before finally falling asleep in eachother’s loving contented embrace until the morning sun arose in the sky.

The following morning...

The sun arose high in the sky and the sounds of birds chirping close by awoke the lovers. Mona opened her eyes, arose up and stretched out to awaken properly and wake her lover so they continue their journey before they are spotted. At least mona also thought of grabbing disguises to wear as they drove along the highway due to their current appearances.

“Raph...raph...” mona softly called, gently nudging the red clad terrapin to awake

“Mmm...yeh sweet cheeks. Good morning.” Raph teased, smiling his devilish smile

Mona returned the smile and crawled inside then sat on his legs, softly gazing down.

“Morning handsome. We better get going soon as possible before the sun rises higher and get into these disguises.” Mona informed raph, holding a pair black tracksuits, grey hooded jumper.

“I hate those things.” Raph grumbled

“I know you do, hon. But it is for precaution and for our safety. You don’t want us to be pulled over and shipped off to lab. Do you?” mona said, in child like voice teasing raph

Raph couldn’t resist the childish voice mona makes to manipulate him so she can have her way but in a good way.

“Well we can’t have that can we?” raph responded, cheekily smiled and grasping mona’s buttocks playfully squeezing them and making her squeal.

“Ha naughty boy...ha ha. Maybe I should get my rope, tie you up and throw you in the back while I drive to Philadelphia. Hmm?” mona teased, smiling

“Mmm, sounds good. Wanna give it a go?” raph joked

“Not now raph. Gotta to get going.” Mona told him softly

“Aw well, worth a try.” Raph said in defeat

“Keep that up and you won’t get any more for the remainder of the week when we return back to New York.” Mona said, lightly tickling his chin

“Ok, I’ll be good. When we get home, Yar in big trouble lil missy.” Raph purred

“We’ll see...we shall see.” Mona purred back

Raph dressed himself in the black tracksuits and grey hooded jumper even though he hated clothing because his skin itched when wearing the clothes but what choice did he have now the sun is up high in the sky and precaution of their appearances to be seen will be a danger to them. Frightened, angry and misunderstood humans chasing them with torches and pitch forks is what they don’t need to spoil their journey to Philadelphia.

Poor mona had to dress herself is long body dress, pink overcoat with a scarf to cover her face and hair slightly so no other passing cars will see her mutant form. Driving in the daylight was a huge risk of being seen; if only they made the proper decision of taking the truck in stead of the jeep. What a pain this was.

Mona put in the ear phones to the iPod that don gave her the other week with songs she liked listening to. Raph drove along the highway until they came to interstate exit where can turn out to go into Philadelphia finally.

“Hey Lisa.” Raph softly called out

“Hmm...” mona softly groaned as she stretched her arms and legs after sleeping. “Yeah raph, we’re there are we?” mona asked

“Sort of. Just arrived to the entry of Philadelphia. Where do we have to go from here now?” raph answered

“Ok we have to go through this street and try to get to Fifth Avenue three blocks from here.” mona instructed

“Ok, ya got it. We should be there soon.” Raph answered, when he noticed that mona was starting fidget.

He reached over and grasped her hands, trying to stop her from fidgeting and assure that everything will be just fine. Giving her a soft smile and kissed her hand as he continued to drive where he was instructed to go.

Mona returned the smile and faced in front of herself, watching the traffic moving around and began to feel more nervous.

“Lisa, honey. It will be ok. Just relax.” Raph assured her

Mona sighed and tried to relax as she breathe three times to try calm her nerves which was not hard.

One hour later when finally got through the traffic jam and tried to keep calm and remained silent so they wouldn’t be notice even though most car drivers were more fix acted with themselves to notice what others were doing around them to even care this was good for the New Yorkers.

“Ok Lisa, where now?” raph asked, feeling alittle irritable.

“This is different.” Mona said, suddenly felt little lost since the street they drove to seem to be different.

“What is?” raph asked

“I don’t recall this street to be a dead end street.”

“What do ya mean?”

“See that wall down the end here.”


“That use to be a cross intersection.”

“So we are lost then?” raph asked, ticked off

“No raph. Don’t panic, I’m sure we will find the building. It is here somewhere.” Mona assured him.

Raph grumbled, Mona ignored her lover’s irritated moan and looked around til she found the fire escape that lead to the apartment. At least five minutes later Mona found the window to the apartment she was searching for.

“Raph I found it.” Mona called out

“Awesome...where is it?” raph answered

“Right there.” Mona told him, pointing to the apartment above them.

“Alrighty then, let park the jeep and we can go up.” raph said

Mona smiled, leaned in kissed raph’s cheek before getting out of the jeep. Raph returned the smile and winked.

The lovers jumped out of the jeep, raph set the jeep alarm even though they really doubt that anyone would want to steal a 1987 ford jeep. Sticking to the shadows in case of being seen, then realised they were wearing disguises that made the red clad terrapin and brunette lizard lady feel silly.

Walking like normal couple into the building and quickly looked to the apartment board and see that Mona’s family still lived in the apartment. When finally found the information they needed, they walked up the stairs normally until the other residents disappeared down the staircase so they could get to the fourth floor in a flash.

Finally got to the fourth floor now walking down the hallway and searched for the apartment 8F.

“Finally we’re here. Ok raph are you ready?” Mona said, quickly brushed off any fluff that may be seen on the jumper.

“Lisa quit yar fussing and just relax.” Raph softly told her

“I’m not fussing, I’m nervous.” Mona replied

“Don’t fret Lisa. I will be here every step of the way.” Raph told her, smiling and holding her hand

“Do you want to knock or shall I?” raph asked

“I will knock.” Mona replied, began knocking on the door.

“Hang on, I’ll be there in a minute.” A soft voice called out

Mona and raph stood in the hallway hand in hand as they waited for the door to be opened. The door opened slowly and a dark brunette young woman stood in the door opening. Mona was thrilled to see her little sister. Raph was wondering why she was wearing black sunglasses during the daylight and inside.

“Hey Izzy.” Mona greeted softly

“ that you?” Isabelle cried reaching out to find her older sister when she felt Mona’s face, she was thrilled but noticed that something was different about her.

“Your skin is cold and something is different about you sis. Did you get plastic surgery or something?” Isabelle asked, confused and raised a brow as she waited for an answer

“You could say that, Izzy. And it is really cold outside that is why my skin’s so cold.” Mona replied, afraid to tell the truth

“Fair enough, give me hug big sis.” Isabelle requested, arms opened wide

Mona smiled and cried as she held her little sister’s hand upon her face then immediately gently cuddling her sister without hesitation and thought. Raph watched the two sisters embrace each other happily.

“So where have you been, mona? We have so worried and believed that you were dead and I’ve missed you so very much.” Isabelle said

“It is a long story but first I want you to meet the love of my life. Izzy, this is Raphael Hamato.” Mona guiding to introduce her sister to raph

Raph remained still as he was touched by Isabelle so she could see what he looked like with her hands. At first Isabelle was alittle concerned but intrigued.

“It nice to meet you, Raphael. Your skin is cold too and you have a really big nose. Are you from Europe?” Isabelle said

“Like wise Isabelle, and no I’m from New York City actually ma’am.” Raph replied

“Come inside, sit down and I will make some hot cocoa. Do you like hot cocoa Mr Ralphael?” Isabelle asked incorrectly pronounced raph’s name

“Call me raph and I do like hot cocoa, thanks.” Raph answered, softly correcting Isabelle

“Sorry...I’ll make sure to remember that next time.” Izzy replied embarrassed

“Don’t fret Izzy. It’s cool, raph is fine.” Raph softly assuring her

Mona sat next to her lover on the sofa, smiling and was happy that this was going better than she hoped but the question is; would it be work out different if her dear sister had her sight? Also would her mother accept him for what he is and understand what had happened to her or will she immediately freak and call the National Guard.

As they all enjoyed sipping their hot cocoa and her sister and boyfriend got to know each other better as friends then in time as in-laws. Mona stood up and walked into the kitchen, quickly rinsing the coffee mug and grabbed a plate of biscuits.

“Biscuit?” Mona offered

“Nah thanks babe.” raph answered

“No thankyou sis. I already ate. Thankyou.” Izzy replied

Mona placed the plate on the coffee table in case they may want one later then sat down before she began to ask questions about their mother.

“Where’s mom?” Mona asked

“Mom should be home soon, she’s...she’s...uh.” Isabelle stammered unsure what to say

“She’s what? Mom is ok, right?” Mona asked weary

Silence and a long pause.

Mona started to fear the worst as she waited for the answer.

“Izzy?...Izzy?...Is mom ok or not?” mona cried, worried

“Mom is dying.” Isabelle answered, softly and tightened her grip on her walking cane

“Mom is...dying? When, how and what is killing her?” Mona cried incoherently

“At least since you have disappeared six or seven years ago and she diagnosed with leukaemia.” Isabelle answered

“Leukaemia?” Mona murmured

“So long does she have?” raph wondered, comforting Mona

“The doctors aren’t sure. They believe that she may have only six months to maybe a year. Not sure exactly.” Izzy replied

“I’m sorry, girls.” Raph told them assuring them softly

“It is not your fault, raph. It was just one of those things just happens to good people for example like me. I lost my sight in a car crash when we were only little.” Izzy explained

“This sort of things should never happen to anyone but my father had always told that the path we walk is a blessing so it is also to be alive. Or sumthing like that.” Raph told Isabelle.

Isabelle smiled.

“Your father must be a good man and also wise.” Isabelle said

“Yeah he was.” Raph replied, rubbing the back of his neck

“Do you mind me asking; is your father alive or has he passed on?” Isabelle asked a deep personal question, curiously

“He is gone.” Raph answered, leaning on his knees, clamped his hands together as he faced the floor for a second and exhaled softly

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Isabelle answered, felt alittle ashamed with her questioning

“It’s ok. Thanks.” Raph replied without getting emotion over it like he’d put it; cry out loud like a school girl that he sometimes calls his orange clad brother, mikey.

They were startled by the knocking at the door. Both Mona and raph immediately ran for cover in case the visitors on the other side of the apartment door may be someone else than expected.

It was easier for the terrapin lovers to hide even though this bothered Mona. It bothered Mona not telling her blind sister where she went in the apartment instead of finding a hiding place in silence.

“Coming!” Isabelle called out, walking to the door and opening it.

“Hello Isabelle. It is Nurse Jane. I have come to start my shift with your mother.” Jane Jefferson said, aiding her patient inside arm in arm

“Oh ok. Mom are you ok?” Isabelle asked assuringly

“Yeah, sweetie. I’m ok; just want to get to my bed. Feeling alittle sick from the chemotherapy.” Mina answered, as she tried to walk straight after hurling downstairs near the building entry door.

On the way to her bedroom, mina needed to go to bathroom as she could feel her stomach churning and the aftermath of the chemo causing her to heave. Again.

Nurse Jane aided mina to the bathroom and stayed by her side as mina puked in the toilet for at least 30 minutes. Mona and raph listened to the sounds of heaving that echoed from the bathroom. They were also trying to come up with a plan to throw the nurse off if she saw their appearances. Fearing what she might do if they were discovered by the helping aid nurse.

“Raph do you want to leave and wait til later to meet my mother or ask Izzy to make an excuse to get the nurse out for a little while so we can?” Mona asked, whispery

“We didn’t come all this way to wait and let someone else get in the way of my mission to meet your family. Ask Izzy to tell the nurse to leave for awhile.” Raph replied, whispery

“Ok. Izzy.” Mona whispered

“Mona what’s up?” Isabelle asked

“Could you get the nurse to leave for awhile after she gets mom into bed please.” Mona requested

“Ok, what do you want me to tell her?” Isabelle wondered

“Tell her that need something, um...tell her to do some food from the grocery store or something.” Mona suggested

“Ok-ok. Give me a minute I’ll come up with something.” Isabelle told Mona

“Good but do it fast.” Mona pleaded

Isabelle went to the bathroom and asked Nurse Jane a favour.

“Jane.” Isabelle called

“Yes Isabelle.” Jane answered

“Jane could you go to the store and get some milk, bread and chocolate bars please.” Isabelle asked

“Sure Isabelle. What kind chocolate do you want?” Jane replied, helping mina up on her feet and helped her to the bedroom.

“Could you get mars bar please.” Isabelle asked

“Alright, you will be ok for ten minutes right?” Jane asked

“We should be ok til you get ba-.” Mina cut off as she leaned over the side of her bed and heaved into the bucket sitting near the bed. “We will be ok.” mina said, smiling and wiped the excess vomit from her mouth with a tissue

“Ok, I won’t be long. Anything happens you know what to do right?” nurse Jane asked

“Yes I do. Don’t panic, we will be fine til you get back. Go on, shoo.” Isabelle assured Jane to leave the apartment quickly

Isabelle closed the door, sighed and breathed in.

“It is safe to come out mona.” Isabelle called out

“Thanks Izzy, we owe you one. Come on raph, time to meet my mother before Nurse Jane comes back.” Mona said

“Slow down Lisa. Don’t rush it, we have to think this through as well.” Raph told Mona

“What do you mean by that raph?” Isabelle wondered

“Don’t want to-” raph cut off

“Never mind, Izzy. Raph is just worried, that’s all.” Mona told her

“O-ok. Come on then, mom would want to meet you and would love to see you again.” Isabelle said

“Meet who, Izzy?” mina asked weakly as she called out from the bedroom

“Mom, you may not believe this but mona-lisa has come back and she has a boyfriend.” Isabelle told her with excitement

“What?! Are you sure? Tell them to come in.” mina cried

“Let’s go, guys.” Izzy assured and leading them to the main bedroom where their sick mother laid

Mona and raph followed Isabelle to the bedroom and stood in the shadows near the door; waited til they had the courage to face the sick woman as they watched her heave again in the bucket.

Mina moaned after puking in the bucket and quickly cleaned her face before greeting the daughter she thought was gone, only to return alive and with a boyfriend.

“Mona-lisa, come here sweetie.” Mina requested softly

“Mom; before we come closer, there is something that you should know what happen to me. And why I disappeared seven years ago.” Mona softly explained, afraid of her mother’s reaction

“Mona, honey whatever happened is now in the past. Please come here and let me see you.” Mina requested, sitting in her bed; waiting

Mona quickly tightened her grip as she held raph’s hand and gazed into his brown eyes, seeking support from her lover as she was afraid to reveal herself to her mother that she hadn’t seen for a long time. Raph turned to Mona, gently brushed her soft silky brunette hair back neatly so her face could be seen when her mother gazes upon her.

Raph smiled, softly nodded and gently pushing Mona to reveal herself and approach her mother in hope she will understand and accept what she is now. Mona returned the smile and nodded then took in a deep breathe and stepped out of the shadow near the door, revealing her mutant form before her beloved mother.

A long silent pause filled the room. And the air reeked of misunderstood thoughts and fear. The first thought that ran through her mind was To run as fast you can.

No shouting was heard. Just the gut churning feeling that swirled inside her stomach as she could feel the...gasping fear that tore into her that came from her mother’s frightened stare.

“Mom...say something please.” Mona cried

“Get out.” Mina whispered angrily and frightened

“Mom....please.” Mona pleaded

“Get out of here, NOW!” mina scolded

“Mom, what’s wrong? It is only mona-lisa and her boyfriend they have came to see us.” Isabelle cried

“Izzy call the police.” Mina ordered

“Why mom? They came to see us.” Isabelle told her tearfully

DO AS I SAY...NOW!” mina scolded and ordered, since she couldn’t believe this thing claimed to be her eldest daughter.

Mina turned to see if the lizard woman and whoever she had with her still stood in the shadows near the door, but they already had disappeared before the authorities had arrived.

The lovers ran fast as they could to get back to the jeep; raph heard voices round the corner where the vehicle was parked. Mona felt so heartbroken inside and lost; unable to stop herself crying. Mona stopped and leant against the wall near an dumpster, slide down into sitting position and covered her face then started crying.

Raph knelt down in front her, leant forward as he wrapped his strong arms around her shoulders tried to comfort and assure his devastated lover.

Removed her hands from her face, revealing the wet substance upon her cheeks. “I couldn’t believe how this began and ended. Did you see the fear in my mother’s eyes, raph?” mona asked, sobbing

“Yes I did mona, but you did what most are afraid to do. I’m proud of you babe.” raph assured, gently lifting head to face her as he wiped the tears from mona’s eyes

Raph heard sounds of men talking and trashing something round the corner where the jeep was left. Leaning against the wall and quickly peeked around just enough to see who was murmuring, unsure who the men were. He felt a familiar dread that may followed them from New York.

A group of men with high weaponry, dressed in black and masks to conceal their identity as they investigated the vehicle and search within the perimeter to find the target.

“What’s wrong raph?” mona murmured

“There are a group of goons trashing the alley and searching our jeep.” Raph told her, preparing to grab his sai from his belt

“Dammit...what are we gonna do?” mona asked

“We can’t leave now. Have to find a place to lay low til dark and leave as fast we can before it is too late.” Raph said

“There is an abandoned warehouse a block down the road.” Mona said

“Let’s go then.” Raph assured her, grabbing her hand and trying to run, hide with his lover swiftly also stealthy as possible


Meanwhile back in the alley...

“Have you found what I want?” a voice asked

“No sir but I believe we are hot on their trail.” Soldier replied

“Good.” The man said, evilly smug then returned back inside the armoured car

“Sir.” The soldier called

“Report.” The man in black said


“We believe whoever owns this vehicle may have recently visited the apartment inside this building and also we just received a call from the resident.” Soldier told him

The man saw this as an opportunity and commanded a group of soldiers to accompany him to the apartment.

“Arrest all in the apartment that made the call.” The man in black said

“Yes sir.” Soldier replied

To be continued in chapter four....

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