Mona's journey home

A false arrest & mona's fear

Jane walked down the hall when she heard voices in the distance behind her; she stood outside the door and looked towards the stairs, looking out if she could see whoever could be lurking about around the corner. No one appeared so she assumed that she must have heard voices weren’t there, that sometimes happen to her when she’s in her little world hoping no ill fated diseases ever existed. She ignored the so-called voices, turned to the apartment and inserted the key to open it then walked inside. Jane closed the door, placed the keys on the side table; turned around walked to the kitchen so she could put the groceries away when she noticed that something wrong.

“What happened?” Jane asked, as she made cup of cool water after packing the groceries away

“Nothing; everything is fine, Jane. Mom is just a little upset that’s all.” Isabelle answered, upset

“Hmm...I see.” Jane said, weary and went to go check on the sick patient in the bedroom.

Jane quickly emptied the bucket and also rinsed it out clean so mina could use again if she needed too. Nurse Jane just returned in time when mina needed to hurl again; but luckily she made it back. Jane remained by her side as she heaved into the bucket and gently rubbed her back, helping her to breathe between her heaving and hurling so she would not choke on her vomit.

“Are you ok?” Jane asked

“Yeah I’m ok. Thanks Jane.” Mina replied

“Here have some water and I’ll be back in a minute with some more blankets to keep your heat up.” Jane told her

Mina nodded and sat in her bed trying to relax after puking again in the bucket and drank some water then tried to comprehend what she had seen but couldn’t believe this strange animal was claiming to be her daughter that disappeared. She only appeared to her as a walking, talking reptilian freak.

When finally sat comfortably as she reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the photo of herself and two beautiful little girls, Isabelle sat on her mother’s lap and Mona stood behind them as she laid her hand upon mina’s right shoulder; all smiling.

Mina gazed the photograph and began to cry as she ran her finger over the part where Mona stood, smiling until there was knocking at the door.

Jane went to answer the door after she just returned when she had identification badge was showed before and told to move aside. Unsure what was happening, she obediently stepped aside and watched one man grabbed Isabelle’s arm and dragged her out while two more went to the bedroom and grabbed mina.

Mina screamed and tried to fight off the men in black that carried guns. Jane scolded at the men, ordering them to leave both mina and Isabelle be.


One soldier slapped her face and split her lip as paled skinned tall man dressed in black suit with a trench coat and core black sunglasses walked in the door smiling his evil smug.

“Excellent, take them to base. They will lure those out of hiding.” Bishop said

“Who are you?” Jane asked

“Just call me bishop.” He replied, smiling his evil smile ear to ear

“Ok, Mr Bishop what do you think you are doing?” Jane asked in a growling angry tone

“What does it look like? You and these lovely ladies are under arrest for treason of terrorism.” Bishop lied

“Terrorism? We are no terrorist! You great buffoon.” Jane scolded as she raised her hand to slap bishop when one soldier stepped in hit her so hard with the gun handle.

Thwack! Thud!

Jane moaned and groaned as she was slugged on conscious from the blow; she received from the soldier that approached her.

Isabelle grabbed a piece of paper that had a number written for her in special form to read with her fingers. She quickly tucked it down her pocket of her jeans when a soldier scolded her.

“You!” a soldier said

“Me?” she replied

“What is that?” he asked

“What is what?” she answered, pretending to stupid

“What was that you put in your pocket? Give to me now!” the soldier ordered

“You wouldn’t stop a girl grabbing her asthma puffer, would you?” Isabelle told him, in a low cheeky tone and showed the puffer to the soldier

“Alright, go.” The soldier told her as the other two soldiers dragging Isabelle’s sickly mother behind her.

Bishop walked down the hall behind his troops and the three female prisoners; leaving a message for the terrapin rescuers to read if they return. Bishop took his prisoners back to the secret base in New York where he held them as ransom.

Jane was knocked on conscious and bled from her mouth while she, mina and Isabelle were tied up.

“What you want with us?” mina snapped, shivering with cold running through her sickly body

“You will know soon enough.” Bishop answered

“Tell us right now, you bastard.” Mina scolded, shivering

“You are arrested for terrorism.” Bishop told them, bluffing enjoying every moment

A-ARE Y-YOU M-MAD!” mina snapped stammeredly

“No my dear. I’m merely sane but not psychotic.” Bishop sinisterly smug as he glared mina, eye to eye contact

The EPF soldiers and bishop returned to New York with assets valuable to them that will draw out the terrapins to surface so he could fulfil his plan to expose them to the world and finally have his chance to dissect them.

“Mom.” Isabelle called

“Y-yes d-darling.” Mina answered, shivering

“I’m scared.” Isabelle replied

“Me t-too, s-sweetie. Me too.” Mina replied, holding her hands despite she was cold and shaking

Mina felt Isabelle held a piece of paper hidden inside of her tiny hand.

“What is that?” mina whispered, creeping in close for warmth from her daughter

“I found this on the table with my asthma puffer and it is has number.” Isabelle answered, softly in whisper

“Do you have a phone at all?” mina wondered

“No mom. I don’t but what about Jane?” Isabelle suggested

“Jane may have one but we have to wait and see if she does.” Mina said

Isabelle nodded and whispered one word.


Jane was still on conscious and her mouth was bleeding bad. Despite her shivering and trembling from her chills running through her body; mina crept over to Jane and tried to search for her phone. She finally found the phone and gave it to her daughter to hide so they would not be caught.

Bishop turned back for a second and saw his female prisoners sitting in the positions they were in when he had his back turned. Mina opened the phone and dialled the number and waited for dial tone until answered.


Meanwhile back the abandoned warehouse...

The terrapin lovers hid an abandoned warehouse until they could escape Philadelphia and whoever that is on their trail. Unsure who it could be but that uncomfortable recurring feeling hovered over them.

“Oh crud, turtle luck true to form when not wanted to happen.” Raph grumbled, ticked off

“Raph, honey relax. Calm down, we will get out of this.” Mona assured him, trying to stay calm herself

Raph grasped her waist and pulled his lover toward him, immediately wrapping his strong muscular green arms around her petite body; holding her close.

Mona draped her arms around his neck and nuzzled underneath his chin, tightening her grip and returned the embrace. She closed her eyes then felt a frightening dread wave over her, she started to tremble.

“What’s wrong Lisa? Ya’re trembling.” Raph asked

“Something is wrong.” Mona whispered scared

Raph stared Mona, knew immediately when he saw in her eyes how frightened and worried she was. Without one word raph gently grasped Mona’s wrist and lead her back to the apartment. When they got back to the apartment, they were in mortified shock of what they had seen.

The door was kicked off the hinges of the doorframe; glass vases were broken all over the floor. Raph looked at the floor and saw small splats of blood. Mona immediately ran to her mother’s room and found it trashed. The IV monitor was lying on the floor, broken and the photo of herself with her mother and sister was also broken and laid on the floor when she walked on it and heard the crackling sound underneath her shoe.

Raph walked into the bedroom and saw Mona staring the photograph, then saw the IV monitor lying on the floor. Raph tried to comfort her that they will find out what happened.

“Mona we’ll find them.” Raph assured her

They left the bedroom and were just to leave the apartment through the door when they heard footsteps running up the stairs. Mona quickly searched for a window that had the fire escape to use so they could flee and raph quickly ran to the door, peeked swiftly to see how far the group of men were when he saw the note pinned on the door.

He grabbed the note and his blood boil as he read it.

“That mongrel.” Raph angrily whispered and followed his lover out the window.

Mona was already a floor below near the jeep. Raph leaped out from the fire escape down the jeep and waited for Mona to leap down so they could escape and return to New York as fast they could.

Mona leaped down and into the jeep; raph started the vehicle and drove off before they were seen by the police upstairs. Mona saw a piece of ruffled paper in raph’s hand as he drove, speeding.

“What is that.” Mona asked, reaching for the ruffled paper

Raph didn’t answer and continued to drive, sped along the road through the streets to the quickest way for the highway back to New York. Mona read the note saying if she wishes to see her family again and alive; to come find them if she dared.

Suddenly the cell phone vibrated under raph’s belt.

Raph grabbed the phone and answered it.

“Hello?” raph said as he pressed the speaker phone button and placed down in the car phone holder so he could continue driving.

“Hello raph?” Isabelle replied in a low whisper

“Isabelle?” raph asked unison

“Isabelle?” Mona cried

“Help us please.” Isabelle whispery pleaded

“What happened? Where are you?” raph asked, unable to hear the girly voice on the other end properly

“Men came in the apartment and grabbed us. I don’t know where we are.” Isabelle told him

“Ok Isabelle hold on we’re coming to save you.” Raph said when the phone was taken away and someone else started talking on the other end of the phone

“Greetings Raphael.” A familiar voice sinisterly greeted from the background

“BISHOP!” raph scolded in anger

“What a predicament you and your pretty little brunette lizard bitch are in. Hmmm...” bishop said sinisterly

“You harm a hair of either them and I swear you will pay; you bastard.” Raph snapped defensively

“Come and save them if you dare reptile. Ha-ha.” Bishop evilly laughed and mocked as he baited them like moth to the flame

Mona listened in horror and feared the worst for her sister and mother.


To be continued in chapter five...
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